Was at KLCC the other day for GUESS’s 30th anniversary party. Didn’t realized it has been 30 years!

It was held at KLCC concourse area, themed “30 Sexy Years”, with the appearance of supermodel Amber Chia and a string of other celebrities.


Amber Chia dressed in GUESS’s latest collection.

Andrea Fonseka with Nadine Ann Thomas, Kimberley Leggett among others.

This was also where GUESS unveiled their Fall/Winter 2012 Collection together with the highly anticipated limited edition Tiesto Capsule collection!


I had been quite a fan of GUESS since college days! I still remember saving up pocket money so that i could buy a pair of GUESS jeans cuz they just fit so nice, and also love their bags , watches and charms!

Also during college days i was also going through a rather vixen/sexy phase lolol so i looove their dresses with amazing silhouette and body hugging bustiers. Now i love their classic/formal apparel more, like denim and jackets/blazers.

Here’s my fav GUESS cherry top outfit for the day.


With Huiwen who was also at the event.


Every guest received a denim carry bag!

I foresee us using the bag repeatedly for a long time 😛


Met this cute fashionable guy but i forgot his name. :X He said he follows me on Instagram and wanted a picture!! <3


Also did some window shopping before the event started. I think their new bag collection is pretty awesome! I used to buy a lot of outstanding designs like faux fur and snake skin from GUESS but now i’m starting to think that the simple and classy pieces are the best.

Particularly love this white tote, goes well with almost everything <3


The highlight of the event was the fashion show and i was quite dazzled by how good looking their models are and they indeed live up to the  GUESS image with their pouffy hair and curvy bodies.

Just like Claudia Schiffer, the face of GUESS!


Here are some shots during the Fall/Winter 2012 Collection fashion show!

On the girls, it is an assortment of on-trend prints, deep hues that is perfect for Autumn/Winter.

There are a variety of  texture in the form of silky blazers, chiffon blouses, rouched dresses, and the color ranges include bright teal and hunter green skinny jeans, plum cocktail dresses, and magenta floral printed tops and dresses. Love how they clashed textures and I want all T__T


Love this faux fur and satin coordinate!


Leather on flowy chiffon <3


As for guys, it is the signature vintage Americana feel, with rugged denim pieces combined with traditional plaid.

Knit cardigans with oversized shawl collars in many different shades of greys (geddit geddit?? Erotic!)  in unique prints are also quite a charmer.

Then it was on to the limited edition Tiesto Capsule collection! I love electro music so I was quite curious to experience the combination of electro and dance culture with fashion.

A casual look, loving the super slim cut of this dark jeans.

Sexy leather is sexy!


They had a lot of skinny fit jeans with edgy leather coordinates, and the colors were mostly electric blue and black to resemble light shows.



Finale shot.



The celebration doesn’t end here! Fret not if you missed the event cos GUESS is having a special promotion in conjunction with their 30 years anniversary.

So remember to check in to GUESS stores for surprise giveaways and discounts!