July 6, 2012 in Cheddie&Pets

Today i want to promote not my dog, but my lao ma zi, whose Twitter account handle name is @cheddiee (because @cheddie is taken #darkface) so you now know how much this dog means to her.

I haven’t been reading her tweets because i follow too many people and too lazy to keep up but today i scrolled through her postings and i nearly laugh die me.

Her tweets are hilarious and it’s mostly dog related.

Here are some i just have to share!




lol that’s my mom.

Looking at Cheddie’s recent picture her fur indeed is shinier and she looks whiter and fluffier. So mom, time for your own hair cut 😛

Haha lately Cheddie has been getting a lot of praises that she looks so pretty and cute despite being a 5-year-old obasan, then mom just shiok sendiri lol.

Looks like my aunt is also having a fun time with the dog.

I’m so happy that Cheddie brings so much joy to their life and even though i don’t stay together with them i feel veyr happy just reading them too! Thank you Cheddie!

And thank you ah Twitter for really making connections so instant!

Until she recently actually learns how to take self-shot and uploaded it on flickr and shared with me. There’s even heart deco lolol.

It looks like mom also excercises so much more than me cuz she needs to bring Cheddie out for walks. I need to get a dog myself -_-


Lol this one was a few months ago! Cheddie is always lazy to go for walks! She will just suddenly give up and sit right there like a stone refusing to budge until my mom has to drag her. But the whole point is to cheat my mom into carrying her. So cunning!!

But lately mom has reported that it seems like she’s more active and willing to walk longer before she gets tired.

Love this picture so much!! Too cute!! She’s also more playful lately and sometimes super mischievous just to get attention from us -_-


And then my mom will prank her back hahahahah!

I miss you!!!




13 responses to “@Cheddiee”

  1. Bonjour Glow says:

    Lols…sometimes I get comment on my blog/twitter from cheddiee and go “OMG DAWG!” then realise it’s your mom. Ke Ai auntie is very nice so is her dog and daughter^^

  2. hahahaa, so true! i think my dog brings a lot of fun and happiness to my parents as well. They are more healthy too because they always need to walk the dog. And like your mum, they will prank the dog and play with it. Damn heart warming to know that. It really brings a lot of happiness =D

    Cheddie is so cute especially with the innocent eyes. hahahahaa.

    Your mum is yeng, twitter and flickr!!

  3. xh says:

    cheddie so cute! maybe a lot of ppl say this b4 but u dun look like ur mum at all, however i can see that she learn to camho from u! or is it the other way round? trololol

    she will read comments here or not? hello auntie, u veri cool one, dun worry, u dun need to have a dog with u i still say u hen ke ai, happy or not?

  4. Daphne says:

    So funny cheddie! HAHA adorable..!

  5. kimberlycun says:

    your mom is awesome. but i had to unfollow her recently coz i think she got twitter virus or something lol. is it back ok now??? i follow back

  6. hitomineko says:

    How interesting! I wonder if my mom would one day be on twitter.. @__@

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

  7. Andrea says:

    Aww It’s so nice to know Cheddie makes your mom so happy : )
    I like the fact that your mom is on twitter, mine prefers to stay away from computers or smartphones but wants an iPad lolol xD

  8. Rai says:

    I love Cheddie! So adorable. I need to go follow nao!

  9. lol. This is quite hilarious!

    I especially like the part about “..it’s a cat!”
    Great that Social media is not just a medium for the young, tell her “加油! 加油!!”

  10. lisa says:

    omg cheddie is so cute! your mum too 😛 my dog also have princess syndrome … i honestly don’t know how and why but it’s probably thanks to my mum for spoiling her lots lol. If Cheddie’s obasan, then mine is super obasan? D:

  11. Michelle says:

    OMO. your mom so kiyo one!

  12. Chriso says:

    Forever love Cheddie!

  13. KimmyBunni says:

    Your mom is so sweet and lively! I love people who have a good connection with their pets. Cheddie is the cutest little doggie.

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