Did you all know????

Ena got engaged, and she also just did her ROM this month!

from Ena’s blog
So so so happy for her! She was together with her BF (now husband) for 10 years and when i got married she told me she wished that she can get married soon too, and now!!

Really looking forward to see what kind of wedding she will have! (EMODA wedding dress?????)


Anyway! EMODA 2013 Spring Summer has just started, and i always love their SS items! Very refreshing, slightly more feminine and pure <3


She has also somehow become prettier and prettier?!??! (Maybe it’s the love of marriage)


And so much cuter too! Haven’t seen her in such girly look before!


Here’s my EMODA February coordinates!

I haven’t been to back to Japan for a long time, but i still managed to get my supply of EMODA outfits from EMODA Global Webstore!

Earrings: EMODA

Thick waist belt: EMODA

Blue Skirt: EMODA (my fav)

Enamel boots: EMODA


Actually lately, other than MODA style, i was back experimenting with many different styles, and because EMODA’s items are so classic and versatile it goes with almost every style!

A tad of grunge

Earrings: EMODA

Bijou Shorts: EMODA

3-way bag: EMODA

Leggings: EMODA


And even feminine!

Beige Wedges: EMODA

Ultimate LOVE this pair of shoes! The comfiest wedges ever!


Black Wedges: EMODA

To the point i even have it in black too!


And i also is struggling if i should get it in BLUE.

All from EMODA Global Webstore! On sales summore!!! I hope their still have stock! 😀

Enamel bag: EMODA (my first ever previous bag from EMODA)

Wine Red pumps: EMODA



And spring is here!


Here’s my latest gets from EMODA Global Webstore:


i LOVE this print so much! I also bought a matching wallet, wanted the iPhone case too but it was sold out like within 3 days in EMODA shop T__T

Fake Girl Top: EMODA (Sorry for the mirror image but it says “Style Fake Girl, Real Life”)

Synthetic Leather Bandana:  EMODA

Leopard Print Paggings: EMODA

Pointed Toe Shoe: EMODA

Also, the pillow you see on my couch is also EMODA lol.

Also, blue card case from EMODA

I actually use it as a small wallet to keep foreign currencies when i travel. Super mini and convenient!

Go shop for your spring coordinate now!!!

Lots of pink color!


All these are available at:





And don’t forget to check out their FB for new updates! In English!!! 😀







Today i received a surprise parcel:



This is the secret project Ena told me months ago! Thatr she’s coming up with EMODA Cosmetic Line, and it looks like she is really really in making it big!

Super happy!

Super pretty colors <3

I really hope EMODA Global Webstore will carry them soon ^^