Tokyo Kawaii TV (touchMe episode)

September 14, 2012 in NHK Tokyo Kawaii TV

Finally got the DVD for this and uploaded this video!


QiuQiu is also featured in this video!!!

Some of you who commented on my Facebook might be also featured in this episode lolol.



Basically we were flown by EMODA to attend touchMe fashion show and that was my first ever time meeting my super idol Matsumoto Ena i swear i teared when i saw her T____T

And because of this now i’m getting more opportunities to attend other fashion events as well.

Going back end of October for touchMe Spring/Summer 2013 emp2emp2(i know right i don’t even know what season to wear what anymore wtf)






Sponsored Coordinates:

1. Pearlavish

Dress in black from Pearlavish! Also check out their Facebook for more! If you purchase anything, just quote Cheesie to get a 5% off ^^

Full body coordinate! Autumn feel!


2. AutumnRipple

This feather leave choker from Autumn Ripple! They sell all sort of cute accessories Check out their Facebook too!


Ok that’s all! I have another Tokyo Kawaii TV episode, will update once i converted it from DVD! ^^ Also i will continue to accept small fashion sponsor adverts like this! It is really fun to try on different style and dress up! Interested ok! Singaporean blogshops also supe welcome! ^^


30 responses to “Tokyo Kawaii TV (touchMe episode)”

  1. mky says:

    OMG Ena’s voice was totally not what I expected.. <3
    And everybody looked so cute 🙂

  2. Hannah H. says:

    WOOOW! You’re living the dream! I mean, I knew you went for the Touchme event but seeing the video makes it even more real! So happy for you!

  3. ines says:

    Nice! i love the first coordinate 🙂

  4. Boyd Jones says:

    Even after working in and out of Asia for so long, I still find the Engrish names of events and brands weird — especially those that seem to emphasize “touching” a lot. Kind of creepy…

  5. alicejane011 says:

    Super happy for you Cheesie! Loved the coordinates and the sheep phone case is so cute!

  6. Miho-chan says:

    チージー かわいい 大好き ♥
    You look adorable as always! Your boots are sexy >o< are they from Japan?

  7. Loving your coordinates as always! And thanks for sharing the clip!

  8. Jess says:

    that’s a nice dress but…i love those BOOTS. i want a pair :(. congrats for getting invited [again], lol. truth be told, i understood very little of the video, but it was still cool to see.

  9. melody says:

    Love the leave choker!!!!
    Looking extremely pretty as always!!!!

  10. Daphne says:

    I can feel your happiness when you met Ena!

    Just like I met you last time, Cheesie! <3

    I feel like want to tear so~

    Waiting your Ena's EMODA post soon !

    *evil smile*


  11. cheesie says:

    the first time i heard her i also got a shock lol

  12. cheesie says:

    i know right!!!! me too!! <3

  13. cheesie says:

    thanks 🙂

  14. cheesie says:

    oh, you have seen nothing!

  15. cheesie says:

    thanks so much <3

  16. cheesie says:

    no problem, my pleasure!! <3

  17. cheesie says:

    thanks a lot, yea i wish we have like a vocal translator app!!!

  18. cheesie says:


  19. cheesie says:

    GOT MEH!!!!!!! Haha, thanks for your timign coming all the way!!!!!

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