00:00 The actually day of Tokyo Girls Collection. There has been a long queue 5 hours before starting time (!!)

0:40 Cheesie and Shiori went to model’s changing room to meet their respective models. Shiori’s model is a new comer model Matuyama Aya, while Cheesie’s model is Korean model HENA.

1:36 The other three representative (who got eliminated) also came to support in their best outfit.

2:50 There are 19 top fashion brands and a total of 99 models participating in this season’s TGC, which team is Sherbet garden. (They show Hasegawa Jun and Fujii Lena omg)

3:13 Cheesie and Shiori doing a final check on their models. At 4:30 PM, the final challenge for Cheesie and Shiori finally started.

4:00 HENA who is wearing A coordinate (Cheesie’s) walks on stage. (OMG they were playing my fav Capsule’s new long as background music i am too happy). The theme is feminine girly and the special part of the outfit is the sexy back part. Aya wears coordinate B (Shiori’s) and the point of this outfit is the natural feel and a big bag that makes you wanna go out and have fun.

5:20 Voting starts 5PM sharp. Live audience would vote for their favorite outfit using their cell phones.

6:00 Amandine, Usagi Pyon and Woyuki all prefers coordinate A. There it shows interview of random girls at the event voting for their preferred outfit. One of them comments that she prefers outfit A because of the soft material and color chosen. Another says she prefers B, while A is cute, it depends on the person who wears it (whether she is confident of her own body.)

6:47 AT 6 PM, voting ends. Shiori and Cheesie were waiting in the room. They were just waiting for ONE phone call to the final result who will decide the ultimate winner.

(At that time everybody, including the directors and the whole filming crew were super nervous. The whole room was dead quiet to the point it was a bit morbid. I think they were even more nervous than us wtf. Shiori and i tried to crack jokes but nobody laughs FOL. I said the whole ambience feels like we’re waiting outside an emergency room for the doctor to walk out and tell us if the patient is dead or alive. )

7:20 THE phone call came. Kawaii TV staff announces that the result is out. (wa as typing this i feel all nervous again LOLOL almost cannot breathe).

7:30 “And the winner is….” (wa and then pause for damn long until my heart almost disappeared)

7:48 “Japan representative Kumakura Shiori”


(Actually i sort of had a feeling that i would lose in the last challenge that’s why i wasn’t shocked or so, after all the chance is really 50/50.

Even before that Shiori and i keep telling each other to just have fun at the event because the outfit is already chosen and there really isn’t anything else we could do or improve our chances of winning.)

8:00 Cheesie tells Shiori “Now you are the most Kawaii in the world!”. Shiori got 324 votes and Cheesie got 306 votes.

(Lost by 18 votes fml.

Actually at first i only teared a little because too emotional and because director Makita san was also tearing WHILE announcing the winner WTF.  But then after Shiori left the room, another director Miyaoka san who is closer to my team came in, kneeled down with his camera and wanted to interview me about my feelings after losing the final challenge. At first i was ok wan, THEN HE STARTED TEARING while asking me question so suddenly i found myself sobbing like a stupid moron WTF.

Remember the first kawaii TV filming during Foruchizu meet up?? Lie and Maiko started crying and then we totally expect it and started tearing out of… shock wtf.

This time also everyone around us seemed to be more emotional than we actually were FOL.)

9:30 Shiori was very nervous before the finale, but there’s a surprise waiting for her back stage. Tsuchiya Anna and Hasegawa Jun (!!!!!!!) appeared and gave her encouragement.

10:45 It was 9:30PM and was finally Shiori’s runway debut!

12:14 Shiori walked for 3 minutes and 30 seconds.

12: 45 Fumi sensei told Shiori that this is one of her dreams come true, and she has grabbed it well with both her hands.

13:21 Shiori comments that she hardly ever cries , and this is the first time she cries so much in her life until her tear ducts almost damaged lol. In the end she comments that this would definitely , even maybe not immediate, a change to her life in a good way.




(Actually not yet because i still have quite a lot of photos i haven’t posted :X)