I’m in a super blogging mood because firstly my face is still busted and I have canceled all appointment and just rest at home. Secondly there are simply tooooo many things i wanna blog about.

Here are some pictures i took (using iPhone only) during my trip in Tokyo this time. No have my face. Because quite sad to look at my pre-busted face T_T.


Newest tallest TV tower in the world—Sky Tree

I’m sooooooo proud of the Japanese. When you look at the design it’s quite meh, just like any other tower right. But to think that they manage to build such an incredibly tall building at a place with frequent earthquake occrence that’s fucking amazing. I feel touched every time i look at it.



Legendary Tokyo Tower. Compared to Sky Tree this is almost retro, built in the 50s. But i love it more simply because it represents Tokyo and is super romantic for some reason. Maybe because of the J-drama i watched during my teenage years.



Shibuya and its famous Scramble Junction. Every time i cross the junction i feel like a character in a romance drama lol.



Bigger than life Sadako out of an LCD screen. #onlyinJapan

I watched the movie by the way (Sadako in 3D). It was super meh and not scary at all with the shittiest storyline.



Tokyo Girls Award 2012 at Yoyogi Park.

I have always dreamt of going to a fashion show or a concert in Japan. Like, just for once in my life no matter how expensive the tickets are.

But in 3 months i went to 3 biggest fashion shows. For free.


Night scene at Roppongi.



View of Tokyo from Cerulean Hotel in Shibuya.


The pictures below is technically outside Tokyo but it was just a short car or train ride so i am still including them!!



Hanabi (fireworks) festival at Kamakura.

I screamed and sighed like a little girl i think my Japanese friends are slightly ashamed of me wtf.



Chiba beach.

Believe it or not, this picture of a dolphin flipping out from the ocean is actually my kareshi surfing. #truestory. You are welcome.



Hakone Jinja.

Looks like a scene from an anime.

I love Hakone so much. So peaceful and it’s also our power spot!! We go to Hakone Jinja to pray often and most of our wishes would come true.



An autumn leaf in early summer.



Some small flowers



Last picture i have of Tokyo. From JAL flying from Narita back home.