Which is a very elegantly translated of the Chinese New Year greetings, “五福临门”.

Every year during CNY there are always the usual greetings like 恭喜发财 (gong xi fa cai),招财进宝 (zhao cai jin bao),财源广进 (cai yuan guang jin), and also just the Malaysian HUAAAAAT AHHH! lolol. To be honest i didn’t really like all these greetings la why every single one of them is about getting more fortune??! Really Chinese people money-minded until like that meh.

So all these words sort of lost their meaning to me, but when i saw “5 Pillars of Happiness”, i actually gave some thought about it, how come “五福临门” is translated is such a way?

So 福, in a big picture it really means happiness and blessings. The 5 most auspicious Chinese concepts of good fortune are said to be: 福 (Luck), 禄 (Wealth), 寿 (Longevity), 康 (Health),宁 (Tranquility).

But i guess it also applies to the 5 aspects of life. And have i counted my 5 pillars of blessings lately?

Career: Quite good, quite good!

Health: Normal, which is very good, because no bad news is good news!

Money: No complaints

Family: Appreciate every single one of them

Love: FINALLY! lol


The more i think about it the more i feel that i should appreciate this coming new year again, for the last has been more than great, and to think that i am so so so much luckier than many people in the world.

If you agree that you are luckier than most people, maybe this year is a good year to collect karma point and do a good deed by sharing with the less fortunate.

Every year PETRONAS comes up with an impactful campaign, and CNY videos, if you catch the ones in the years before you will know!


And this year we were invited to PETRONAS’s event to help pledge to make a difference for the less fortunate.

All invited bloggers are dressed in red or traditional cheongsam (CNY theme) for a festive feel!

With Jane




And Ashley

And on the day itself, Dato Mohammad Medan Abdullah was there to make the first pledge, and present gifts to the orphans.


They each receive an angpow and a gift bag.


Later then of course there’s the auspicious lion dance.


It was the “high-tech” lion dance with jumping around the pillars and some stand-in-the-air stunts lol. I was quite amazed as i haven’t seen these in years!


This lion got us longevity!


大头佛with the mandrins lol

Of course we can’t do it without Low Sang!!!!


Huatttt ahhh

(picture via TianChad)

Then there was also a short interview about how we feel about this campaign.


And of course i also make a pledge by just a few clicks on line!

You are doing a good deed for the community just by an FB click, and PETRONAS will help fulfill those good deeds.

Just click to pledge



The target is 25,000 pledges, and there are 5 tiers of pledges where with every tier reached, a different donation will be made to 5 charity homes.

Here is how it works:

  1. Log on to www.facebook.com/petronas1.
  2. Click on the 5 Pillars of Happiness app.
  3. Click on the “click to pledge” bar to make a difference.

That’s all! Here’s a video for your viewing by Jinnyboy:

Make your pledge now!