Sorry for the lack of update. Internet is sort of like my God, but unfortunately as much as my dedicate my whole self to it, it is not always with me.

Most of the time i am in some jungle where “reception” just means a little hut where you can check in to your allocated empty space where you can build your tent.

One day, i woke up to some weird monstrous noise, and the whole house was shaking and i thought there you go, the imminent, earth shattering Apocalypse, i surrender myself to you.

And then i realized the house which was violently trembling, is actually a car, which i have been sleeping in, and the danna who had woken up earlier than me started the engine to drive to the beach side for surfing.  From a jungle. And i am in Australia.

This is our house.

You will be surprised that there actually is a comfortable bed, (or a half-bed for Western people), a dining table and/or sofa, a toilet and a shower, a closet, a pantry, and a TV.

Which, besides the bed, have never been used because the danna’s three surf boards pretty much are the unwelcome guests who take up all the space in your house.


To sort of put things into perspective…

This, unfortunately, is also the only picture i have ever taken of myself, for i have not since even bothered with my make-up pouch since i touched down.

And #UFOD and coordinate pictures are non-existent, unless the latest trend is to look like a homeless who hasn’t showered for 200 days.That’s what Australia can do to people like me sometimes.

This is what i am doing right now.

And it pretty much sums up my one-week life in Gold Coast (and Sunshine Coast).

While the danna goes surfing (like now), i will either be sleeping in our campervan reading a book or sleeping. (Can’t use the internet unless the parking spot is powered so i can charge the laptop/phone).

Once i also tried feeding a suspicious bird at the beach.

But it is quite nice and dare i even say fun to live in a car (as long as for a maximum of one week) doing seriously nothing up and down the mountains, jungles and beaches.

Except the time when your car battery goes flat.

AND tyre.

Some dude drove up to us and yelled “you’ve got a flat tyre!!”

We went down, sighed, and the danna located the tools and tried to change the spare himself.

And then we broke the carjack.

And then we had no choice but to call for help eventually.

And then we realized we ran out of pre-paid credit.


Lesson: Select your car hire company very carefully.

Car misfortunes, we nailed it.

And this is the culprit.

In the end it was all sorted out with the danna’s kind friends and a few helpful Australian souls.

Reliable indeed. Too good to be true.


And my laptop battery is running out nao.





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