100 years with you

April 25, 2012 in Commercial Break

I am just curious. Is there anyone of you who are reading this right now have not grown up with Nestlé? I’m quite sure that everyone i ever know of, including my mom and my mom’s mom has/had spent their whole life with Nestlé.

Because when i read about Nestlé celebrating their 100 years birthday, it hit me that how much i have grown up with Nestlé. You can even question how much of my current cardinal self is made up of Nestlé products lolol.

Take a minute to consider ALL the milo you have had all these mornings. Think about the ALL Maggi Mee you’ve ever cooked. Remember ALL the Kitkats you have ever nommed while taking a break.

I know, right?

One could argue that Nestlé more or less is the definition of my childhood.


I have many memories with Nestlé since young.


To be honest, right up till today, every time i see a Milo van i still get excited as i was 20 years ago.

Milo vans made our days. Every time i Milo van comes we got excited as if we just saw Santa Claus. Although they come very rarely, but that’s exactly what makes them so special and precious. It was like the childhood equivalent of striking a lottery lol.

Until today i still don’t understand why Milo van’s Milo TASTE SO GOD DAMN GOOD. Milo van’s Milo tastes the best. Better than Milo kao i make at home myself, better than Milo Dinosaur at mamak stalls. Somebody please explain this!!!!!!!!!




To us children back in the days, Maggie Mee was God. There’s so much things you can do with it. With egg, without egg. With soup, without soup. With chili oil, without chili oil. Springy noodles, soggy noodles.

Maggie Mee is the first ever thing i learnt how to cook (Leaves, flowers and bugs on oiled Milo lid with a candle beneath doesn’t count, i guess). Unfortunately it’s also the last thing i know how to cook T_T.



I still remember last time the cereal were all in big boxes and although they were tasty i wished i could faster finish it so i could buy another flavor.

And then they came up with this 6 in 1 School Pack thing and i was like OMG MY LIFE IS COMPLETE lol.

Which is your favorite? My favorite is Honey Stars lol. Koko Krunch i love t0o because it makes the milk chocolately!!!


4. Nestlé CERELAC

Before i say anything, PLEASE DON’T JUDGE ME.


I am eating this until today :X



I dunno why! I know on the tin it specifically says “for infant” lolol but i looooove this. Probably my favorite Nestlé product lol. Am i weird really? I just love the texture and the smell of it and also how it really makes me feel like a baby again lol.


Like i used to be in my mom’s arms. :3

Sometimes i still eat this for breakfast or supper. That’s like my super comfort food <333



What’s your fond memories with Nestlé? I’m sure all of you have something to share!


Go to Nestlé 100 Years for some inspiration! If you have a great story to share, you can also win some awesome prizes!

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I want to know ALL your Nestlé stories!!!



25 responses to “100 years with you”

  1. DebbZ says:

    OMG…..I love the Milo vans !!!
    And I have the same question, why does it taste super yummy different from what we make at home 😀

  2. Asuka says:

    wow now i feel like having milo hahaha its been ages since ive had some!!

  3. Michelle says:

    omo! you look so cute!

  4. Seline says:

    omg, I thought my bf was the only one who still ate Cerelac. Shh…we pretend to buy it for our ‘baby’.

  5. Kim says:

    Omg.. koko krunch and honey stars are soooooo good, I don’t think we have it in Australia…devo..

  6. Mimi says:

    aah i love milo, it’s so good <3 and you look great as always!

  7. Ying Bin says:

    I love Honey Stars & Koko Krunch also! 😛

  8. beast says:

    Lmao you are shamelessl

    Your self promotion and ruthlessness drives me wild 😉

    On a serious note when you get the chance try making dulce de leche
    And for anybody else here
    All you need is a tin of condensed milk and a pan of boiling water
    It turns out perfect toffee

    Hope that you win

  9. amelia says:

    So happy I’m not the only one who’s still eating Cerelac until now!! Hahahahahahahaa… I love Cerelac too!! Especially the Honey Joy flavour =9

  10. ef.ae says:

    you just reminded me how much nestle has been part of my life! gosh! the amount of nestle ice-cream we all have had in our tummy as we grow up!

  11. yoshi says:

    100 years had past !?
    I didn’t know that…

    I’d grown up with MILO ♪

  12. Keiko says:

    I love MILO to bits. I used to eat them in powder form because it is just SO GOOD.

  13. KY says:

    that pic with cheddiee <3

  14. wen says:

    this brings back memories 😆 ever tried milo as bread spreads? spread a layer of butter then topped with milo..yumyum

  15. Johanna says:

    ooho now I goy hungry ..

  16. Veronica says:

    Oh, I love Milo! I wish it was more readily available in the US. At least we’re getting more flavored kitkats now ^.^

  17. Julia says:

    Hey Cheesie,

    i am a fan of yours, but i can not support your advertising for Nestle.
    Please read this


    They are accused of a lot of bad things, like child slave labour, using genetic changed substances and and and….

    please read and then decide for yourself.

  18. Abigail says:

    Cerelac is called Nestum in my country. Weird local marketing gimmick, but it’s the same thing. And I also eat it until this very day! I love the one that’s got cereal and honey or something like that :mrgreen:

  19. E.O. says:

    Nestum! 😀

  20. R A E says:

    Nestle isn’t as big over here in the UK I don’t think. What is “Milo” anyway? 😐

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