Fashion posts!

Here are the coordinates from my Aug/Sep Japan trip!

Coordinate 1

Whole outfit from EMODA


Coordinate 2


Today has a more natural make up with brown lashes ^^




Coordinate 3

Dress from Rienda



Coordinate 4


New shopping items!!


Top: Lagunamoon

Bottom+Bag+ Hair band: EMODA

Necklace: ONESPO



Coordinate 5


Shoes: EMODA

Bag: dazzlin



Coordinate 6


Light make up day!


Whole outfit from EMODA




Coordinate 7

MODE make-up and coordinate day!


Dress & Bag & Shoes: EMODA



Coordinate 8


Bottom+ Bag: EMODA

Shoes: MURUA



Coordinate 9


Studs galore today!!







Coordinate 10

JK: Forever



Coordinate 11

Orange make upday! ^^

Whole outfit from EMODA including shoes and socks!



Coordinate 12





Knit cap, top & bottom: EMODA

Necklace: MURUA


That’s all for my 私服!






Sponsored coordinate:

1. FaireBelle

Ok this might sound really buay paiseh much but do you think the picture on the right looks a tiiiiiiiiny bit like Fujii Lena? Got anot got anot got anot!!!! *draws identical moles*


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Super cute Hello Kitty mask!!

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Ok that’s all! Don’t forget to tell me which is your favorite coordinate ^^