I’m sure you have read my multiple posts on Olay Regenerist!

It was just a couple of months ago, and now they already have a newly improved formula!


Introducing, the new Olay Regenerist micro-sculpting cream mosturiser.

The main difference is that it contains 20% more anti-aging ingredients! It has more amino-peptide and also have new ingredients added it it, like Olivem and Lyslastine, which can boost collagen and make the product work faster and deeper within skin layers.

So you are wondering how effective it is?

Here’s a home demo i’m doing!

Basically, a good skin care should be more water-dispersed, means the easier it disperses in water, the better the absorption it is into deeper skin layers, because our skin’s main composition is water.

Let’s have a look!

I have two kinds of moisturizer here , Moisturizer X (left) and new Olay Regenerist (right.)

I took two contact lens bottle, cleaned them thoroughly and fill them with water.

I wrote on it with marker so it’s easier for you to see which is which later! The one with new Olay Regenerist is marked “new”.

So i’m going to put a small amount of cream from each product into the bottles respectively.



First of all i squeeze a pearl-sized drop from Mosturizer X into the bottle.


And then do the same from the new Olay Regenerist into the NEW bottle.


Now we have both bottles filled with two different creams!

And then i shoke both the bottles to dissolve the cream in the water.



Guess what’s the result?

The new Olay Regenerist immediately blends with water and dispersed almost thoroughly! It looks milky while Moisturizer X forms small beads at the bottom.



Well! I guess that’s all good news for us. Wanna try and test it for yourself?

SISTER magazine will be having an Olay workshop!

Location: Cititel Mid Valley, Matahari 1, Level 5

TimeL 10am-1pm

Date: 13 April 2013 (Saturday)

You just need to call ip to SISTER at 03-22829830 to reserve a space for yourself.

It’s an exclusive workshop so there are only limited 30 seats! Also everyone who join the workshop will receive RM100 gift, and… i will be there too! 😀

So see you!

Also, Olay Regenerist ran a Facebook Offer for RM20 off this month, what a deal! It’s a limited offer though so go LIKE Olay’s FB page in order not to miss it, or be the first to know when there’s a new offer!