I am a super big fan of Japanese beauty drinks. If you go to any convenient store or drug store in Japan, you will be bombarded by rows and rows of fancy health/beauty drinks. Normally i just simply grab anyone that looks cute in packaging, and try out some other the next time.

This time i have decided to try out DHC Collagen Beauty 7000. And although it is 100% made in Japan, you can now get it in Malaysia, exclusively at all Watsons outlet!

So so happy there are more and more Japanese products in the market.


Looks like this, very very simple packaging!

Unlike other collagen products in capsule or powder form, this is liquid in a bottle, and it allows you to take in 7000mg of fish collagen in a bottle.

DHC is a very very famous brand in Japan, and aside from collagen drink, they als have a lot of other skin care products.

And what’s special about this collagen drink is the extra high collagen content in it (7000mg) compared to other similar drinks.

And i remember some of you have commented before that collagen don’t get absorbed by the body so taking it is useless.

That is true because collagen originally is large in molecular size and has weak utilization efficiency. Which is why DHC made it into low molecular peptide, which is excellent for absorption!

Also, it of course contains vitamin C, which is essential for collagen production within the body! Not getting too technical here but i’ll also mention that it contains Pre-Hyaluronic acidm and L-Citrulline, basically are all goodness that supports collagen powers and enhances blood circulation in the body.

And here’s a graph, tested in Japan.


And what i like about this? (Apart from the fact that it is 100% Japanese, i have a weakness for that. Including a husband wtf)

It is a blend of 12% muscat fruit juice and honey, and it taste really really good!

It has a sweet fruity taste, and a tad sour, which i really like! And for those of you who are afraid of fishiness since collagen is mainly derived from fish (scale and skin), let me assure you that it has zero fishy taste it in. Your cat wouldn’t even touch it lol.

It is also very concentrated, so it makes you wanna drink more water after that, which is a good thing considering my water-intake is pathetic and i always forget to drink water.


One box contains 10 bottles, and i got myself 3 boxes to try for a month to see the difference.


You can get it in your nearest Watsons now! And if you are interested in other DHC products you can also find this Watsons website useful 🙂