The Bigger Heart

March 22, 2013 in Senti-Emmental

(Very long entry. Possibly offensive. If i were you i probably won’t read this.)

(Your choice.)

2 weeks ago i posted a really long Instagram message in Japanese, which some of you have asked me about. (Some of you who could read Japanese did leave me comments, thank you.)

Also, most of you will probably get offended by something at some point in this entry, so i apologize in advance.

The story is, as much as it is not a known knowledge by public, i have never been a fan of K culture. I am in fact, spectacularly uninterested in anything related to K pop and culture, so much to the point that, ironically, i am obsessed with not caring about it.

I am actually a little embarrassed knowing that it made me sound so very very silly and petty. But it was sad to see how the younger generation is so into K culture that i feel my beloved Japan is slowly losing its luster and fading away. Younger bloggers say that they aren’t interested in visiting Japan because there simply isn’t anything that appeals to them. And that makes me so frustrated. I felt like an incompetent doctor who doesn’t know wtf is wrong with my patient, let alone fixing him.

And I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Honestly.

I guess K is very much like the little cuter younger sister bitch who gets all the mother’s attention. Although i wouldn’t know how that actually feels like since i don’t even have a sibling to begin with. But something like that. I’m jealous. Insecure.

But it was all just simmering quietly inside me. I pretended that i didn’t care about it in public. But to people close to me i was like NO YOU CANNOT LIKE K MORE THAN J!!!! i even told Qiu if she starts to promote K more than J i will stop reading her blog for a month wtf. That’s how barbaric i sound. But what really ticked me off was that i kept coming across Japanese people who seem to adore K culture more than anything else. Typing in Korean. Posting a million pictures of S whatever D girl group.

I felt so angry and betrayed. I cannot even explain how ridiculous that make me sound.

And then i went all crazier when i saw this article.

To cut the long story short, March 11 2013 marked the 2nd memorial day of the Tohoku Earthquake-Tsunami, and on that day, representatives from every country from all over the world joined the remembrance ceremony of the victims who died in the disaster happened in 2011.

There are only two countries who didn’t send any delegate to the memorial ceremony.

Those two countries are China, and Korea. (Oh. Surprise.)

They were both invited by Japan, but China refused to send any delegate for the important event because Japan also invited Taiwan (out of gratitude for Taiwan’s incredible generosity as they have sent aid more than $200 million after the disaster, which is more than all the other countries’ donation combined). And because Taiwan is there, China snubs it, accusing Japan for treating Taiwan on an equal footing with other diplomats.

Good luck China, having a leader with the attitude and mentality of a 5 year old ruling 1.3 billion people.

And then the closest nerighbor Korea, what is your excuse?

Apparently, they didn’t know about the event due to clerical error, hence their absence.

The Korean ambassador then tweeted they didn’t know about it because the staff has mistaken and THREW AWAY THE INVITATION FAX.


Hi Korea. Dog ate your home work???

What are you afraid of? If you so do not care and do it on purpose, why mask your hate later on? If it indeed was a mistake, where is your apology?

(Korean ambassador in Japan said that he didn’t know about it at all.)

(Later it was reported that Korea has actually replied “Not Attending” prior to “throwing away invitation”.)

I was mostly angry not at Korea, but at the fact that how the Japanese are so nonchalant about the Korean’s animosity towards them.

I know not ALL of them share the same feelings. There are Koreans who love Japan. I know that. But I have been to both China and Korea and there was so still so much ill sentiments directed to the Japanese people. Until today.

They will tell you how that nation is evil and you should never, EVER learn Japanese or speak their language. Every single time China and Korea want something from Japan they bring up WWII and comfort women and demand compensation from Japan, and how they should take responsibility for what they have done. And Japan keeps giving in years after years. And they have been peaceful for over 50 years. What is it that they haven’t done enough? Give China and Korea all its islands to compensate for lost souls?

It’s sad that Japan will always have this negative history debt to pay. But really? After 70 freaking years?

And while hating on Japan so much they send all their people to Japan to learn its language and milk all the gold because Japan is making them so much money than back in their homeland?

And some of these people became super stars who are adored by millions of loyal Japanese fans, and have their faces all over billboards, TV, commercials, magazines, cup noodles.

So one day a Japanese reader left me a comment on Instagram, i went to her profile and she was all I LOVE KOREA and typing in language i didn’t understand.

I snapped.

I then posted a long message about how i wish Japanese people would love their country more instead of jumping on this whole K craze. It breaks my heart to see that Japan is losing its appeal to their own people. I also said that i briefly considered to from now on reject all Korean competitor brand’s sponsors just to protect and support Japan. (Which got me some FUCK Us and some other nasty messages.) (But that was what i really thought. To think that i am accepting sponsorships from brands that i don’t even have the slightest liking or loyalty to, is kind of hypocritical?)

You are going to stop me right here because i sound exactly like the annoying asshole whom face you’d like to splash hippo’s diarrhea at because he is acting as if he is a saint?

How about  i shut up and start to love my own country more before commanding other people to love their own?

Hypocrite much?

The answer is, i don’t even have anything to defend myself with, so, touché. Totally guilty on all counts.

Throughout these 15 years of my love affair with Japan, i have been called traitor, Jap-wannabe, or the chinese idiot who pretends like she is Japanese. But to me it’s not even about that anymore. I was too deep into it to even care. I am the psycho lover who stoop so low as to being called a stalker just to not lose his crush. You can call me anything. But you cannot stop my love wtf.

I did sit down and ponder long and good, since when my love for Japan has become so irrational and… satanic? And what am i doing? Who do i think i am, going so far and overboard as defending Japan on behalf of Japanese people? What the hell am i thinking? Did i say something really horrible?

But the problem is

Do they even care?

Am i a fool who is doing math for an asshole 5th grader who isn’t even going to turn up for the exam?

Did they care?

Turned out that they did, a hundred people left me nice comments, and said that even though their love for K Pop still remains, Japan is still their home , always and forever in their heart.

I was touched. But i wasn’t satisfied. What i was hoping for was absolute loyalty. To themselves.

When i went back home i talked to the danna about it, and told him how sad i was that i couldn’t change the fact that i cant do much to help something i love so much. That it broke my heart.

And then he, who loves Japan as much as i do, if not more, said, indeed most of the Japanese people don’t care about all these politics. The gangnam dude might be taking over the whole world but who cares? How is liking K Pop different from taking up a new language, say, Malay?  Will i be mad if they like the Beatles?

They like what they like, which is what makes Japan such a free country, which is what makes it so amazing. Which is what makes their heart so big. Which is why i fell in love with this country.

They know that they have an emotional debt to pay for what happened in the past. They get hated on, still, but they never riot, break into other people’s departmental stores, steal stuff, demolish properties, boycott goods, hurling rocks and eggs or besiege another country’s embassy. I have never heard any of my Japanese friends badmouth other countries. Sometimes they get idiot governments too, but they are not taught to hate since young.  Over this 70 years, you learnt anything at all, China?

And then it struck me.

Because i just realized that what i did, was exactly stooping as low as China. What the hell, me? Hating on China’s barbarian acts, refusing to acknowledge K pop’s popularity and rejecting K culture on purpose, it made me exactly the same as those people i didn’t like. It made me as petty as them.

I was magnificently shamed. And my love for Japan is a shame. I thought about it, and decided that I wouldn’t want to marry someone who love me so much that he hates everybody who is not on my side. That’s just plain childish.

I sat and thought for a long time. I haven’t completely come to terms with it, but i’m starting to slowly let it seep through. And then i decided to write this blog post.

And of all, i am wishing for the whole world to have a bigger heart, including myself.


247 responses to “The Bigger Heart”

  1. ms.bulat says:

    :’) sorry, a lil loss for words but it’s a beautiful & honest blog post from your heart. viva la nihon!

  2. shirley says:

    Hi cheesie! Yes, i agree with your husband that most people, esp young people, don’t care much about politics. Also, what politicians do often don’t represent the thoughts of mostof the citizens either. in the example of earthquake, I (chinese) amd many other chinese and koreans donated to help earthquake victims and supported japan even if now the govt didn’t attend the memorial. Also, things like k-entertainment are just a small part of culture and doesnt mean they are disloyal to their countr

  3. shirley says:

    … country. According to your logic, if japanese must be loyal like that to their own country simply because it’s their country, then you’d be considered disloyal to your own country also. Anyway, glad to hear discussion about this anyway. (Double comment bc i think i hit char limit)

  4. Est says:

    To be fair, there are also people in Japan who curse at Koreans and protest against too much Kpop on tv. But these people are the minority in both countries and it just happens that such stuff gets exaggerated in the news. Whether Jpop or Kpop, I believe the interest in each other’s entertainment and youth culture is one step to bringing the two countries closer, so there’s no reason to hate either one. =)

  5. Sarah says:

    I’m sorry. I was a big fan of your generally witty, humorous blog. However, you decided to take on something that has so much painful history that you have no business bringing in a petty K-Pop vs. Japanese culture parallel. You can’t possibly understand how it feels or what the Korean anti-Japan sentiments stem from unless you existed 70+ years ago and saw Japan colonize and break all sorts of human rights laws in China and Korea. Don’t trivialize something that you don’t do proper research on.

  6. Yori says:

    Hahahaha aaaaaand you’re not even japanese. well hello you are from china and even have chinese friends and then you wonder how chinese ppl are dumb. yeah yeah you sound so stupid trying to take japanese side. but wait who are you to talk? im japanese and im really tired of ppl like you. pleaase it’s not your business okeey!! stop predending cute your just a jealous racist!!!

  7. Cheesie says:

    i supposed you are over 100 years old now?

  8. Cheesie says:

    you too should stop pretending to use a Japanese name although i genuinely doubt you are pretending to have bad english.

  9. miko says:

    I think you should watch this. n

  10. Yori says:

    My goosh you are so stupid! You think you’r japanese cuz you have a japanese husband? i bet he is fugly that chose to marry you. Dont try too hard to be clever. everybody knows what level you are. sorry my english is better than your japanese! Korean ppl japanese ppl know what they r doing OK?

  11. Cheesie says:

    Excellent point. Why don’t you trying arguing with me in Japanese instead? Go on. I’m waiting here.

  12. Hannah says:

    Honestly, I felt the same way and really hope for J culture to make a comeback against the K wave. I haven’t stepped foot into Japan yet (hopefully soon!), but from all the movies and articles I’ve watched and read about the country, the people truly have a beautiful culture and I’ve always wished for everyone to be like them: sincere, friendly, diligent, considerate, passionate. I know I’m sounding Japan-obsessed now, but that’s why I love your blog so much too! Thank you for always sharing…

  13. Yori says:

    I just want you to know that you are just a japanese wannabe. and your jawline surgery is perfect! nannyohaseyo <- continue to hate. 열망하는nkpop banzai

  14. Hannah says:

    …your love for Japan here! Thank you for this post too for reminding me to have a bigger heart just like the people in Japan! 日本頑張れ!

  15. Me says:

    I can understand how you feel but i do think you are being a little biased here! Especially with the “And Japan keeps giving in years after years.” Yes Japan has done a lot to make up for her actions during the war, but there is still a lot more that she has not owned up too. It is common knowledge that many of the history books in Japan still have incorrect or misleading information about WW2, e.g Mukden Incident, Nanking Massacre and more.nI too love Japan and its culture. ctd

  16. Lw says:

    Why Yori so butthurt.. No manners… n

  17. me says:

    But what I’m trying to say is that Japan isn’t perfect. In fact no country is! And for the “Japan will always have this negative history debt to pay”. It’s not just Japan, it’s every country that was involved. Perhaps many Chinese/Koreans are still unhappy is because (as mentioned above), Japan still has not owned up to a lot of her actions during war unlike Germany for example. nAnyway, that’s just my two cents! but you’re really brave to post this up! 🙂

  18. Cheesie says:

    Hello where is your Japanese? Cat got your tongue?

  19. murderface says:

    I think everyone is entitled to like what they like in peace (unless it is something like molesting small children). It is only ridiculous when you like something so much you deny who you really are. And you’ve never denied your ethnicity or nationality! Why shouldn’t you love Japanese culture? But in the same why, why shouldn’t those Japanese kids ride the hallyu wave, right? 😉 it is only shameful when/if they start calling themselves Korean. Hm, the issue with sinojapanese relations is… (1)

  20. ishah says:

    I think it’s funny how so many people choose to focus on the negative things you wrote and completely disregarded the fact that you admitted you are being wrong/childish thinking that way. If only more people could admit they are wrong and start to change their attitude. You are brave for posting your innermost feelings on a topic like this. I’m sure Everyone has similar thoughts about something, but how many of those people can admit it? Or change? Not many I’d say.

  21. Z says:

    I totally feel you cheesie. It is quite sad to see everyone into k culture and no one seems to be “with me”. I hope one day I get to speak good japanese like you!!! 頑張ってね!

  22. murderface says:

    … (2) that many Japanese officials continue to deny the atrocious acts that occurred in WWII. I dare any German government official to do that and stay alive. What happened in nanjing was a super shitty crime against humanity, that WASN’T committed by, or against the majority of Japanese and Chinese ppl alive today. It’s in the PAST. So it is petty for BOTH china to continue to hate on Japanese over it, and for Japan to continue to deny it. It would be an awful shame for war to break out (2)..

  23. FionaChan says:

    It’s okay, no one’s perfect. The world isn’t perfect or ideal. The reason why I am studying about wars is because how childish some political leaders can be/have been.nnBut yeah it’s true, even if I am crazy about K-Pop or J-pop, the love I would have for that country and the love I have for my own country will be different.nnI feel like you’re keeping the Japan love very alive in your blog though! It’s nice to not read yet another thing about K-Pop, Korea and Koreans on the Internet!

  24. murderface says:

    …(3) over a dick-measuring contest. Seriously in cases like this, some higher, smarter powers should take the islands away like a toy bring fought over by little children. I say all of this is a born and bred mainland Chinese who schooled in Japan for 3 yrs, btw. Ive never felt an ounce of racism in Japan (although older Chinese kids got bullied in middle school apparently), so Japan’s politeness is commendable. There are REALLY some bullshit portions of Chinese culture (like “Gao guan xi”) ..

  25. Not your fans anymore says:

    Hey there. I think you are so crazy. You are a malaysian but post this blog post telling ppl how much you love japan like japan give a fuck to you? Stop pretending like you are japanese. You are chinese and you should support your country instead of japan. Oh ya. I forgot you got a japanese husband (my god. You can siaw japan until like that) but still you are not a japanese. Kthxbye

  26. stayinblue says:

    thank you for being so honest! i love this post btw :] i always find it hard to answer people when they question my love for japan with their crimes of WW2. I guess the scars will always be there but i hope that people can look beyond that and appreciate the good things of japan too.

  27. Lyn says:

    I was about to type you’re way too biased. But your ending sentence makes it all up. So I guess everybody should be in peace no?

  28. xx says:

    Uhm you are malaysian yet you learn Japanese and probably love Japan more than Malaysia. Every one has their freedom of likes and speech. You love Jpop, why can’t Japanese love Kpop too? I believe Japanese love their country. well… China people really hate Japanese, because Japanese did not owned up most of the things their done, i believe you would (dislike) if you were born in China. well everyone has a diff view.

  29. murderface says:

    .. (4) but you can’t write off all of china as “barbaric”. It’s no safe haven like canada or USA but china is extremely fascinating and EXCITING. Anyway, china needs to get it together, but the rest of the world needs to stop automatically declaring it a villain. Really, in the end, there is no such thing as true alliance between separate nations. Both parties should take a step back and show some humility, but well… That never happens in a dick measuring contest. Sorry for long comments. 😡

  30. Cheesie says:

    Not going to reason with you. You don’t even have the proper mentality to actually “read” a blog post.

  31. Lisa says:

    Hey cheesie! i gotta confess one thing, when i 1st read this post halfway, i kinda got mad and went “walaoweh she so 小气 for wat”. then i kept on reading and i must confess again that this post touched me a lot! not only were you brave enough to speak up but also to admit that you’re being petty, and also wishing for a bigger heart. you made me realised that i’m stooping low too, and also need a bigger heart. thank you cheesie for teaching me a lesson. *admires you even more* lol.

  32. ally says:

    that sounded like a kid who loves harry potter more than her life and gets jealous because all your friends are into high school musical now. kinda relieved by your realisation in the end though. I myself love japan and korea a lot! but each country for other reasons. For me korea is awesome, but it doesn’t take away japan’s shine, and vice versa! also, japans love for the hallyu wave makes them even MORE open-minded and awesome to me! knowing how to appreciate others also shows your own beauty!

  33. xx says:

    But still i agree with your ”, i am wishing for the whole world to have a bigger heart, including myself.” Yes, i’m wishing too. nnxx peace.

  34. Cheesie says:

    Appreciate it. All these while i have been biased maybe up until now, because of personal experiences,mostly unpleasant, and it’s deterring me to explore the good/better side of other countries. But i realized how narrow minded that is and i am trying to change slowly, although i can’t say that it will happen over night. And true that politics contaminated pure admiration and love for other cultures, it’s a shame. Thanks for your comment!

  35. Not your fans anymore says:

    Oh, i did read part of it but i dont wanna continue to finish it because i dont wanna know how much you love much, and telling japanese to give a fuck about thier country when you dont give a fuck about your own country, MALAYSIA.

  36. Storm says:

    I’m so glad I actually persisted and read till the end of the post:)As both kpop and jpop fan,I think they are both vastly different&have their own charms so I never once thought of them being at each other’s throat. Cliche as it may sound, music is a universal language.tbh I find it heartwarming to see Japanese supporting Kpop. Somehow through music,politics/conflicts are forgotten and that itself is remarkable.Hoping that everyone will indeed have a bigger heart&stop the bashing(either way):D

  37. Cheesie says:

    That’s like watching a movie walk out half way and telling people what you think about the ending. That’s how silly you make yourself sound.

  38. Elli says:

    Cheesie, I really really love your blog, but I have to say something about what you said about germany. it’s not like everyone forgot about what germany has done. i am german myself and i get a lot of hate whereever i go. People will ALWAYS mention WWII or hitler, when i tell them i’m from germany. one time a waitress even refused to serve me in spain, just cause i’m german. the only reason why you don’t hear people complain about germany anymore is probably because you live so far away.

  39. noname says:

    Cheesie already acknowledged her mistakes for thinking that way… LOVE is blind?

  40. yen says:

    everybody is entitled to like anything in peace. I have nothing against you loving Japan and I believe that it’s not for you to say what other people should like. I am definitely a kpop fan, sorry if you hate me now but people’s preference doesn’t affect you so why are you being so frustrated over people liking Kpop? why boil up over issues like this? I don’t condemned people who likes other country’s culture. At the end of the day, I am still a happy Malaysians.

  41. Carrie says:

    Hi Cheesie! I have followed your blog for a while but never felt the need to post until now. nI think you’re very brave for standing up for what you believe in. I know you’ve loved Japan all this time, no doubt about it. As much as I love K-pop, I get when you say that Japan is losing its appeal to the masses. Don’t lose hope! Japan will always be a special place in peoples’ hearts. Thanks for being so honest with your feelings, it really shows. Ignore the illogical haters; not worth your time.

  42. Elli says:

    in europe you don’t hear anything about people hating on japan because of the WWII, cause we live so far away. people don’t make it easy for us. and germany still feels very guilty for what our ancestors have done, although nearly none of them live anymore and we don’t have anything to do with the actions done by them. Because of the guilt we feel we do kinda feed whole europe. for example we gave greece the most amount of money (by far) to overcome their crisis and they still hate us. same with

  43. Elli says:

    nearly every other country in europe. nnP.S. I love Japan too 🙂

  44. Storm says:

    I agree that Japanese are truly a loyal group of people so there’s no worry about Japan losing their charm to their own people. Top bands in Japan are selling over a million(or well most of the time over half a million) whilst kpop bands despite being on oricon chart, are selling nowhere near say Arashi and AKB48. (kpop fan here so I’m not bashing kpop but just stating the truth). Globally, kpop no doubt triumphs but locally in Japan, I would think jpop is still valued more than hallyu:)

  45. * julia * says:

    …Cheesie, you totally got me. I’ve thought and acted EXACTLY the same. I didn’t understood myself neither.nThanks to your honesty, selfcriticism and humbleness… I was able to make up my mind. nYou truly are awesome. <3 !

  46. Dolly says:

    I applaud your bravery in speaking on such a sensitive and personal issue. Something people need to take away from your post is that you’re trying to come to terms with your feelings on this. I think what strikes me the most is that your love with Japan turned into a sort of obsession that has led you to see everything in rose-colored glasses. This is coming from someone that like you, love so much about Japan and have been studying the language and culture for quite a few years now. (cont…)

  47. a says:

    peoples hearts are big enough for a lot of countries,people, things. actually you really shame japan with your psycho love. its like japan needs you to defend it. well, no it doesn’t. by putting down other countries, you are shaming japan. japan is wonderful! politics should not affect our young generation, who are more open minded than those old xenophobic farts in power!

  48. Dolly says:

    The thing that took me awhile to accept was that there are still many flaws within the Japanese society. Examples include cracks in the justice system (, racism (, and even gender discrimination ( (cont…)

  49. Dolly says:

    Those articles show another side of Japan that the rest of the world (who know little about Japan) may be seeing. No country is perfect and certainly the people within a country aren’t perfect. I think what you say about having a big heart is very important so that people can see everything in a whole new perspective and keep an open mind. Sorry, long response. 🙁

  50. Hana says:

    It’s true that you do sound childish by trying to push Japan through people’s throats but, I don’t think any of those Japanese into KPop have said that they don’t like their country. They are free to like whatever they want, they don’t have to only like things of their own country. Plus I don’t think you know much about those 3 countries conflicts to talk like you know all about it and you know exactly how to solve it. It’s fine if you love Japan, but I advice you to not get so obsessed about it

  51. Anna says:

    AGREED. AGREED. AGREED. Amen to everything you wrote!

  52. Anonymous says:

    By the way, remember that Japan is much more fascinating to foreigners than people that have been living there their whole lives. I do hope that you will be able to control your satanic love for Japan, and remember that you could also be offending a lot of people by putting down other countries like Japan is the center of the world.

  53. Mo says:

    Wow…This post totally blew me away! It’s written from deep within the heart and I understood it all.nIt’s much more philisophical than I am used from you, but a masterpiece!

  54. Elle says:

    Its not even just history from 70 years ago. Japan just recently took over China’s 钓鱼岛…so…

  55. Nikoline says:

    Love this post:) It’s so honest and I’m glad you share your thoughts! And i somehow think it’s so wonderful that you have so much passion for Japan!!<3

  56. Anonymous says:

    For what it’s worth I totally agree that Japan is the most amazing country! :)) I love their patriotism and niceness and not to mention how cool their inventions are. Although comparing two countries who look similar is not exactly “okay”, I stil couldn’t help comparing the two countries either especially when I went to J before K first, the first thing I commented on was the people. How amazingly nice and friendly everyone was in J. 🙂

  57. Vivian says:

    Hugs. Ever since I got to know about Japan (manga, anime, visited the country 2 times, food etc.) when I was young, I knew that from then on, Japan will always have a spot in my heart. Nowadays all my friends are into Kpop and want to visit korea so much. But for me, I will always put Japan as my #1 place to visit if I am going overseas. They can love Korea for all they want, I do not hate them, so long as they do not force it onto me. I’ve tried to get into ..

  58. Vivian says:

    K-culture(Kpop etc) but I was never into it. Even if something caught my eye, it didn’t leave a deep impression. It may be just me but… I am happy being in love with Japan and am happy to be different while others are into different things. Japan will always hold a special place in my heart.. and it makes me sad too :'(

  59. Lilly says:

    (part 1) I study Korean studies (I’m European 😉 ) so I think my view is pretty objective. When you talk about Korean nationalism, you have to examine Korean history very closely. Korea was never really an autonomous country, it always had to pay tribute to China, or was invaded by Japan (first time 1592), who destroyed temples, and burned down their shrines. And in 1910 again, Japan came, and destroyed countless historical sites, that have been very important to the Koreans.

  60. Lilly says:

    (part 2) So after South Korea became independent, they had to somehow establish a national identity, which lead to South Koreans beeing very VERY nationalistic (just like the Japanese by the way). So of course now there are very radical nationalists who are against Japan, and also, in Japan, there are people who hate the Koreans. nWhen I look at the history of this country, it pains me to see, that, simply because K pop is more popular than J Pop now, you disregard a whole nation.

  61. Lilly says:

    (part 3) I know many Koreans, and most of them are such lovely and warm hearted people and although they have their own opinion about the history, they would never behave unfriendly towards a Japanese person. So please, try to see the other side of the argument as well. 🙂 nFrom a person who loves your blog, Japan and Korea alike! Love and Kisses

  62. christine says:

    I totally agree with you. I am a Korean American and my Korean Korean relatives and friends have so much against Japan, blinded by the whole WWII thing. I love Korea, and I love Japan. It’s great that you understood your own flaws in thinking, but I do need to agree that Koreans need to stop hating on Japan, especially when they don’t know how AMAZING the people are. 100x better than close minded Koreans.

  63. christine says:

    to continue, I saw some posts saying that you have no right to talk about Korea, but that is not true. My grandparents were in Korea during the time Japan was taken over. that’s not too much of a generation gap. I am Korean myself, but since I am American I see all the flaws in Korean thinking. Japanese people are so open, free, and just amazing. They are so damn nice and their manners are impeccable. I lived in Korea before, and visited Japan multiple times. Koreans are still very bitter.

  64. anivyl says:

    Dear Cheesie, I hear what you are saying and I agree with you. The thing is, any country has their own ugly history that few people care to own up to. So, despite all the “fuck yous” you might get, kudos to you for owning up to your intense love for Japan. I love Japan too! (don’t worry, that’s not changing… ever!)

  65. Elle says:

    “Give China and Korea all its islands to compensate for lost souls?” how do you explain Japan’s takeover of China’s 钓鱼岛? Your view towards history is extremely shallow. You cannot just neglect important events in the world that caused pain and suffering for so many lives. Obviously WWII and other disastrous experiences will have altered people’s views even till this day. And some of these political issues go deeper than you perceive them to be.

  66. Ria says:

    I would like to say that I really love your blog and I check it often because I like your wit and your style. I believe everyone is entitled to their own opinions however, I really think you should take into account that Japan-Korea relationship has never been the best and yes it was very undiplomatic of Korea to not send a delegate to the ceremony, however, Japan has had a very negative history with Korea, and perhaps that factored into why the Korean consulate denied the invitation.

  67. DaniHwang says:

    Wow this was quite insightful. nnVery hypocritical and hilarious. You are the very embodiment of what you have just named to be the issue at hand. nnThis a generally biased statement and you are a blogger, so your political standpoint is to be expected, so I’ll disregard everything. Have a nice day.

  68. Katie says:

    Although I like Kpop… Japan was my roots~ even though I’m more into Korea these days… Japan still means more ;D nHonestly though…I’m not sure whether the politics needs to get into it! Personally, being all the way over in Europe, I don’t really know – or particularly care – about the politics and relationships between the countries!nI just enjoy the music and dramas for what they are 🙂 n

  69. Jenny says:

    Dear Cheesie: I always thought Japan was admirable for the fact that its people are so well adjusted. You’re right, they don’t egg embassies or start riots. But please excuse China, as a country,they are jaded by history. Wouldn’t you be if a country stormed into your beloved Japan,torn it up, and denied all responsibilities? Maybe you’re the type to forgive and forget but how can you do that when they never apologized?I’m not saying that this is right but sadly it’s how a lot of people feel.

  70. Joey says:

    Thank you so much for this blog post, even though you know there will be so many haters :’) nnI’m also a J>K person and i dislike K-pop so much as well. I feel so happy that someone actually has the same mindset as me because everyone around me kpops everyday….

  71. Joey says:

    Thank you so much for this blog post, even though you know there will be so many haters :’) nnI’m also a J>K person and i dislike K-pop so much as well. nnI feel so happy that someone actually has the same mindset as me because everyone around me kpops everyday….

  72. JackieW says:

    i am mostly neutral here, seeing as i neither like/dislike more strongly j=k.

  73. yizen93 says:

    Hi Cheesie, just want you to know that i did exactly the same thing to my friends! We were super huge fans of J and then suddenly they started listening to Kpop. I was so mad at them i called them traitor! Once, i even mistook a Kpop celeb as Japanese bcoz of his cloths and hairstyle, which i suppose they are originated from Japan! I just hate how they are copying their fashion and be all famous, but no one actually knows 🙁 but after reading your post, i wanna say thank you for letting me und

  74. Yvonne says:

    No matter what KPOP will never win JPOP in Japan. They may be popular in the world right now, but they will never last as long as some JPOP groups (this year is Arashi’s 14th year since debut). Whatever Korean girl groups they send to Japan, they won’t win AKB & fellow sisters group (too many to list out). Whatever korean boy bands they send to Japan, they will never dominate the market for male idols like ジャニーズ does. In response to whatever ‘Yori’ said, “日本万歳!日本は永遠

  75. Amanda says:

    I honestly had tears in my eyes when i read this post. Not because I agreed with everything you wrote ( i disagree with your thoughts that it was 70 years ago get over it. There are plenty of people still alive from 50-70 years ago who probably passed down the memories and pain to their children which makes it hard for them to let go because it is still close to them) but because i understand how your love for Japan is. I get alot of hate from people for loving Japan so much, i have loved Japan

  76. Yvonne says:

    Cont: 日本は永遠の一番だ!”

  77. Amanda says:

    since 1987 when i saw my first anime. My love only grew as i studied their culture so it pains me that they are hated. But as conquerors they must suffer the consequence of their actions for however long it takes. This situation close to my heart because some white americans love to tell black Americans get over slavery it was 100 years ago, but when you have grandparents who tell you stories of how they were treated, and you see their scars how can you not feel some anger? When i hear “get over

  78. hitomineko says:

    ooo just realize there are some hate comments here. Which i don’t really understand why cuz I thought the end of the post shows that you understand now that you should accept ppl loving their own culture or other cultures as they please.. or at least on the way of accepting that. I personally don’t have strong feelings toward political stuff. as with most young ppl. I do think loving one’s own culture is important regardless how much u love another. That way we can truly keep culture conti

  79. Amanda says:

    it” i fly into a rage. My grandmothers hand was scarred from a dog attack. She was the nicest person very quiet and gentle, so to know people discount the pain she went through i can’t help but be angry. So that is why i understand China and Korea’s stubbornness. But at the same time, i agree they also need to learn to let go. Sorry for the long posts, i wanted to express how your post touched me and i rambled……

  80. WP says:

    Haha, yeah, I guess you were stooping as low as China (in your own words) But we all have our likes and dislikes. As for China and Korea snubbing Japan, those are the governments/politicians bickering. I would think that the average person on the street isn’t so petty. So you can love Japan as much as you like, you can refuse to listen to Kpop…just don’t go bombing other countries (or force other people not to listen to Kpop either) and we’ll all get along fine! 😉

  81. bel says:

    bigger heart indeed, cheesie.

  82. Random thought says:

    Isn’t liking kpop/ jpop just a music preference?

  83. isabellmiao says:

    I am one of those who loves Korea as much as you love Japan. But I still love you cheesie!! ♥ thanks for bring honest. No matter if you still hate korea or not, I will still be your reader!!

  84. K says:

    Are you even educated? How do the Japanese continue to give and give when they refuse to take responsibility for the nanking massacre or even acknowledge it in their history books? You’re quick to judge however if this had happened to YOUR country and affected your family along the generations, would you resent them at all? Instead of focusing your hate against other countries such as China (that you so love to mention) maybe you should start working on your racism issues.

  85. isabellmiao says:

    Who the f is this Yori. Rude. I doubt you’re even 1% japanese. Japanese ppl are generally nice and polite. Don’t tarnish their culture pls. Btw are you like 12??

  86. K says:

    You may not have the slightest empathy or heart to consider how it has impacted them but who are you to criticise and judge? When someone has done something so inhumane to you or you country which you love so much (I’m sure you would understand this if Japan was the victim), and they refuse to acknowledge, I’m sure I would feel very bitter.

  87. K says:

    It is easy for you to distance yourself from the scenario as it did not impact you or you family personally, don’t be so quick to judge. But then again, I’m not sure if you are capable of understanding such things. Never mind, the whole world knows what Japan did.

  88. Ash2theb says:

    Wow I totally understand except I think it has to which each person experience w/ certain cultures. U c when I was little I used to live K-town, it was only natural when I got older that culture became apart of me. I was still in2 my JP but K was just like an old friend. Now BF is much like you, he eats, lives, and breathes for Japan.Now the old school ppl who listen to k-pop b4 09 do not want it become mainstream but new school let the cat out the bag w/ Psy(damn). K+J+C=finally get along…

  89. KY says:

    actually Germany’s pretty much carrying the whole EU now, but anyway why the K vs J? I’m all M 😀

  90. Rachael Imm says:

    I’ve read your lengthy post which is talking abt a topic of my least fav, bringing up such a sensitive issue + speaking truthfully without filtering, no offence* u r way too awesome! 🙂 btw, really ps to say I <3 Kpop & it’s like I’m nvr into any Jpop stuff but then idk y Japan has been my dream place to visit since my younger days? hokkaido, disneyland, seafood, wanna see Sakura blossoming etc. J/K guess no matter what I’m just a blessed M’sian wif personal believes , u r too right Cheesie?

  91. Melody says:

    Everyone has their own point of view.. freedom of speech ain’t it? 🙂 🙂 🙂 nnbut i admire you cheesie, you love japan to an extend you … learn their language, dress all jap style and if you are standing in the centre of tokyo street no one will realize you are not japanese. hehe xx

  92. Courtney says:

    Cheesie! At first I thought, “she’s crazy,” and then, “thank God, someone understands me!” hahaha. I have NEVER been to Japan, but I understand how you feel about the country/culture, etc. Even though I have many Korean students, I have actually been in arguments with their parents about Japan and my thoughts on it!! After 3/11, I held a fundraiser here in Canada in which I donated not only 2 days of my time, but about half a paycheque, too, so I could send it to Japan! (tbc…)

  93. Courtney says:

    (cont) … Some people refused to support, stating, “Japan is rich, they can help themselves!” so I made sure to mention that I hope that the government feels the same way towards them if anything ever happens…..some were angry at me, but some realized I was right and donated to the cause. I, like you, am a huge supporter of all that is Japanese! Music, food, music, culture, history, fashion (especially fashion — I am a fellow EMODA lover, and have a new parcel on order almost every month..

  94. Courtney says:

    so whereas some people might think we’re a bit crazy, I understand entirely. A woman I know (who has family in Japan) affectionately calls me, “The Canadian Hello Kitty”…hahaha. Support what you believe in! (Although I don’t hate anything Korean — some of their food is effing amazing: P). I have loved Japanese everything since I was 4 years old, and I am the same age as you!!

  95. Anonymous says:

    I haven’t forgotten my JP, she’s like Aunt but father K-culture was there since I was lil. Plus I know how this can b solved…Hello Kitty 4 every1.I’ve been following wth been happening it like two Parent fighting and the mistress came along to stir the pot.I’m not about say who better I love them equally dammit and it’s gonna stay that way. U sound like my BF when said that Chessie.How do think I feel when ppl get on k-culture case. I wish there was handbook K-newbies like fight club rules.

  96. Choo says:

    “How come i don’t hear about the world demanding Germany to feed the whole Europe[..]” -> Uhm, actually… there’s payments to the victims etc., name calling, demonstrations, the forever tainted Nazi / Kraut / racist stigma… you name it. Maybe bit of a bad example? On topic: I can understand some of your feelings, but remain neutral. I personally -love- Japanese culture but also like Korean culture. Don’t be hurt, Cheesie, I think Japanese can (should?)love both their own AND foreign culture

  97. girlwholovesred says:

    Hi Cheesie! I’m a fan from the Philippines and I appreciate your honest sentiments. The Kareshi also loved your entry. i think he is also your fan now. He also don’t like K so much. In fact, he doesn’t get why more people like K over J. nnI wish I can give you hug! You are beautiful and I like how you are so honest. Thank you for being you.nnHug over cyberspace!

  98. Stella says:

    Japan and Korea hold different values. Personal preference, I opt Japanese over Korean.

  99. Historian says:

    Before you pass on judgment, you need educate yourself in Japanese history. You talk about how passion for Japan, but it’s all based in superficial things. Modern day Japan is vastly different from pre-WWII Japan. In the Nanking Massacre, an estimate of 250,000 to 300,000 Chinese people were killed at the hands of the Japanese. Japan forcibly occupied Korea for over 3 decades. These acts of aggression cannot be forgotten for their consequences can still be felt today.

  100. Historian says:

    You are neither Chinese or Korean, so you do not understand their pain caused by Japanese. Japan has not provided reparations for these countries. Germany has made an effort after WWII. Who do you think provided the money to rebuild Europe? You are also extremely insensitive to the circumstances surrounding WWII. 11 million people died at the hands of the Nazis. You referred to it as “Nazi slash[ing] some heads.” There are Holocaust museums in Germany. Where are the monuments in Japan?

  101. Historian says:

    When Japan faced the tsunami and earthquake, did China and Korea not send supplies and resources? They certainly did. I did not realize you were such a petty person. What’s wrong with Korea experiencing success on a global scale? Japan has experienced it for decades. Why should another country’s success make you feel anger and contempt? What if someone felt that way about Malaysia’s success? I don’t think you would feel very happy about that. As global citizens, we should support one another.

  102. Lokman says:

    I think the key point here is letting go in order to advance into the future. As long as we don’t make peace with the wound inside us and don’t allow time to heal it, we won’t be able to move on and end up getting stuck in the past.

  103. Historian says:

    Perhaps you are turning over a new leaf, but that fact you had such sentiments is disappointing. I did not realize you were this type of person. You seem like such an open and kind-hearted being. Hate is caused by narrow-mindedness and ignorance, and you were certainly a part of causing it. Please educate yourself. You are seeing the world from one biased side. Also, you are incredibly insensitive and offensive with your words. I advise you to revise them. You come off as an ignorant bigot.

  104. a.thought - 1 says:

    I’m sure no matter what these comments say, you’ll believe what you believe. And good on you for doing that.nnBut I trust that you know your audience. Most of your blog traffic looks for entertainment. I respect the work you put into updates. Out of that respect I’m letting you know that one anonymous reader won’t be reading anymore. I didn’t take offence. But I don’t read your blog (and give your advertisers business) to “listen” to this. Before you say don’t read, you know as well as I do

  105. Violet Eevee says:

    Damn Cheesie, I feel like hugging you and crying a bit because I too felt like this at one point in my life with the whole Korean craze as I too love Japan. Funny how I was exposed to the craze even more when my younger sister is so into it. It made me kinda mad too to learn that the Japanese were engulfed in this craze but what hit you just now with this blog post hit me as well not too long after my frustrations started. Don’t beat yourself up though, we are only human and from this we learn

  106. Violet Eevee says:

    and grow <3

  107. Violet Eevee says:

    ps idk why i felt like crying after reading this…girl hormones i guess wtf

  108. Chang says:

    Cheesie,nI completely understand how you feel about this issue. I know how the Korean fad can be quite pretentious at times. But, there is truly nothing wrong with Japanese people liking Korean music more. In Taiwan, Kpop is extremely popular with the teenagers. Also, I’m sure in other countries, many listen to American music. But this doesn’t necessarily mean they appreciate this culture more than their own. I know it is very annoying, like how it irks me when caucasians try to be Asian. But I

  109. Eunice says:

    Hey cheesie! I totally agree with having a bigger heart <3 I believe we are all entitled to our opinions. Just because you are honest about your opinions online, people who think differently might hurl up offensive comments. Don’t bother too much about them!

  110. Eunice says:

    Hey cheesie! I totally agree with having a bigger heart <3 I believe we are all entitled to our opinions. Just because you are honest about your opinions online, people who think differently might hurl up offensive comments. Don’t bother too much about them!

  111. Chang says:

    Hope that you know adapting another country’s culture is not betrayal. It’s just for fun! Japanese culture became popular at one time, now Korean culture is emerging. Some people may have felt as you did when Japanese culture was emerging. Stay strong Cheesie! I know these comments can be harsh, but you the right thing to share your thoughts with us.

  112. Eunice says:

    Hey cheesie! I totally agree with having a bigger heart <3 I believe we are all entitled to our opinions. Just because you are honest about your opinions online, people who think differently might hurl up offensive comments. Don’t bother too much about them!

  113. Ann says:

    “But there are several things I absolutely love to eat in Korea. First, the Lotte Shrimp Burger. The best thing ever. Second, breads from the bakery. I don’t know why, breads are breads right. But Korean breads are entirely different. It’s a little starchy and chewy but super nice! And then, the BBQ pork (it’s some kind of black piggie). Also there’s this translucent grass-noodle like thingie…..”nnfrom an old entry June 2004

  114. L says:

    I like your post. I share some of the same sentiments. It is a shame most Japanese people don’t care about politics and those that want to stand up for Japan are branded ultra nationalist. I think history (i.e. WWII) should be remembered, learnt from and used to build a better future. Not constantly relived to grow ill feelings for generations and used as a justification for constant monetary compensation when a country sees fit. 🙂

  115. Tam Tam says:

    Cheesie 🙂 after reading your blog about your love towards Japan, I somehow get inffected too :3 since I was still at primary school, I did dreamed of learning Japanese language 🙂 I was so happy when my teacher told me UM mewajibkan all mahasiswa to learn a foreign language. I was like “goodie! can learn Japanese :DDDD” haha! I’m a 17 year old who is keen to know more abt japan 🙂 I wanna ask is there anything I nid to be aware of when I go Japan for the 1st time? 😀 for a malaysian @@

  116. Anonymous says:

    Kpop can go suck my cock but i do love kimchi. The people is fucked but i’m such a big fan of David Choi. I have great Korean friends but Kpop is just generally FUCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and just so you all know chinese doesnt mean born and raised in China. I’m Chinese but i’m born and raised in Malaysia why should i be proud being a chinese and China did nothing to my future or being part of my life, except cheap stuff.

  117. Serene Toh Zhao Rong says:

    Hi cheesie! I understand what you mean. But the world is changing. There’s something that I knew that is bad but I knew I just can’t say it out loudly because I’ll offend alot of people. I also felt very angry but no choice because nothing that I think and say will change the world. But you have to know there is still people out there who love Japan even though is Korea trend now. My friend and I are the one who love everything about Japan and I’ve supported Japan since young till now…

  118. Malaysian says:

    I’m not a fan of anything related to Korean either and I have a personal preference towards Japanese. But I couldn’t even finish reading this entry out of annoyance for you. Reason is obvious but I can see your ignorance and continue being a Malaysian who has a lot to do with Japanese politics. So ya, just telling you that many people from this country would appreciate it if you stopped acting like a Japanese politician wannabe, even for once.

  119. Han says:

    Hi cheesie. I admire the fact that you’re stating how you truly feel, but this inevitably comes with criticism. I’m Korean and I agree that the Japanese have an amazing culture. I even chose to learn the language and now speak fluently. But the animosity from other countries is understandable. The Japanese do not properly take responsibility for the horrors they caused. Germany has museums dedicated to what they have done. Japan hides it and tries to wipe it from history. It’s just a fact.

  120. julia says:

    Hi! I love Japan too. But it is sad when, as a nation (not individuals), they try to cover up the atrocities that happened not too long ago (70 yrs is not a long time). Of course it angers people when they’ve suffered because of a country and that country denies it. Who wouldn’t? I hope you understand.

  121. Nope says:

    You are so very wrong with your facts on so many levels. Please educate yourself…

  122. Nope says:

    Well…Japan is the country that refused to give up after attacking America…even after they were warned a billion times. Even after the first bomb they refused to give up..I’m not saying America did right at all (war sucks). I’m just saying, Japan has a strange reputation to the entire world. Not just Korea and China. There is a legitimate reason. But I’m sure you’ll gradually accept that fact. You did say you were

  123. Heaventears says:

    Cheesie is Malaysian.. not from China~ do some research before you comment?

  124. yooniexx says:

    I see your blog time from time and I am kind of disappointed that you wrote such a blogpost. First of all, I am Korean but I also love Japan as well so I am learning Japanese and planning to go study in Japan at the end of this year. So I’m not just some Korean who only knows one side of the story. Too tell the truth, I do feel that Korean’s hate toward the Japanese is a little too extreme sometimes but its not something that I can say anything about and so can you.

  125. yooniexx says:

    It’s not like a ‘I hate you because I don’t like the way you look’ kind of a thing. There was a long history between Korea and Japan so its not your place to be saying such things as why do Koreans hate Japanese for no reason kind of a tone. I don’t know much but all I know is that the Japanese government has never apologized for what they did to the Koreans and they have avoided revealing the ugly truths of what they’ve done on textbooks and such.

  126. yooniexx says:

    I don’t care that you wrote the Japanese people should love their culture more. That’s something that anyone can write. It’s just that you just approached it all wrong. FYI I am sorry that the Korean government didn’t show up to the Tohoku event and do admit that it was wrong how they made excuses and such. This shouldn’t be a reason for you to say don’t like the Koreans.

  127. yooniexx says:

    Liking another country is a preference. As much as you and I like Japan, the Japanese people have the rights to like Korea back. You shouldn’t say that its disloyalty. If you wanted to say that the Koreans should forget about the historic details, you should have had done research and know both sides of the stories before saying so. You shouldn’t forget that you are a blogger and your words can be more influential than you think.

  128. May says:

    if you were to say like that, saying japanese should avoid into k-pop and stuffs and why don’t you say yourself first?? excuse me??!! you are one of them who SOOOOO INTOOOO Japanese stuffs OKAYYY. for example, YOUR HUSBAND IS ONE OF THEM. you like japanese foods, your HOW NOT TO COOK DINNER (which is so attention seeker) every meal of it is almost japanese foods. your fav clothing brand is emoda or whatever shits. your makeup brand all japanese brand. seriously, BIMBO JAPANESE WANNABE.

  129. Cass says:


  130. Jolene says:

    I believe this is a biased perspective and hence we cannot fault you for lacking in value neutrality. But in order for one to have a “bigger heart” as you mentioned, it is prudent to accept that culture is transcending state borders and that we must accept it readily. By pinpointing on various acts of either Japan or Korea in historical times undermines the stability we have in society and leads to further conflict. This is undesirable. Who are we to challenge preferences of others?

  131. peiyuu says:

    Hello Cheesie! I’m glad you realize your old attitude was unnecessary, I’m sure your Japanese fans wouldn’t want you to feel that way about something like a pop culture trend. I would like to add that China and Korea aren’t necessarily the only countries who need to learn some manners. Japan still refuses to acknowledge many of the war crimes they committed against the Chinese, not even mentioning those kinds of events in history textbooks.

  132. Tory says:

    I couldn’t agree more with historian. nI also think some people need to be educated: Malaysian, Singaporean, Taiwanese, Hong Kong – If you’re from there, you are Chinese(unless you are a foreigner)! Even if you are not born on mainland China. I don’t understand why people fail to understand this.

  133. Lianne says:

    The germans are paying alright and thru their nose, especially now with the crisis and all … they are bringing it up more. The difference between Germany and Japan is, Germany openly acknowledge what they´ve done and one can see all these proof in the country. It is also in their text book, national television etc … the facts are not hidden from the current generation. Sadly, the Japanese should learn from the German especially eradicating this part of the history from school books.

  134. Junx says:

    I think one key reason why people can’t forgive Japan for world war2 is becos they don’t face up to admitting that it is a grave error that the nation made. Until now, the Japanese textbooks I understand refused to acknowledge this part of their doing and attempt to overlook it. nnIf they could be like the Germans who admit their mistake bravely and teach it in school to their young generations that it was a history nvr to be repeated, I think it would b different to how some people view Japan.

  135. a says:

    Do you understand anything besides the kawaii side of Japan? Although most of the war crimes happened over 70 years ago, there are still resounding effects today. Their government has barely apologized; most atrocities such as Unit 731 still go unrecognized by them. They’ve edited their textbooks to censor out the facts, details, and magnitude of their war crimes.

  136. Koczilla says:

    Japan has still not apologized for the abuse of the Korean people during the Second World War n(see “comforting women” case) and continues to honor the ashes of mass murderers of that period in the Yasukuni Shrine. Before teaching manners, please do your homework first. Or stick to advertise facials.

  137. Christine says:

    This is the strongest and most opinionated blog post I’ve ever read on your blog, Cheesie! (Although I don’t think it’s a bad thing). I was brought up with the whole mindset that ‘the grass is greener on the other side’ and that’s what I think about Japanese people who are really into the K craze, there are many people who don’t appreciate what they have already! But what can you do; hopefully everyone will realise sometime in their life, there’s always something to love about their own nation-

  138. Jodie says:

    Oh Cheesie~ It was rude of Korea to not attend, but I guess things like liking Korea over Japan are personal decisions, and as you know trends happen but don’t last forever as well. It is I suppose rather offensive as you have mentioned to just go bloody hell at people who like Korea more – it isn’t their fault, and again these are individualistic choices.. I love both countries a lot, JP more cus its so homey to me and all. I’m glad you thought over your post secretly, it was rather harsh.. but

  139. Christine says:

    Ganbatte ne, you still have your supporters! 🙂 <3

  140. Jodie says:

    -text limit!!- but it’s still… erm.. what did i want to say. Well, it is really sweet of you to love jp a lot =) Just ensure that this love doesn’t stop you from accepting other’s likes and dislikes I guess, and respecting them. It’s tricky with Japan and Korea for some I guess…. I find it fine. Gosh I’m losing my point already! I’m gonna stop there. Love ya =)

  141. a says:

    The fact that teenage Japanese students are being taught that these things didn’t happen, which is a way of teaching the kids to treat the victims with disrespect, is an issue of today, not 70 years ago. In addition, there are still doctors today who participated in Unit 731 experiments who look upon their actions with absolutely no remorse. And I haven’t even brought up the issues with the fishing islands. Politically, the Japanese are just as “barbaric,” if not more, than China.

  142. Anonymous says:

    (1) Hi Cheesie, I actually stumbled across your blog from the first time via Youtube and wasn’t expecting to find such an article! Anyways, I am glad, like the other readers have said, that I read your article til the end. I am originally from Japan but I have lived in New Zealand for a long time. There are many Asian people that grew up here and have close friends that originally came from other Asian countries other than their own (I have a Korean boyfriend and Korean best friend) so in my

  143. fishchong520 says:

    Very well done post of yours. At first I was so mad seing u being so “extreme”, and I was like why is cheesie becoming so awful? but as I read through the words, I realized that i was wrong, indeed. I was so touched by ur words. And the most surprisingly is that u’re like replying every single question that I thought in my mind while reading through it. I iz amazed lolol. However, u have my loyalty, as a reader, now and always. 🙂

  144. Anonymous says:

    (2) view, to see that people back in Japan are starting to appreciate K-pop and Korea in general is a great thing and to me it is only natural. And I agree with others who have said already that the views of politicians and governments don’t always reflect the sentiments of the citizens.

  145. Michelle says:

    The murder of 6 million Jews during the Holocaust does not equal: slashed some heads. You have got to be joking me.

  146. NY says:

    Gosh guys just get over it. It’s pointless to argue about this blog post! It is just an opinion a thought or just a feeling. And she did warn you guys that not to read this post because it’s a lil offensive! So if you guys are not Happy with it just click the “X” button top right of your screen. Get over it.. Just relax man! Why so serious eh? It’s not like she wants to start a war or whatsoever. Peace out!

  147. Ann says:

    wow I remember posting the link to your blog post titled “Annyeonghaseo” praising Korea during your first Korea trip. How things have changed! I can’t seem to find my comment anywhere now though nor the blog post. Hypocrite much? Annoyed at japanese liking kpop and yet your are a Malaysian obsessed with Japan. WTF..get your head checked! and pls read the history books to know the severity of the damage and violence. Japan wrought on other countries.They cut infant girls vaginas and raped them!!!

  148. Pink says:

    You are turning 29 this apr and its good that are u able to see it in another manner. Gambatte!

  149. Stephanie says:

    This is a recent article by BBC News Tokyo that might be of interest to you:

  150. Nana says:

    I like what I like. I am a mixed culture of Japanese and so on but I care actually the music from Korea and Japan. I’m really opened minded though. I have been listening to kpop for soooooo long but it becoming a craze is okay. People will eventually move on and circle back to Japan. Korea has some nice fashion trends which I think have translated into fashion in all the other asian, european, and american stores and so fourth. I will always love Japan but no one can force me to overly love it.

  151. ch3rylism says:

    cheers to such an honest post. humanity has a lot to learn, a big heart is a long way to go – but let that not keeps u off the right track.

  152. Jazie says:

    Its okay cheesie, I feel the same way as you do….:) so cheer up

  153. MilkySorbet says:

    Lol, actually, everyone DOES demand that Germany pays up now that everyone else is in a financial crisis and we aren’t (quite as much), and they DO bring up WW2 a lot… even if many of us are by now too young to even remember that. nBut I digress – this was a good post. Yes, you behaved childishly, but you have the guts and integrity to own up to it and apologize online. Not everyone has the strenght to do that, so don’t be too harsh to yourself.

  154. Pamksy says:

    love this post. reflection of the society.

  155. Michi says:

    Hello Chesie,greetings from Brazil.nI kinda understand all that u said.I’m in love for J since I was a kid and my love for this beautiful country and culture just grow up more every day.I like K too but K NEVER will make me love more than I love J.nI met a lot of people because of J and almost all those people FORGET about their “love” for J and talks/breaths for K ALL THE TIME.It’s sucks! ): J is much better than K ):

  156. anna says:

    This must be exactly how xiaxue felt like when everybody went MODE 🙂

  157. TheBeatlelol says:

    I think the feeling is the same as those people who’ve told you, youre chinese malaysian, you should be loyal to your own country.. No reason to get angry, Obviously, people have the freedom to choose what they want (Like change their nationality etc) Its the feeling of loving something too much, but they didnt, as much as you did.. But i guess, you just want to let it out.. Its just a thought so am not gonna judge you by that.. I love Jpop than Kpop.. Its all depends on personal preferences..

  158. Samantha says:

    You summarized my feelings wonderfully. Wish I could like this post.

  159. A says:

    Props to you for resuscitating your blog with this post . I’m kinda baffled tho for someone who is well traveled and friends with people from different countries irl and online to have such mentality . Good on you for being able to realize this. Hopefully this will shed a light for those who share your mentality.

  160. lauhuiru says:

    Cheesie, you win a hundred respect (think of points) from me, because I believe you know posting such a post will get you those people who read halfway (or read selectively) criticising you. Though I can’t say you got all ur facts right but it’s anyway an honest post. If you were to appear all good, that would seem like a facade you’re trying to create for ur image. Though I don’t agree with ur anger, but I support ur openess(:nn

  161. Sara says:

    Cheesie, I have been a long time reader of your blog and I am slightly upset by seeing this entry. What other people like is their business. I think it’s a bit narrow minded to say, you are X therefore you must love X’s culture because X’s culture is more beautiful/superior. You know who else did that? Germany during the Nazi regime and Japan during WWII. Love what you love and share it with us for us to see the beauty, not the ugliness (like your sentiments here).

  162. Sheri says:

    I have been following your blog for quite a while..I rarely follow a fashion blog but you are different because you are a j-lover just like me. I had the same situation where I hated k-culture so much and feeling upset that the malaysia fm is slowly replaced by k pop songs. I remember when I was young, I used to listen jap songs in the car and my friend will make fun of my taste and said they will never like it because they dont even understand what they are singing about…

  163. T says:

    I never comment because I feel it’d get lost in the sea of other comments, but lovely post! I understand your love for Japan ^^ I gotta say though… your Japanese friends never say anything bad about other countries because they are your friends! Having been teaching English in Tokyo for a while now I can assure you there are some very snobby Japanese people out there… for one, some say they have no interest in traveling to foreign countries because they think Japan is the best… ironic.

  164. Shuu says:

    Hi Cheesie. I’m a fellow Malaysian who’s also currently studying in Japan. I understand your love for Japan because I love Japan as much as you do. So much that sometimes, it gets irrational. But after reading your blog post, I agree with you. I love Japan and its people so much because even when they are not treated with the best attitude, they’re still generally really kind people.nnI admire how you posted this even knowing that you might get hated on. You’re a huge inspiration to me. <3

  165. p says:

    Up to Historian’s comments above. Honest as this post is regarding the fluffier side of society such as k-vs-jpop, there are glaring things I cannot ignore. E.g. Holocaust being described as “Nazi slashed some heads”, as well as your biased comparison of Japan’s half hearted apologies to Germany’s post war efforts to rebuild the region. Just offhand, the issue of comfort women and the blackout of information on WW2 in the education system appalls people. Why do you not list these in your post?

  166. :( says:

    I have loved reading your blog for so long, and i liked all your blog posts. But this? I shouldnt have read it like you advised, because after reading it, i dont have the courage to read your blog anymore 🙁

  167. Cindi says:

    Pain takes a long time to heal, especially when we are talking about historical large scale human rights atrocities. However, in time we will all find a way to move forward past the hurt towards forgiveness and growth. There is no need to get so worked up about it and especially not about k-pop vs. j-pop. Everyone has different tastes, and has the right to enjoy it. It would be terrible if someone gets really angry at you for loving Japanese culture, right? Just let it go and enjoy yourself!

  168. :( says:

    At the end, you mentioned that you KNEW exactly how petty you were for thinking like this. So why did you have to post this and steer anger out of your readers? If you really wanted to become openminded like the Japanese, you should have taken a step towards it by refraining yourself. Now you just look like somebody who only knows how to talk. And you are very contradicting, japanese should love their country more and stop liking kpop while you, cheesie, a Malaysian, likes Japan? Wow.

  169. minminwong says:

    i think this post is quite emotional but at least you realized something right eventually?. no right and wrong how you see this whole incident, it is all abt perception. support!

  170. janice says:

    well written blog post. I initially thought ‘wow cheesie surely gonna attract more haters this time with her narrow-minded post’ until i read the last few paragraphs. It is one of the most honest, beautiful entries you have written and it’s a shame some people come up with assumptions so quickly before reading till the end.

  171. apple says:

    I understand how you feel because as someone who loves the Korean culture, I’d be quite upset too if someone really hates on the culture that I love so much. I believe there are still many people in China & Korea who dislike Japan/Japanese but similarly, there are also Japs, whom you might not know, who dislike China and/or Korea.I wanna thank you for having a big heart and reflecting though ^^

  172. jane says:

    just put aside the politics, the history. everybody has their own preference. like you, you are malaysian, u love japan, nobody say u are wrong. same goes to k pop fans. they like what they like you cant stop them or saying them disloyal to whatsoever. Back to the history, you cant say thy have no rights to say or feel something if they were only existed 70 years ago. those who really existed 70 years ago might be somebody dad or grandad… think about it

  173. leeern says:

    hello cheesie i decided to read your blogpost again cos i got angry reading halfway& skipped d ending. i’m not sure how much japan had apologized for abusing korean comfort women but i saw tears in my prof’s eyes when she talked abt comfort women who are raped& abused inhumanely & their family refused to accept them after bring tainted. some are still alive living a lonely life & d protest demanding japan to apologize still go on regularly. but when there is war, there will be women getting

  174. leeern says:

    abused at war. i feel bad for all the hate comments that you are getting but i’d love to show you my support ^_^ still love u!

  175. Cheesie says:

    I’m glad you did. Thank you very much

  176. Aya says:

    Hi Cheesie I’m a Japanese reader from America. I USED to like k-pop, it now doesn’t appeal to me anymore, and I’m starting to listen more to Jpop. It felt like I abandoned what I am and didn’t appreciate my culture. I kind of disagree that the so many worship k culture. Sure, there are some people like that , its what they like and what their interest is. Just remember that there are many others that Love Japan. <3

  177. Sarah says:

    At least you admit your actions are hypocritical considering your own ooc love for japan. But it’s your own personal feelings and I respect you for being honest and being willing to change your mindset. I will say you might want to educate yourself more about the animosity between these countries. No Japan is not completely innocent considering quite a lot of senior officials still deny the comfort women issue and talk about their admiration for some of the war “heroes” (more like criminals).

  178. Anonymous says:

    You sound bitter over how Korea is doing better than Japan; be it popular culture or economy (thankfully Abe is back to hopefully work his magic). While its totally your rights to have certain feelings towards some countries or social issues, being a popular blogger with wide readership, you are almost propagating nationalist sentiments. A totally biased post that distorts history and countries because of a little girl’s pettiness over her beloved J-pop being marginalized.

  179. Anon says:

    Remove the post to avoid misleading readers if you care.

  180. Jackie says:

    I’m actually glad you posted this (not in a sarcastic way) because there is so much history between Japan, China, and Korea, and A LOT of politics. I don’t understand why people are bashing on this because all this happened, like Cheesie said, 70 years ago. I’m a proud Korean and I’m not hating on my own country and culture, but its time to move on. Japan did a lot of bad in the past, but that was in the PAST. We should be looking towards the future and not the past.

  181. erika says:

    hey cheesie! ignore all the hate or irritating comments! i conoletely supoort you and stronly agree with you! love what you love and never let anyway change that! my love for japan will always stay with me too, i think its the best asian country out there! 🙂

  182. Lynne says:

    First of all, kudos to you to voice out your opinion on such a sensitive topic. Eventhough you might have lost some of your readers tht didnt bother to finish reading this post. Tbh,i thought that you were being really offensive at first, i’m glad that i took my time to finish it before commenting. nnI do agree with what you’ve said, but this issue can nver be solved. The chinese / korean hatred towards J had been passed on generation after generation. I knew a jap girl in my class …..

  183. Lynne says:

    . … (I’m a malaysian studying in a international school in canada, majority of the students are from china) ln my class, & apparently she was the only japanese girl in my school. She was bullied and she didnt had many friends just because of her nationality. nnMy english teacher tried to patch things up by trying to tell the chinese students that they should try to forget about the past, however it didnt work out and she got fired cause the china students’s parents went to complain. Lol wtf

  184. cilla44 says:

    Japan was my firs love and I still love it today even though I have a strong love for Korea as well. There are times when I want to listen to Jrock all day and go on a Namie Amuro MV marathon, then there are days where I’ll listen to TVXQ and watch a Korean drama. To add to that I love Taiwanese music and dramas as well. I don’t see these interests as betraying my love for Japan. I just see it as me loving more cultures. Love takes time so I don’t feel like I’m betraying Japan at all.

  185. don says:

    first im glad youre honest. i normally visit your blog to kill time.i have no interest in j/k-pop at all and i will say i think j/k-pop fashion ain’t that great.but youre allowed to like what you want and thats fine this epiphany, self-actualization moment you have had here-good for you. but i feel i really wasn’t the best idea for you to bring in ww2.sure ive never been through the wounds of war but you cant just say oi get over it. wounds take time to heal. just like it took time for you admit

  186. Demi says:

    Your perception of how Japanese people crazing over Kpop is how others see your fanatical obsession for Japan. I don’t see why you should force people to stop getting into K culture just like no one is stopping you from getting into J culture. There are lots of things we cannot change and are helpless to, i think you should embrace it and share your love for Japan with those who desire to know, and not discriminate or detest on the rest whom has no interest.

  187. Tim says:

    “How come i don’t hear about the world demanding Germany to feed the whole Europe because the Nazi slashed some heads?”nnOne advice. Don’t ever mention the Nazis and their atrocities in such a ridiculing manner, while you’re speaking with a European (or when you have European readers). Also don’t call a whole country barbaric. That’s just inappropiate and disrespectful.nnNah, I don’t like this post. But since you admitted that you felt like you were being childish, I’ll just ignore this one.

  188. maria says:

    plz ; (cheesie learn to luv the things you don’t..hav a BIG <3 remember?Jst cause som Krns still hold a grudge against the jpns and that upsets u :(i konw but, that doesn’t mean that u shouldn’t accept anythin to do with the K culture/Kpop..I mean i was once like u, ive been a HUGE fan of Jculture (still is!)& whenever i see kpop or hear my firends talking abt it i cringe or get annoyed cuz i was JST NOT INTERESTED..but now?Oboy i fell n love with kpop why? simply cause i learnt to accept it 🙂

  189. 지영 says:

    im sorry but this statement fits u perfectly ‘once you love something. u will ignore and be blind of the horrible in that thing’. seriously calling Korea that stupid sister pitch was just rude and ignorant. i thought u were a better person but to bring up this went u have pretty much nothing to do with utter and act like uno everything? ask through remaining of my mothers family who survived rape kidnapping and human trafficking. i dare u ask my young Japanese friend who are ashamed. i dare you

  190. 지영 says:

    and i red some of urn comments saying what can’t speak japanese cat got urn tongue? u r the worst hypocrite ever. u uses to b someone i looked up to but now urn someone i look down n ashamed to say i read

  191. Jessica says:

    have you read “日本国政府と中華人民共和国政府の共同声明”? gave up the compensation for WWII..

  192. Hi says:

    Everyone has different preference, I prefer china and Korea more, no OFFENCE

  193. Sisu says:

    Hi Cheesie, although I’m surprise by ur extremity love, I do not think tt her own people(Japan) are as disloyal as u think. I have spoken to Japanese or people who know Japan culture Well(aka historian). The reason for their lack of involvement in politics because they feel being let down. Japan economy has been suffering since in the 90s. They may exhibit glamorous outlook, but her people are actually struggling (which is a partial factor 4 aging population). Try to b empathy, nth is tt simple.

  194. E says:

    can’t really comment on china-japan relations because i don’t live in china or japan, however the comments left by readers on that tealeafnation post are quite educational and may offer more insight on why things are so strained despite the apologies. your rambling about kpop made no sense though, kpop is a fantastic example of fantastic marketing and packaging and shouldn’t be confused with lack of patriotism. if anything, it’s a great way to bridge the gap between korea and japan.

  195. Sisu says:

    And I do have Malaysia friends too. They would complain abt the govt and unfairness, but even so they would still wish to have their families there. What I’m trying to say is there is no difference between what my Malaysia friends are feeling as compare tp the Japanese. They are disappointed with the govt but they Are still their homeland. So while ur love for Japan is touching, that should not be the factor for ur accusation for Japanese disloyalty. Interest & hobbies have no boundaries.

  196. Vicky says:

    I don’t think politics should get into it.

  197. Hrt says:

    HrtnRingo u r brilliant. Applying tactics like this to garner attention for your business Foruchizu which is your latest blog post all about. But I understand you need to make a living so yeah…. I think it’s clear now why’d you have to put up such sensitive topic tho you were fully aware it’ll stir shit. It’s your blog,your business,you make a living out of it.

  198. Beii says:

    Was about to comment on how bias you are and how ridiculous your blog entry is but your ending post made it up for it. We are all learning everyday, hope we all can have a bigger heart as you said. 🙂

  199. Coco says:

    China did not send any delegate to the memorial ceremony because of the Diaoyu’s island issue n not bcoz of the WWII. I’ve been living in China for years, mixing with ppl from different part of China n actually not much people are talking about the WWII anymore. Eventhough i’m a Msian but i have respect for their leader thus i really think you shouldnt blog something like that about other people’s country when you do not know much about them.

  200. Coco says:

    I understand your love toward Japan was so strong and special but this post is just not right i dont know why i somehow got offended for the first time reading your post after following your blog since 2005. 🙁 🙁 🙁

  201. Chanel says:

    I think everyone needs to read the WHOLE post… nI am a huge J-addict, and I totally understand what you’re saying, nBUT had I just read the first half I would of been kind of upsetnIt is a conflicting position to be in, and I think the real problem is crazy politics, nbecause without all of those problems caused by them, you got some pretty amazing countries with awesome cultures.

  202. Angela says:

    I understand the part about feeling like an insecure sibling! I don’t hate Korea or K-Pop or their culture. But whenever I meet somebody who is so into Korean stuffs and whatnots I can’t help but think, “WHY?! Japan is equally outstanding (if not even more), but why so little people take notice?!” I know the answer to that, though. So nevermind. But because of that, whenever I could emphasize my “nonchalance” about this whole Korean craze, I WOULD (even though I watch their dramas).

  203. N says:

    totally agree with this! fucking hate that kpop shit. cant wait till it fades away

  204. Alison says:

    Acknowledge your love for Japan, it’s really beautiful. But it”s really kinda extreme and exaggerated… I mean too obessed. I admire your honesty though 🙂 Way to go Cheesie!

  205. N says:

    great to see i’m not the only who’s still loyal to J and not just jump on K bandwagon like a sheep =’)

  206. Anonymous says:

    >> YORInAre you really Japanese? Tell me your passport colour.nDont tell me you are Zainich.nTell me what is the meaning of the battle of Tenouzan.

  207. Careen says:

    The history of WWII is still a pain for China and Korea. In fact, Germany has made a formal apology to the Jewish but not Japan. They denied the number of Chinese they have killed, and even hide the truth of their inhumane and immoral act from the nation. Take some time to read Nanjing Massacre, and you’ll know why China hates Japan. But history apart, Japan is still a wonderful country and I don’t think the history is relevant to our personal preferences. I love Japan too 🙂

  208. cassie says:

    I feel the same way as u too, I dun like the fact that everyone became so into Kpop and Korea stuffs and Japan seems like being left behind. I feel kinda upset too. But I’m sure that there are people like U who really carry on loving Japan and not follow the crowd, I’m really very happy cos I’m the same too. I still love Jpop no matter what. So I really do support u all the way, Cheesie!! In fact, we shouldn’t care what others say.. Just love what we truly love. =)

  209. Steven says:

    I totally support you cheesie!. I’m also a crazy.. err what they call it? Jap-wanabee or a Chinese who thinks he’s japanese ! nnHonest blog ! And really do agree and understand what your saying. I dont normally read blog’s or even yours. But this post really did get my attention!. Good Job and keep up with it.nnHater’s will hate. let it be.

  210. Steffy says:

    I’m sorry Chessie, but you live in the past. Combing everyone Korean and Chinese person in one swipe. Only ONCE have I heard about this history crap. A Chinese guy told me to stop loving Japan because of war and blahblah- I mean really? You don’t hear so much stuff from Germany because we moved on. It’s stupid to blame innocent people for what happen several years ago. For me you are just hating on Korea and China because of history.

  211. Kynkiez says:

    I totally feel you 🙂

  212. Liz says:

    There is still a TON simmering between Japan and Korea and unfortunately, the hard feelings and screaming matches are probably going to continue for a long long time. I’ll admit that the J wave was annoying at times so I totally understand where you are coming from 😉 Let’s just appreciate the great culture these countries have to offer instead of letting petty politics get in the way.

  213. Yingpurin says:

    Hi chessie! I totally know how u feel because my love for Japan is deep & wide until I can’t stand it when Korean fans r trying to brainwash me all the time.. I’m jus glad my love for Japan just grow stronger each day until it became a part of me now… My grandma who survive wwll & even father & brother died in tat period, don brainwash me how bad Japan is, she jus live her life as now, so I don understand how ppl who’s not even ‘there’ understand?!

  214. anna says:

    You might not know that but Germany is still haunted by WWII… I am german and I can tell you how SICK I am because of that. Recently Greece nearly went bankrupt – Cyprus hat the same problem now – and Germany (actually the european union, but it doesn’t count since Germany is the biggest payer in that group) gave them money to save them but also made restrictions so that they will never go bankrupt again. (continue)

  215. anna says:

    And well, the Greek are cursing the Germans now for being dictators and Nazis because they dared to give them restrictions on how to save their country. Well, we’re Nazis again, halleluja. They all only want money for free and if Germany doesn’t willingly give it aways we’re Nazis again. So sick of that. I think that every country that was involved in WWII has apologised enough. End of story. I won’t apologise for something I didn’t do.

  216. Lisaurus says:

    Politics aside, I can never understand what’s so great about KPOP. Everything about them is so SUPERFICIAL. New groups keep debuting I lost count nor even remember their names. By the time I remember them, they’re forgotten or replaced by ANOTHER new group. So wtf. i love many Japanese singers for great,meaningful lyrics in their songs(remembered for DECADES) but what about kpop? What’s so fascinating bout Korea? It can barely compare to Japan’s beauty in terms travel destinations.

  217. Lucy says:

    Cheesie,nI want to say the big reason K-pop is so big in Japan is because of the companies basically producing these girl and boy groups to make them beautiful and “perfect”. I mean they have it down to a science.nI feel like in Japan there are a lot more musical talent that are able to make choices for themselves and develop themselves. nI can definitely understand why you’d not be more interested in the K-pop craze (or annoyed of it). :)n

  218. Julie says:

    I’m a little late on the uptake on this post but I thought I’d comment regardless. I’m not an avid reader of your blog but every now and then I like to pop in. Truthfully, I had been a huge fan of Japanese culture in the past but I’ve slowly changed over to interest in Kpop and the like, despite that, if I ever had to visit one place in the world, it would be Japan. Although I do understand your distaste because of your reasons, you can’t really fault all of Korea and China because of the… (1)

  219. Julie says:

    Ignorant ones. Honestly, I’m Chinese and I don’t particularly relate to my own culture which in a way can be seen as shameful. I grew up in Canada and I’ve never felt much attachment to trends in China. On the other hand I do read on history of the country of my roots. Hate is something that’s hard to get rid of and although it shouldn’t be a part of our generation it’s not something that a person can just forget about. As senseless as it might be, it’s not as simple as saying ‘just forget’.

  220. Julie says:

    Just as how you love Japan ( to the point that you think you’ve started acting barbarically), they have the same feelings for theirs. nnEither way, I hope you are able to come to terms with your feelings. Just know that there are people who still love the country that you cherish so deeply in your heart. Despite the interest I show in Korea, it’s always been my dream to travel to Japan and experience as much as I can.

  221. lynn says:

    1st time leaving a comment here! I’m Singaporean Chinese and my disdain for China is for slightly different reasons, but I felt very inspired by what you said – on the need to have a bigger heart! There’s no point stooping to their level and wasting all this energy on hatred 🙂

  222. to yvonne says:

    first of all kpop has already dominated jpop a few years ago. 14 years? ha shinhwa’s on their 15th anniversary and you think that’s all? there are bands such as resurrection which has been around korea for more than 30+ years. c’mon get your shit straight.nn-prided south korean fella

  223. Ivy says:

    I love how personal you are in this post but I can’t really accept that you bring politics into this. You are comparing individuals in Japan with Chinese and Korean politics, is this really fair? There are plenty of J-pop lovers in China and Korea but you are not mentioning them as having a bigger heart. I just think in the future please separate the individuals and a nations political regime because they don’t always present the opinions of the people.

  224. Joanne says:

    It IS sad that the Chinese are still brain washed (by their government) to hate the Japanese. Having taught English in both China and Taiwan I can see the difference in mentality. I really enjoyed this blog post, and I hope you continue to be open and honest about your love affair with Japan. As for the morons who comment without knowing what they are talking about, feel sorry for them!

  225. Liz Akina says:

    Cheesie, I understand ur frustation and ur point of view.. My country also got the K Virus not only Japan.. I think my country even didn’t have any self identity as a nation now, as we keep following any other trends from other country.. Im so ashame of this.. But, we can never make people love what they don’t like and dislike what they love.. I understand your thinking and I think you are very brave to admit and even realize that u are wrong.. That already show how big ur heart.. 🙂

  226. to christine says:

    why do you think the koreans are so bitter? it’s not like they were the ones who were imperialists. were they the ones who tried to take over japan and rape innocent japanese women? cheesie how would you feel if that history was changed around so that the japanese were the ones who suffered instead? surely you would hate korea even more than you do now. don’t fucking step foot in south korea ever again. they don’t need you there.

  227. Anonymous says:

    germany’s participation in wwii is a part of history that everybody knows about it. however, the atrocities done on china and korea by the japanese are often emitted from history textbooks.nps as of right now germany might has well be paying for the entire european unionnncheesie, there is no way you or anybody else can understand the whole story from all sides, nhow about we stop hating on people, countries, and cultures. love what you love. and stop shaming other people for what they love

  228. laura says:

    This post was very interesting! I’m Korean, and I get embarrassed frequently by the actions of Korean PEOPLE. This may sound ridiculous- I dislike Koreans but I love Korean culture LOL But like you, I also love Japanese culture. I wish the tension between Korea and Japan would ease down, but honestly, I don’t think peace will ever come between the two beautiful countries… Korea feels like Japan is always looking down on Koreans, whether it’s true or not. But what can we do; that’s human nature

  229. laura says:

    Oh. And your husband is a very wise man. Full respect for him

  230. MsPlastic says:

    Korea as in North Korea or South Korea? 🙂 Because they are two totally different country and I would just like to ask if the ambassador who “accidentally” throw away the invitation is from North or South?? Thanks ^^

  231. Sharon says:

    im not gonna lie, i was really offended reading this.. but im glad you are willing to change. i myself am korean but i was born in america. so these types of sentiments dont affect me that much. i grew up loving jrock! if it makes you feel better, im in college and hundreds of people here take japanese and go abroad. the younger generation is still very much in love with japan. so stop being insecure! japan culture will survive even without much help.

  232. Anonymous says:

    Your husband is very wise matured man with sensible wisdom.

  233. mj says:

    Hi, sorry but i felt somewhat offended because of your bigger bias, not bigger heart. China has major earthquakes too but does the world seem to care as much? Japanese definitely got the bigger and more fortunate love from the world. i wud say that it’s prob due to their good and well-kept image. the emotional debt is (i believe) a political tactic, and should not be put upon others. i, too, love japan but i’ve also moved on along with Kpop. the biggest reason has to be k-pop has continuously

  234. mj says:

    improve in terms of songs, drama etc. but sadly, i don’t find the spark in jpop or drama anymore. frankly speaking i find them disappointing. i miss the old jpop and dramas, where actors know how to act instead of the newbies nowadays. i still love the japanese culture no matter what, but i find it childish to just push kpop away just because u’re “jealous”. then when what chinese pop? it’s definitely outshadowed as well. from a multinational country, sorry but i expected u to hav a bigger heart

  235. well says:

    you’re so offensive to the ones that are saying nicely that they’re offended… i used to like your blog until you mixed politics, pop culture, DISSING MY HOME COUNTRY KOREA, and being racist. how would you feel if people were to start degrading your home nation, or japan as that’s what you seem to be in love with… i like the concluding paragraph but it was too late after offending me so much. i hope you will come to accept that everyone has diff opinions and beliefs. good luck.

  236. well says:

    oh and ps. just because someone wasnt born during the war, you are still effected by it. you should stop saying snide sarcastic comments such as “what, are you over 100?” and also you dont need to be over 100 to have lived during the war, just saying..

  237. Meg says:

    Cheesie i understand you love Japan and its culture but honestly… linking up the tragedies from WWII isnt cool. you can be butthurt all you want and be outraged that kpop is more popular than jpop. your freedom, but honestly its really childish to bring in a subject that still touches millions of lives. imagine you were a girl back in WWII and went through everything. its like telling a rape victim or a victim of murder to get over it. not so easy is it. but honestly childish of you.

  238. fia says:

    Beautiful blog post. I can really relate to what you say.nI’m from Germany and it makes me so sad that people form countries all over the world still call Germans nazis. It makes me sooo angry. nI mean, it’s not like NO nazis live here, but to be honest, they’re not all from here. Most nazis are actually from other countries. But Germany just has this title “Naziland”.nThe newer generations shouldn’t be punished for the things that happend 1945..

  239. hy says:

    hi, i read until the end of the blog post. i was pretty upset upon seeing the hypocritical subject you brought up on the beginning of the post. i’m an american living in korea and have found most of your statements, or research very untrue. koreans do not hate japan (except the very few minority reflected online or on the media). however, most victims of wwII are alive today and many of them have wounds, scars, even tattoos received from japanese soldiers 50+ years ago

  240. hy says:

    however they receive no acknowledgement from japan (even though you state that japan has apologized for ‘many years’) this is actually not true, japan has only recently admitted to capturing comfort women and the violation towards them such as rape, torture, disfigurement and such. as much as i know, this problem still rises up in my Facebook newsfeed until today. also, japan has not given away their islands to korea. if you are talking about dokdo, that island was originally property of korea

  241. hy says:

    i would only like to say that it is beautiful how big your love for japan and its culture is. however, wrong information can be offensive and you could just be making yourself seem uneducated. you might say none of my business but i am living in korea and i doubt my fondness of this country is any less than yours. i just wanted to correct a few wrong information that furrowed by brows.

  242. Rae says:

    It’s really well written! I feel you! Almost everyone around me seems oblivious to the beauty of Japan too. It’s really sad but it’s their loss. 😉

  243. Lyna says:

    Hey, just wanted to say, kudos on your blog post. I’m glad you reached that conclusion in the end :)nAll love, no hate, man! :)nYou have a wise danna 🙂

  244. Ruth says:

    Hello Cheesie, I happened to stumble past this post. Sorry that I dont always read ur blog, but I do follow u on IG. After 2 years from this post, I must agree that I feel the same way as what u felt back then when posting this (not sure if u still feel the same way about how Japan seem to have faded in the background).. I loved Japan, and always will. Despite of their not so pretty history, Japan have truly captivated my heart since young. It’s no wonder my fiancé hates korea so much – he love Japan too much too. 🙂 just want u to know u are not the only one feeling this way..

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