Unfortunately after all the wonderful holiday time, the kareshi and i had a mysterious food poisoning on the last day.

It happened after we ate hotel breakfast, but we had nothing more than just a sunny side up, croissant and a cup of coffee (him) and apple juice (me). So it will remain forever a mystery. T_T

He went to the toilet and threw up 3 times during our expensive spa treatment T___T. And by the time we reached the airport both of us were like the walking dead. i was briefly worried that people think zombie attack is happening right at Denpasar Bali.

When we finally reached home we just collapsed on the bed. It was worse when both people are sick, because it was like the dead taking care of the dead.

After drips at the hospital and stuff we are okay now. So here’s the remaining awesome side of the story during our trip to Bali.


The last photo i took when i still felt fine.




We stayed at Canggu and we walked almost 45 minutes, two days in a row along the beach to go to Echo Beach for awesome BBQ!



Balinese temple


Sunset and drinks



Seafood BBQ!



Next day at the villa beach side watching surfers.

Actually before this i thought surfing is quite a stupid sport. (Then again i am someone who thought all sports are stupid T__T. It’s not sports. It’s me. T__T)

But now (even though i still won’t be anywhere near interested to hold a surf board or learn any lingo) i kind of understand why it is such great thrill and fun for some people. And i felt slightly embarrassed to realize that i was actually slightly jealous of people who can stand on… water. That makes them ever so Jesusly wtf.

I can’t even swim FTS. T__T


We spent one whole day lying on a sun chair napping and watching Lord of Dog Town.

It was my kind of weather. Not that big, bright beachy sun, but rather shy and  elusive sun hiding behind clouds and occasionally peeking through it. And it was, in fact, quite chilly i had to wrap myself in blankets.




Many people asked where this is!!

This is Blue Point near Uluwatu, and famous for their wedding venue. There’s a glass chapel overlooking  ocean infinity, quite a sight really.


The view.



Sunset at infinity pool.

When i posted this someone said they thought infinity pool only exists in Singapore hahaha.



The dots behind me are surfers out at the sea.







Boat ride!!



Back to hotel and chill again





So that concludes our 5-days of ass-chilling in Bali.

Now if you will excuse me, i have a luggage to pack for Tokyo.