December 2, 2012 in Happenings / Useless fashion

For those of you who haven’t already heard, it’s happening!!




at ISETAN KLCC, 1st Floor






All things Japanese. <3


Ohai again!

It’s very pink and pretty hor!!


Super cute model to be wearing Foruchizu’s coordinates <3


Monochrom shirt, gold clutch and gold shorts, all from Foruchizu!!



Here are some of the items available at the store.

Our themes for this Christmas are sequins, metallic colors, royal blue and lots of bejeweled!!!


Before that, i wanna say a few things!

1. Some items comes in S, M, L size! 😀 

2. Some bottoms are made a little big to be honest, even S feels loose on me for some items, but you can go ahead and try it on! 

3. Some bags are more expensive (eg: RM200 and above), because they are made of real leather 😀 Do check with our cute sales staff if you are unsure ^^

4. The prices range from RM20+ to RM300 so i’m sure you can find something that satisfy your want! The casual ranges are cheaper, whereas the DressUp range are more premium! ^^


Ok here goes! ^^


Original tattoo tights from Tutuanna!

The price is a little expensive because we brought it all the way back from Japan since we loved it sooooo much. Now you don’t have to fly to Japan! And only 3 pieces each design, so be fast!!



Accessory counter.

I heard the cat felt hats are sold out by now :X



I myself bought the blue suede ribbon hair band! Too cute ^^



Lots of studs, pears, jewels…

If you are going somewhere this holiday, check out some of the fur items and jackets too 🙂



Crystal box iPhone case, only RM49!!! Crazy cheap or what!!


One more in black and white


Earrings from RM23


if you are looking for work wear, be sure to check out ALL the embellished and gold-tipped collar shirts! Bustier available in few colors too!



This is my fav knit in the whole store and i bought one myself 😛 RM99



Sweetheart-neckline white dress with black lace! Wear for your Xmas parties!


Little flower crustal T with padded shoulder. Super love this piece too!


Color tassle earrings


Lots of royal blue (and in leopard print) , monotone



Floral Kitty skirt for only RM49!Screen Shot 2012-11-22 at 7.43.19 PM


Customers on the opening.

Thank you everyone who came!!!!! 😀 😀 😀



Here is the event highlight for Foruchizu!!


Dec 8, Love Japan Fashion Show

Foruchizu will be joining other Japanese brand for the fashion show, Aud and i will be there too! 😀

Also, there will be 20% off storewide for Foruchizu!!!! Screen Shot 2012-11-22 at 7.43.19 PM

Doesn’t mean you resist not going now la because some of the hot items are running out very, very fast so if you wait till 8th maybe there are gone already WTF.


Dec 9, Meet and Greet… us wtf

Aud and i will be at the special Harajuku street backdrop for a photo session!! We will also be giving out styling tips and recommend some coordinates for you if you have any questions ^^

Let’s all play pretend we are shopping at Harajuku!!! 😀

Please come please come!!!!


There will also be Foruchizu socks Novelty item for Isetan members on Dec 7 and Dec 13.

So the whole month is packed with awesome events! Soooo excited! can’t wait!






Even him came to support! YOU????









33 responses to “FORUCHIZU’S DEBUT”

  1. odesha says:

    omg!! i wish i could be there now! going down to KL too late!!! bet they all will sold out by then! ><

  2. iJessiepod says:

    Wow, things are selling out fast T.T and i haven’t even step foot there yet T.T

  3. Angel says:

    can’t wait until you start selling online! though i felt its pretty crazy that you if pay for your own brand for the stuff you wanted (correct me if i’m wrong)

  4. ms.bulat says:

    Omg! Upcoming sales after I shopped !!

  5. ms.bulat says:

    Omg! Upcoming sales after I already shopped!

  6. naeust says:

    tutuanna tights!!

  7. Cheesie says:

    Go naooo

  8. Cheesie says:

    Haha we have to!!

  9. Cheesie says:

    Haha we have to!!

  10. iJessiepod says:

    I caaan’t~~ Saturday oni can gooo T.T

  11. SherryTsao says:

    :(( I’m studying overseas can’t buy…omg…I really want that Kitty skirt! T___T Will you be doing it next year?

  12. Irene says:

    Cheesie!! Will the online store be launched before Chinese New Year??

  13. Heaventears says:

    Cheesie~ will all items in foruchizu x isetan available at ur web store? this month schedule really tight up, afraid that I can’t made the time to travel all the way to KL for Foruchizu! T_T If it will be available online, at least I wont be so heartache~ >_< (still trying very hard to made arrangement though)

  14. Vanessa Chong says:

    NOOOO!! The cat felt hat!! That’s the 1st thing I wanted to buy right after I touch down at kl!! D=

  15. Cheesie says:

    Maybe still have!!

  16. Cheesie says:

    All the items here are ISETAN exclusive only :((

  17. Heaventears says:

    uhh~~ den die die also must go d!!

  18. Tam Tam says:

    Cheesie D: when is the miao miao hat have stock? D: I wanna have one T_T

  19. satovan says:

    Cheesie! Is the iphone cover for iphone5? x3 OMG I would definitely travel to KL just for these*_*

  20. Vivien Tee says:

    OMG! I loved a few of the items! Too bad im singapore already…

  21. Miho-chan says:

    *omg* so many lovely things!! >o< Sometimes I wish I had a Iphone… just because of the Covers *w*

  22. Vanessa Chong says:

    Hopefully!! >< *fingers crossed*

  23. melody says:

    Congrats!!!! Super super super proud you have your own label and booth that’s truly by both of you!!!!!!!

  24. sophie says:

    omg i live in the UK :'( whyyyy…will you have an online shopping site for overseas >.<

  25. sophie says:

    i live in the UK, so unfair…you should do a website for overseas 🙂

  26. Qri says:

    Omo~~ It’ll be nice if you would have a online store so overseas fans can buy these pretty clothes too~~ ^^ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  27. Risse says:

    Congrats! I love the kitty skirt and the felt hats ahhh, so cute!

  28. Erica says:

    I’ve been looking for that black crystal iphone case all over the web for hours now. Please tell me how I can order it, I’m in the United States ):

  29. -Mikoyukira-- says:

    I live in Singapore… Heartbroken ttm since I’m not going to Malaysia anytime soon… All the good stuff will be gone by the time I get a chance to go!!!

  30. earl9rey says:

    i was in klcc just now…:( so dissapointed tutuanna no more, cat beanie hats no more, floral kitty shirt no more, and most iphone case sold…T_________T Y U SOLD SO FAST? T______Tn

  31. reixii says:

    Cheesie I’ve been reading your blog for awhile and it’s amazing how far you’ve come! Not only are you traveling to Japan a lot but you’re married and now have your own brand! You’re soo pretty and a real inspiration!! You’re really lucky to have the life you now live. I wish you more happiness in the future! This is a little fan from Norway 😀

  32. Amanda Rubi says:

    Both of those iPhone cases are GORGEOUS! Please open an online store! I want so many things!

  33. mellow says:

    so disappoited wiv isetan for all this so call ‘japanese fashion’ chessie do you think it present well in tokyo fashion? for me it down grade the level. mostly malaysian dosent know much abt japanese fashion and not everyone can afford to travel japan specially the youngers. same thing if present in hong kong or taiwan like this kind of ‘japanese fashion’ i dont thinking they can accept it. so lucky you in malaysia and you have fans to support.

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