I am sure everyone of you have tried BB cream at least once, whether you like it or not. But now it is time to upgrade from BB to… CC Cream!

Explanation soon!

So i was invited to Rachel K’s CC Range launch!

If you don’t already know, Rachel K is a cosmetics and skincare company founded by Miss Singapore Universe Rachel Kum, who has her products sold in Singapore, Hong Kong, US and now it is coming to Malaysia!

Met lovely Rachel in person at the launch! Such a friendly lady and her skin is really really flawless upclose too T___T


Rachel at the signing ceremony.

So back to the products.

What is CC cream?

It stands for Color Control, which is a much-improved and refined BB cream that will do everything expected of a BB cream and, an effective skin coverage.

In short, CC cream has a heavier and more cosmetic-like coverage, but actually is lighter in texture. Now that sounds kind of hard to grasp, right?

Now you can go ahead and try it all out because it is now available exclusively at Guardian Malaysia!


A giant tube of CC cream


Trying it out on the spot!

I also brought home all the products so i will give a detailed review!


CC Cream

As you can see, the CC cream comes in two different types.

The black one is “original”, it is suitable for cool tones or pinkish undertone, whereas the pink one is “Neautral”, which is made for neutral undertone and warm tone such as yellow, peach and red undertone.


I found the pink one more suitable for me because i have yellowish skin!

Only a small amount needed as it is surprisingly rich.

I felt that texture is very much like BB cream at first but it gets blended in more easily (i like to use sponge). Also the amazing part is really the coverage, it feels less thick than the usual foundation, but it gives a really even tone and manages to hide most of the flaws and repairs imperfections.

If you prefer lighter and more natural make up, or just lazy to go through so many steps (primer, make up base, foundation, concealer, loose powder), CC cream might be a good choice for you because it is a one-step solution to flawless skin!

Here’s a before and after picture of CC cream

Mineral CC Pressed Powder

This is a 4-in-1 make up foundation, natural mineral make up concealer, powder and SPF15 protection all in one.

It comes in 3 shades (Fair, Medium and Dark), i am using Medium here. Amd this full-coverage mineral foundation is good for every skin type and condition, from oily to dry, mature types.


I applied the pressed powder after the CC cream, it blends better and glides on smoothly.

Completed with only CC cream and Pressed Powder! It gives a very matte finish and i feel it’s really quite good without using extra concealer (you have no idea how bad my dark eye circles are -_-)


Full make up look!

And final comparison!

Lastly, after a hectic day of make up, you want to unwind at the end and give your skin a breather!


Radiance Illuminator Hydrogel Mask

This is the first time i am using a transparent mask! The texture is like the jelly on the top layer of a cake, and it fits so well and contours to your face perfectly. The gel-like texture makes it very cooling! And because it is not dripping wet, you won’t have that annoying access of moisture leaking off your face.

It’s very moisturizing and leaves your face soft and hydrated <;3


And all these new products are in Malaysia! Available exclusively at Guardian Malaysia:

Retail Price:
CC Cream : RM 45.90 each
Mineral CC Pressed Powder : RM 48.90 each
Hydrogel Mask: RM14.90


Super affordable right! Also, if you would like to get a free CC cream sample, just like RachelKMalaysia FB Page. Just fill in your personal details and share it with your friends!

And for all readers here, just tell me why Rachel K CC Cream is better than other BB Creams and win a Rachel K CC Cream range in the comment below, and every week i will pick a winner!

4 full sets to giveaway. Each set consists of:
1 CC Cream Neutral
1 CC Cream original
1 Pressed Powder Fair
1 Pressed Powder Medium
1 Pressed Powder Deep.
1 Stem Cell Hydrogel Mask

Each set is worth RM253! ( Only open for Malaysian readers).

Also, for more information you can visit www.rachelkcosmetics.com/!