Two days ago i went to Mark Styler’s winter fashion exhibition and here are pictures with my favorite people again!


Asami and Momoko from MURUA


Naoko and Ena from EMODA


Even though there isn’t such thing as winter in Malaysia, i ordered tons and tons of winter coordinates that day!


Here’s one of the preview! A fur warmer in black on Ena and beige on me.


Also stolen from Momoko’s blog:


And Ena’s blog:




Today i went there again and i also met other fashion producers including Laguna Moon’s producer Nao and GYDA’s producer Kushida Yuria. Update soon!


Anyway, announcement!

I’ve never ever thought that i would have a separate blog, because maintaining this blog alone is some Herculean effort. Not to mention there’s also twitter, instagram, facebook… T___T. I know i can always link and sync them all but it’s like quite wtf if everything has the same repetitive content. I try to make each social medium as individual as possible. After all each of them was created for a different purpose.

So now i started a Japanese blog. Actually two.

This is my new blog on Runway Channel, in Japanese (and some English).

Some contents are different from this blog, they are mainly fashion-based short coordinate posts.


Along with fashion producers and fashionista like these amazing people.

Just the thought of being able to blog along my fashion idols makes me feel slightly faint.

This is another new blog of mine on Ultrabloggers.

The content would be extracted from this original blog and translated into Japanese .

It is an international blog site for international audience and fashion lovers.

And i am being featured next to the most awesomestestestest fashion bloggers of the world. There’s Rumi Neely and Bryan Boy. There’s also Olivia Lopez.

I mean. I don’t even.


I’m so so glad and thankful for all these wonderful chances given to me, and i will never forget that it is because of every single one of you who is reading, right now, on this blog that i have had for 9 years, that come all these new opportunities.

I am forever grateful.

And thus, this will still be the most precious blog i’ve ever had and will continue to have. Yes, this one you are reading right now.

Thank you, all of you. So much.