As you all know the main purpose of me visiting Japan this time around is none other than attending one of my favorite fashion shows ever: touchMe, a fashion show that is held every season, with the attendance of other brands within Mark-Styler Co, Ltd. And EMODA is one of the brand within this company.

(Now you all can check out EMODA’s Global Webstore in English!!)

I have been to Tokyo Girls Collection in March and Girls Award in May this year, they were mostly other more girly/casual brands. I was a little sad my favorite MODE brands were not featured.

So imagine how happy i was to be invited to touchMe!!!

And guess what???

I wasn’t the only one invited! QiuQiu was also there!!!


This is Namiko, who arranged this whole dream for us. <3 I owe her part of my appendix.

And this is the place where we were put up at, Cerulean Hotel and apparently the best hotel in Shibuya with an amazing night view even from the bathtub.



Here’s our invite to the show. FRONT ROW SEAT OKAY!!!!


Here’s my outfit for the event.

Dress: EMODA


Shoes: (which you can’t see) EMODA

Basically everything from EMODA la including watch and iPhone case lolol.



Unexpectedly light make up actually.


Arrived at the event!!!!




Matsumoto Ena.

I think my heart stopped beating for like 10 seconds.

My super idol appeared and the first thing that crossed my mind, was probably also the first thing that crosses your mind when you meet me for the first time:


She’s exactly my height (after i double confirmed with her later) except that her face is half the size of mine wtf.



Although she looks cool and smile-less almost all the time in her pictures, she is soooo friendly and smiley and SHE KNEW MY NAME THE FIRST TIME WE MET!!!

She was like, “Chiijii!”

I mean, i am nobody so she must have done her homework to make sure she knows most people by name!

I had to fan myself not to tear up. My god typing this is making me teary-eyed again WHY AM I SO LUCKY???

Look how happy i was!!!

After chokingly telling her how much of a big fan and how much she inspired me in fashion, we took some pictures together and she was like, see you at dinner after the show!



With Qiu and Ena (yea now we’re on first name basis HAHAHA it’s true!)


EMODA staff.

OMG all of them whom i often saw in blogs and magazines ARE ALL HERE this is too much to bear.


And then….

Two of my favorite people together!!! Summore is two of my favorite MATSUMOTOs!!!

On the left is Matsumoto Aki, my favorite model EVER. She is on Scawaii and her style is quite MODE and she is always seen with EMODA’s coordinates <333

I asked if i could have a picture with her.


My god how can anyone be so adorable T___T

And she’s also just like my size Y JAPANESE MODEL SO PETITE YET LOOK SO TALL?!


Finally the event started!

With Qiu who went blank for like minutes and then i asked her what’s wrong i thought she was sick or something cuz she looked almost possessed. Then she turned around and told me,

“I’m in Japan leh!!! How did this happen??!?!”

And i was like dude, you are not just in Japan. You are sitting on the front row of one of the best fashion show, in Tokyo, and you are about to have dinner with one of the most admired fashion producers in the entire nation.

And then i myself went blank for a looong time lol.

Guess who i met also!! Misha and Melody Yoko from Kawaii International! Can’t wait for the episode to be aired!

The stage walk.

I must say that this is nothing like TGC or Girls Award. TouchMe is more MODE/high fashion and although it only lasted an hour, it was very impressive.


EMODA’s show.

The theme for AW 2012 is “SNAP MUSE”.

Sorry i didn’t take much photos during the show because i was busy enjoying it hehehe. For more pictures, you can check out EMODA staff’s blogs.


After the show there was an interview with Tokyo Kawaii TV as well so you all will see me on it again. 😛




After the show we went for dinner with EMODA’s staff, Hong Kong buyers, Taiwanese model and of course the producer. *shiny eyes*


Taiwanese model Kerina.

EMODA’s visual merchandiser Naoko. I thought she looks really cute in picture before i met her, but she is so so so so much cuter in real life!


After some chatting i calmed down and hid my fan-girl-mood deep inside lol. Ena is extremely amicable with zero diva-ness in her. We talked about fashion, travel, our blogs, and love life lol.

In the end we really became friends (Ena say one!!! I don’t dare to say this myself!!!!) and i can’t express how honored i am to have met such a lovely person T_T


We also have each other’s phone number now lol.

And took a lot of pictures!!!

Self shots!!!

After dinner.

At around 10PM we went to touchMe’s after party at VISION, one of the newest club in Shibuya!! DJ line up included Elli Rose and Nakata Yasutaka but they only spinned after i left T______T.

With Naoko!

Met Maiko!!!

I’m really grateful for her and i was telling Naoko that all thanks to Maiko (and Lie) i get to know EMODA and MODE style.


And then at the locker somebody called “Chiijii?!”

Turns out she’s my Japanese reader OMG. She works at a nail salon in Shibuya and she saw me on Kawaii TV! *shiny eyes*


With the producer. Too cute. Just too cute T_T.






EMODA wanted me to attend their AW exhibition event , which was on the 11th but i was flying back that very morning so i couldn’t attend. T____T

And then you know what Ena told me?

“Come by on 10th night and i’ll take your order for the things you like!!”



So i went to EMODA press room at 8pm the night before i flew off, and she was still there working. With very minimal make up she still looks perfect. T__T

That’s the one thing i really admire about Ena. She is not only talented but she works SO HARD and she deserves all glory and success now. I love her SO MUCH!

She took my orders for the AW pieces personally and gave me advice on styling too i felt like i have just seen god.

More update on that later!

Remember! You can now order from EMODA GLOBAL WEBSITE that ships worldwide!!

Also if you sign up now you get 1,000 points when you make your purchase! ^^

When they launch a month ago i was slightly disappointed that there were very few items compared to the website, but after all your feedback, i noticed that they now more latest items! So shop your heart out!!!


These are all the things i bought from EMODA lolol

I will also share my Press Room visit and shopping purchase in my next post 😀

Also, i really wish that EMODA will come to ASEAN as they already have an outlet in Hong Kong. I mean, why not Malaysia next? Or Singapore???! Actually i asked Ena about this and she seems to be very very interested to explore the market over here.

EVERYONE please leave a comment here for Ena so that EMODA will come to Malaysia/SG!