Ohai you guys.

Time for a real post. I know right? I myself is in shock too lol. Will get back to the whole marriage thing later!


Here is the last post on Kawaii Of The World! Just some pictures on TGC that i haven’t posted :3

You guys are soooo super sweet with the comments after watching the final video. No i am not upset that i didn’t win!! If i did then maybe i won’t even have the “All About Cheesie” episode on Tokyo Kawaii TV lol so i guess i won too!

Also in the “Japan and I” post i think cried many times reading your comments. I really didn’t expect so many of you share the same feelings!! I read at least like 7 or 8 people who said that they also teared at Narita Airport because we finally stepped foot in Japan!


I summore felt very silly about doing that :X

And then and then there are also Japanese people who left comments on the post saying they teared reading the post. Then got another reader commented and said she teared reading the Japanese person’s comment. Then when i saw both their comments i teared LOLOL. A lot of tearing going on wtf.

But i feel sooooo happy la because it really feels like it’s a happy circulation and everybody is spreading their love and paying it forward. :3

Ok finished with disgusting mushy stuff.



Went shopping in Yokohama’s F21 omg bought so much stuff and super CHEAP!!!



F21 coordinate




My make for TGC day!




Sherbet top and sherbet nails <3





With Shiori!

Until the very morning we still didn’t feel like it was the final day for us and one of us had to lose. We were just so so excited to be at TGC!!!





Twin outfit!!! <3




In the bus!



lolol “when you see it”



Holy cheese when we reach Yokohama Arena we saw people mountain people sea queueing up!!!


Here’s the video i posted earlier! We were super shiok sendiri lol. Basically in the video we were saying how VIP we were to sit in exclusive bus and drive all the way in to Arena without queueing up haha!



TGC poster!



In Arena!!! So kancheong to take picture to prove we have been to TGC lolol








In the filming room waiting for our models!



TGC catering is soooooo nice T_T




TGC started!!!




Inside the stage area omg i was snapping the cute body guard’s pic then a Liz Lisa model appeared emp2




With HENA my Korean model!! She is soooo pretty



Sexy back!!!


She looks good in anything i pick for her <333 So love!



And then guess who i met!!!!!




Soooo happy to see her again <3!!!! Pretty forever T_T

She kept saying to the camera in super excited tone that she’s in such a dilemma cuz she wants to support Japan but she also wishes i would win lolol!




LIE walking for DURAS!

I don’t get it. How can anyone be so pretty at any angle!!! This picture i just snap from the LIVE tv screen during her walk!


Saw Haruna Ai chan and a super famous small kid actress forgot her name!

And then hor, Masuwaka Tsubasa, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Rola, Fujii Lena, Triendl Reina, Mori Maya, Yamamoto Yuki, Angelica Michibata… and many many other ViVi models…






I swear i almost had a starstruck fit and died.


I also snapped some pictures before somebody told me that any photo of the models is strictly prohibited :X

So i dowan to post here but if you follow me on Instagram (@cheeserland) you will see Fujii Lena and Hasegawa Jun chan 😀


Omg seriously i don’t think a lot of people i know have met Lena in real life before lo!!!!! I FEEL LIKE SUPER STAR lol. Imagine she is just like 2 feet away from you!!! And she is SO SMALL la and like super frail and skinny ok if you meet me in real life you would probably say the same wtf. But seriously her face is like the size of an egg WTF.

Anyway i also want to say!!! Some models hor, really have that kind of star aura that literally can stop heads, while some are just a little meh in real life when you see them cuz they look so god damn beautiful in photos.

The two models that i think have the most real-life aura (makes you feel like you are possessed or something when you see them) is Watanabe Chikako and Mizuhara Kiko. (if you dunno just go google image!!) Both are ViVi models whom i didn’t pay much attention to before. Especially Mizuhara Kiko seriously she only passed me by for like 3 seconds but those 3 seconds when i saw her it felt like HOLY CHEESE DID A GODDESS JUST FLEW PASS ME.

Or float. Zhong zhi some celestial movement la. Cuz she’s too godly to walk WTF.


#27 Heart shape macarons!








Our models getting interviewed by press


TGC brochure. That’s the small small Kawaii TV column to let you know how you can vote and decide the winner!


One last pic before the final showdown.


Finally it is time!!!


Our models right before they walked on stage.

And then the rest is in my previous video lol. They announced the winner then everyone cried like shit etc etc.

When Shiori walked on stage i was just somewhere near below watching her my god i swear she looked SO HAPPY it made me cry and i really really felt happy for her. Also we watched performance by Nishino Kana , KARA and ShowaJidai (parody of Girls’ Generation by SMAP member etc).




TGC phone sticker i collected. FOR FREE!!!


More designs



With Shiori’s Girl Circle.



Final picture at TGC after Shiori has won. She cried all her make up and fake eyelashes off LOL. Mine was also half off lol.




Not yet, actually the day after that we had an “uchiage” , which is a party after ALL the hardwork and filming!!

Actually a lot of interesting things happened at the party but directors were not holding cameras anymore. Basically everyone cried cuz it was the end of such emotional two weeks. I think i have seen EVERY SINGLE ONE cried including ALL the contestants (of course), interpreters, Kawaii TV staff and even directors WTF.

It was such a great experience T___T. I will do it ALL OVER AGAIN T____T.


Uchiage at Sekai No Yamachan! Sell chicken wing wan!!!



With the girls






The kanpai!!!










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