Foruchizu Coordinates

March 16, 2013 in Useless fashion


Here’s a compilation of all the coordinates from Foruchizu

Most of them are still in stock so do check them out!


Coordinate 1

Kissy lip top from Foruchizu


Coordinate 2

Tutu skort from Foruchizu


Coordinate 3

Pink knit dress from Foruchizu


Coordinate 4

Baseball jacket and double cross tattoo tights from Foruchizu


Coordinate 5

Forest green pearl cut-out shoulder knit from Foruchizu


Coordinate 6

Hearts on fire top and quilted black skirt and tights from Foruchizu


Coordinate 7

Lemon sherbet knit cropped top + lilac hair garland from Foruchizu


Coordinate 8

Hakuna Macaron top and lilac leopard skirt from Foruchizu. Furry bear hat and neko bag is coming soon!

Coordinate 9

The same hat and bag also comes in black! 😀 Black highwaisted skirt also from Foruchizu.


Coordinate 10

Cherry dress from Foruchizu

Coordinate 11

La Prarie dress from Foruchizu


Go get them at

This coming spring we have a lot more pastel, girly and sweet stuff but the next collection should be cool and chic, so we are still experimenting with styles that suits everybody!

What kind of styles do you like the most? 🙂


15 responses to “Foruchizu Coordinates”

  1. Michelle Mak says:

    Isn’t that macaron shirt by wego? And the leopard skirt by ehyphen? Sorry I’m a fan of Amo and I saw her design both of those items in Zipper mag ><”

  2. aleen says:

    no 11… loving it!!! so feminine!

  3. anivyl says:

    haiya, I wanted the la priarie dress… but i waited too long now no more 🙁

  4. Plum says:

    Yaaay! Another fashion post wooooo. My favourite is coordinate two, so cute ah! *_*

  5. Courtney says:

    Please restock flower case for iPhone4….went to order and it was gone. Plus I’m going on a shopping strike after ordering too much this month, and I need to order before the end of March hahahahaha

  6. Tammy says:

    I SWEAR I NEED TO HAVE THAT NEKO BAG!!!!!!! But so mafan to ship to sg hai T_T

  7. iJessiepod says:

    i SUPER LOVE no1, no3, and no9! i just can’t stop looking!!!

  8. Angel says:

    the black skort and the pink peekaboo shoulders knit top are my favorites <3

  9. Lenna says:

    7,8,10 and 11 are my favorites. So pretty!nnAh, they’re all pretty. n__n

  10. raden says:

    I love all the outfit! CUTE!!!nn

  11. xxcherriesxx says:


  12. Val says:

    Hi can share where you get the flower head garland in coordinate 11? Thanks!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Hi Cheesie, i want La Prairie Dress! Its out of stock. Do you restock? Would like to have a piece of that, doesnt matter if it’s worn for this coming weekend friend’s wedding. Please drop me a mail if its stil available @ Thanks Cheesie <3

  14. Yumi says:

    Chessie jie jie can you blog something about your room? i notice your room looks so beautiful:D like it looks so calm, cool and cheerful when being inside you romm or place where you normally take your picture coordinate:D i had benn curious for quite some time already >.<

  15. Lenny says:

    Where did you get the black and white shoes? (the ones paired with the baseball jacket) LOVE LOVE!~

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