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August 6, 2012 in Holland

So i guess i did… amsterdammed.



From my Europe trip last October!





That’s Elisa my Dutch reader who wanted to meet me up and bring me around her city!

Many of my European readers are so awesome! I’m so so so thankful to have you all supporting from all over the world, i feel like i have really made so much friends from just this blog and i feel like one day i can really go around and see the whole world!!



For some reason this picture turned out so damn creepy, upper half of Elisa complete cheesappeared :X



Here, a clearer one!!




Wa even i think i look so much different just 10 months ago! My teeth was not as straight and hair was still permed and chubbier (i know you all confirm will say you prefer the “healthier looking” me, but it’s not i intentionally want to lose weight leh), fashion make up all completely different wtf. I also gave myself a shock.



Cheese and bacon pancake T_T





At a florist!


I kinda missed the colorful side of Europe! Japan could be kinda monotone sometimes, (MODE wtf), and i LOVE how colorful Amsterdam is!!! Makes me so happy!








Christmas specialty shop! I wonder what’s their business like first half of the year O.o




See what i say about colorful?


I random shot of wall graffiti also artsy.








Colorful fruit juice!!

I know Ramadan also got colorful drinks but these are… 100% real fruit juice!!! And healthy!






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  1. Always one of your favourite supporters!! Much love from Britain XD

  2. What about Ireland, Cheesie?? :3

  3. u can try prague. the buildings are sooooo beautiful!

  4. Nice post !
    I just blogged about amsterdam also, the keukenhof. Did you visit it?
    Please visit my blog lah when you’re free :mrgreen:

  5. I wish I can travel like you too T_T.

  6. if you want to come again to Europe, you can come to Spain, to the south, I live in Seville the city of the flamenco, the feria and the nicest part of Spain and I´ll be your tourist guide for sure!!! >///<

  7. Wow, I love the pictures! I’d really love to visit Amsterdam one day >v< And you do look chubbier in the pictures, but you look cute C:
    And you should visit Vienna, Austria! The buildings, palaces, gardens and statues are gorgeous 😀 Plus, that's where a lot of classical composers originate .

  8. omg u m ake me miss holland 😥
    😳 u can also visit spain its beautiful place u will love it and ehem Morocco my country lol if u wanna go there let me know so I buy a ticket and join u to be ur guide :mrgreen:

  9. What about Mexico? x3
    We have really pretty places like Chiapas and beaches <3

  10. Go to the himalayas or around the himalayan range, it really really pretty there!

  11. Go travel with the kareshi??

  12. Come to new york! All the new york gals really want to meet you!

  13. Def. Greece has to be one df the places you’ve visited in your lifetime.
    So many beautiful islands to visit and all the history to explore!

  14. How about New Zealand?

  15. After so much Japan I think the vastness of Canada would be shocking 😉 Not to mention we’re considered to be some of the nicest/politest people around!

  16. Santorini and Switzerland are musts! It felt like heaven when I visited both of them, I’m sure you will love it;)

  17. Ahhh I went to amsterdam recently and Elisa was so sweet to take me around too! We went to the pancake corner and she was like “I brought cheesie here and we sat in the same spot” LOL

    I also have no blogging inspiration without travel D: I can’t wait to jet off again!!

  18. nice place for a chg. not that i’d complain about your japanese post but got to agree that the colours in amsterdam makes me really happy too! ^^

  19. Aww that’s so nice! I read her blog actually haha
    If you ever want to come to Canada, the very westside, let me know too! haha ^^

  20. You can visit Poland in Europe! This is beautiful country with many amazing places! :)))
    Greetings 🙂

  21. I love your Holland posts! Maybe you can try visiting Malta? It’s a very small Island in Europe, quite interesting. In Dutch we call herring haring (even though all Dutch speak good English you’ll get a funny look if you try to order herring I think haha)

  22. Try to make melbourne interesting…. so it can give me the hope that melbourne is an interesting place to be in

  23. I just came back from Stockholm and it was a really wonderful experience! The people, the food, the culture!! everything was so nice 🙂

    • Hi Xiao! I’m thinking of visiting stockholm but I’m not sure which is the best season to go and what are the “must-visit” locations. I hope you can give me some advice, if you don’t mind. 😀

  24. This is a colorful post!

  25. woah, ony 10 months ago! You loook extremely kawaii but i think i prefer you’re mode style now!

  26. I lived in Holland last year for 9 mths. I can tell where you are in every pics. LOL. I loooove Holland. The haring is soooo yummy.. Did u buy some stroopwafel & cheese too in the cheese shop? The one with smoke beef.. and and I wonder how you could snap a photo inside that Xmas shop! It’s not allowed!! LOL.. was tempted to buy 1 can of Tulip, but not sure if it will ever grow in my country 🙁

  27. yeah you said it already but now looking back at your old photos you really look much cuter when your face was a little chubbier!! more innocent and kawaii ^^

  28. hi cheesie,

    i really miss the old u. mode is cool n all but rather bland and boring. when i look at the old photos of u in cute n colorful clothes it gives off a sense of happiness. however mode is just too much of a ‘grown up fashion’ for me i suppose although im around the same age as u.. I wonder if any other readers also miss the old cheesie?

    anyway i hope you’re not offended. i’m still ur fan and will keep checking your blog and follow u on twitter n instagram like always wether u like it or not :O

    lotsa love <3

  29. Cheesie, please come to Hawaii!

  30. Amsterdam is such a laid-back city, with everybody minding their own business. Although it’s a free country with legal prostitution and drugs but the city never seem to appear seedy. A really nice place to live in. 🙂

  31. omg the I amsterdam.
    my tall dutch friends put me on top of one of the ‘a’ letters and i couldn’t get down cuz too short wtf. >_<

  32. Wow I wish I could take photos like that! So jealous 😉 I love reading your posts, they always have so much personality! Please never stop blogging!

  33. If you ever want to visit Sweden I’ll be your guide ;D

  34. http://www.vvshu.com/view/blenda/201208/?159

    see! it’s you in August issue of Blenda! 😀

  35. come to sweden stockholm so I can meet you???? 😛

  36. I am from the Netherlands and I love to go to Amsterdam! If I knew you were there, I was definitely gone there to meet you!! 😀

  37. Oh Cheesy so cool that you came to our lovely country! 😀 i wish i could have taken a picture with you back then, hihi 🙂

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