As you all know we are not called #Addiction for nothing!


We both have pink blogs, we both love Japan super a lot, we both can speak Japanese, we both are cute wtf. Oh and we both use wtf a lot. Although she started first.

And we are both getting married too!

Yes, to each other.

And we always wear the same clothes coincidentally lol.

Also, both of us are also planning to do something together that’s fashion related!!! Maybe nao you all can haz our twin bow jeans!!! *drop hint*

Anyway when we go traveling together, we always get confused cuz we have too many exact same items. From bags to clothes to cosmetics and skin care -_____-



That’s just maybe 0.5% of all the same stuff we own.

One of our favorite same items is Olay Regenerist!!

During our trip to Guzngzhou we were driven insane by the super humid weather and dusty air. We were in zero mood to dress up or put make up AT ALL.

ll we did was slab on tons of sunblock. And of course Olay Regenerist before that for smooth skin and helps reduce appearance of the wrinkles!!!

So even without make-up we still look okay-ish la!


So throughout the entire trip it was just sunblock and Olay… using my secret ingredient again 😛


Sometimes sunblock and be a little too drying so just like the foundation tips i blogged about earlier, i squeeze one droplet of Olay Regenerist (1), and then suitable amount of sunblock/BB cream (2) and then mix it (3).

No make!! With only Olay Regenerist and BB sun cream.

Not bad right! I own self also quite happy with the result lol.


Another one 😛


You can find out more about Olay Regenerist here!