April 12, 2013 in Cheese-offs

So you all are gonna comment that i “only reflect the negative sides of my own country” and also “incite hatred towards own country” with this entry, but i’m publicly unpatriotic anyway so this is what happened to me today.

I already ranted on Twitter but here’s a detailed version of it.

I normally drive whenever i can. With all the horrible cab stories going around town lately including the tourist rape, even though driving is possibly as dangerous as cabbing but at least i have more control over it. However,  the danna had to use my car today and i had a meeting in KLCC, so i decided to cab it after i was done running errands in a mall in PJ.

I lined up after the taxi stand. When it was my turn, i opened the taxi door and told him i wanted to go to KLCC  before getting into the car (this might sound strange to you who are not from Malaysia, because from your understanding, the normal way of cabbing is probably just hail a taxi and get your ass into it. But things are a little different here).

The first taxi driver shook his head. I closed the door. Then another customer behind me went over ask did the same thing. He decided to take her. Then he fled off. I felt very rejected T__T.

Another taxi came and the driver also refused me when he heard the destination i wanted to go. The third one was the same.

I was rejected THREE TIMES. 

By the time the fourth taxi stopped by i already got very irritated, i opened the door and said, “KLCC please.”

“No la, better you take the LRT, very jam now.”

“I’m in a rush and i need a taxi. Just take me there.”

“No no no, very jam now.”

He didn’t say it in a very demeaning or rude tone, but it was enough to really set the fire off.

The normal me would have had more patience and if i was desperate i would have offered like RM5 extra or something, Because most of the time that was just what they wanted to hear. And then they will say like RM20 extra and we will settle for RM10, something like that.

But not this time. I have had enough of all these bullshit. For some reason i got so 胆大包天 today and i just said to him very calmly,

“I am going to report you.”

then i closed the door and walked towards the next taxi.

And then i tab “camera” on my phone and snapped a picture of his car plate.

He drove like 5 meters and then came to an abrupt and rather violent stop, i thought he got scared and wanted to come and apologize and agree to take me to KLCC after all.

But no. He got down of the car looking like i just cheated on him with his son.

“Report?? YOU REPORT LA!”

He was walking towards me while shouting other profanities at me.

I got so scared i didn’t even ask the next cab driver i just forcefully sort of shove myself into the car and commanded “take me to KLCC!!!!!”

The mad man was still following behind me shouting his brains out. And my heart was racing so hard i thought he was gonna jerk open the door, whip me out and wham me in the face.


But very very luckily the new driver started driving and i escaped wtf. It really felt like i escaped a serial killer battle wtf.

And before that i even manage to steal a shot of his face wtf.

While i was driven away, i could see him stomping aimlessly and he also yelled at the security guards at the entrance very angrily, like  i have just stolen his car and fled off. T___T

For a brief moment i thought i really went overboard and did something very horrible. Did i let my anger get the better of me? There are much much worse taxi drivers i could have threatened to report.

I also panicked and worried that he might have recognized me, or stalk me so he could murder me and eat me alive or something T__T

I will also never be able to wear this zombie cap and take taxi ever again T___T. If not likely i’ll really end up being one T_____T

After calming myself down, the more i think the angrier i got.


1. Why is it we have to ASK whether the place we want to go is convenient for the taxi driver or not? Who is the paying customer here? Isn’t it their job to bring their customer safely, from one destination to another destination of the customer’s choice?

2. Why the hell do the taxi drivers get to CHOOSE who they want to pick? WE as a customer get to CHOOSE which cab we want to get on. If it’s super smelly dirty cab with suspicious rapist looking dude as driver i have every right to wait for the next one.

3. Traffic jam is not an excuse. No taxi drivers are allowed to refuse a customer (i’m very surprise that most people don’t even seem to know this!!!!), and if they do that they have violated the law and i have every single right to report them.

4. WHY DID HE GET ANGRY AT ME? WHAT DID I DO WRONG?! Summore he complained like i was the bad guy T__T


I got angrier and angrier i almost burst into tears wtf. I also started to imagine if this incident happened in some quiet deserted place instead of in front of a crowded shopping mall, i probably will make the crime column on tomorrow’s newspaper T_____T. God knows what’s going through all these people’s mind nowadays.

Actually, i wasn’t even really planning on actually reporting him. You might have also thought i was quite silly to have aggravated him like that and might have put myself in danger. But the whole reason i told him “i’m going to report you” is because i want him to know that he is not allowed to do that. And if he does, this is what might happen.

All of this shit happens because nobody really care, we get used to it. Taxi drivers refusing passengers is a norm.

Even if reporting does nothing but only means another SMS wasted, at least if they are told and warned every time they do something unacceptable, maybe they get scared and not do it again? Although that was just my small little hope.


In Japan (sorry i am going to do this again), no taxi is allowed to refuse a passenger. Ever. Although in rare case it happens, but if they are reported, that is the end of their career. FOREVER. They will never be licensed to carry a passenger for the rest of their lives.

Of course, there are also shit taxi drivers in Japan. But the magnitude of shitness is probably just as serious as “not polite enough”, “take a longer route” etc. I myself had also encountered a rude taxi driver who complained that i didn’t warn him beforehand that i only had 10,000 yen as he had no small change. And i thought that was the worst cab i’ve ever taken in Japan.

The other day a friend of mine got so angry at a cab driver who apparently “has no clue where he is going, and expects her to know the entire Tokyo” and got into a fight with the driver. I just sighed silently and decided that she should never come to Malaysia.

On the day we flew back to Malaysia from Tokyo, we hailed a taxi down from Omotesando and we had to go to Shinjuku to catch the bus to the airpot.

And we had like 10 luggages worth 90KG.

I flagged a taxi down a one way street, who had to reverse and wait for us while we haul all the luggages from the store room, and then , this frail 70 years old taxi driver got down and helped us with ALL the luggages.

I felt so so bad i told him we are okay. But he said, “daijobu, daijobu!” (no worries, no worries!) and gave us a big smile. The taxi ride was just a short few minutes. When we arrived at the bus stop he had to help us unload ALL the luggages again. Without a single grumble the entire time. All he got from us was that measly 1000 yen (although for a Malaysian it is considered quite ex), and there was so much extra work he had to do.

I felt really bad and i asked the danna if i could tip him, although i was fully aware that tipping culture is not the norm in Japan.

He said no. I asked why??? he has been so nice and helpful!

The danna said, “That’s his job“.

It is his job. To get a passenger safely to his intended destination, in the best manner possible.

I was a little sad i couldn’t tip him for what he deserved. I just thanked him profusely over and again.

My expectation towards people’s attitude in Malaysia is probably already quite low. I understand that i can’t expect everyone to behave the same. When a staff (cashier, toll staff, etc) give me a black face while i give him money, i will smile and say thank you, (and hopefully that would shame them to change for the better), and if i get a “you’re welcome” and a smile back, i will be extra happy for the rest of the day, and feel thankful that i’ve encountered someone nice today.

(And with this you understand why i constantly feel happy and thankful when i am in Japan, from morning till night just because of appropriate manner alone.)

But i really really hope that at least these taxi drivers can do their job. Because it is theirs. And that people should stop tolerating shitty taxi drivers and let them earn a living by just being shitty.





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118 responses to “Taxi”

  1. BaaBrabrackship says:

    I’d think otherwise. Malaysians have lived the life of being oppressed by the bullies for too long, most Malaysians even think that “we should just shut up because its none of our business”. If taxis only want to drive the route they choose, go drive a train or something, the stops are fixed. What you did should raise alarm to other Malaysians, we must fight bullies! Don’t be hypocrite.nThough there are other ways that could have avoided all these, but most taxis in Malaysia are having it easy.

  2. x says:

    Not sure about Malaysia; but cab drivers have the right to refuse to take you to places that they don’t want to go to.

  3. Maguro says:

    totally understand how u feel!!! we din owe them a thing y they hv to treat us customer liddat!!! unless we gv them black face or being rude 1st lar T____T

  4. Yuen Ling (Hayley) says:

    I just dont get it. We are paying them, we are the customers and why we have to accept rejection from them? Currently, I’m studying in Melbourne and remember how shocked when I first came here.Everyone who see me and the First thing to say : How are you? and keep saying thank you and have a good day after paying the money with a bright smile on their face. Alright, they dont give a shit to know whether I’m having good or bad day but at least it’s a polite manner ! I’m totally understand how you feel !! Sometimes, I’m wondering what the main purpose of educating us with moral subject in school?

  5. Cheesie says:

    Wow, which country are you from?

  6. Fany says:

    Well, that happens sometimes in Singapore too despite SG being so small -_- Sometimes, instead of refusing you, they bring you go rounds and rounds wasting your time. If you are with a luggage, that’s even worst. They would just pretend they never see you flagging….

  7. susy says:

    hey cheesie! i actually just got back from a trip to malaysia and singapore and i didnt really like using the taxis there AT ALL (especially in malaysia) unless we got one from the hotel (me and my bf stayed at the shang gri la) … most of the taxis tried to rip us off even when we wanted to go KLCC!!, wouldnt take us to places that seemed to close for them and alooottt of them didnt even use a meter.nnI live in sydney Australia so its fairly different but taxi drivers here sometimes do unfortunately reject you if they think the journey is too short.

  8. Cyn'd says:

    I had the same experience in Bangkok too! We requested to go to Platinum mall around 3pm that day and 7-8 taxis rejected us! The reason given : Too jam. wtf! And we ended up walking under the hot sun for 3 hours attempting to walk over instead.. but we failed! FOL

  9. Anonymous says:

    Here too it’s legal to refuse service for whatever reason (often the journey is too long/not in the area they operate).nnWorst taxi experience I’ve had was a driver (Paid in advance for the journey with an online booking) refusing to finish travelling to the destination as he decided it was too busy, swearing profanities at myself and my friend and then telling us to get out and carry all our luggage to the destination (still miles away) without a refund.nnWhile in the taxi I refused to get out and called his dispatch office and he then LOCKED US IN the taxi and started threatening us while stopped in the middle of the road. I took photographs of him, his details, number plate etc and said if he didn’t let us out I’d call the police. So we were stuck in the middle of nowhere with too much luggage to carry thanks to this guy!

  10. angie says:

    I stay in PJ now, that time me and my friends just want to go for a very near mall which was 1utama and we was rejected by 3 taxi driver =___= some more got 1 taxi driver just run away before i closed the door… I like WTH … Malaysia Taxi drivers really ZZZZZzzzz

  11. ee says:

    You accumulated your anger and throw on one. you had a bad day before and threw temper on a wrong person before. same goes to the taxi driver. be reasonable.

  12. ericsoong says:

    happens all the time!!! better plan to move to japan soon and host me when i visit! =D ni’ve had my fair share of taxi horrors, but not so bad for me la cuz im a guy….

  13. Mich says:

    I totally agre they shouldn’t reject! It’s their duty. Ugh I hate it too. Especially that dude he looks like some Indian Paria/Palia so gangster. Sigh.. We Malaysian can only hope for the best and pray for a change ):

  14. Kelly says:

    Ever since I started using myteksi app, I have but encountered any problems with taxi drivers. Keep this app for the rare times you need a taxi. It’s also must safer because you erik have the driver’s name and phone number sent to you.

  15. Ying Bin says:

    I feel u. Used to slam the taxi door when a taxi driver refused to use the meter. n

  16. Celyx Lim says:

    I agree entirely, Cheesie. And you were really brave to say ‘I will report you’. Most Malaysians dont have the guts to fight back, rarely. That is probably why that stupid taxi driver was so aggressive because he never met ppl who talk like that to him before. I met one even worse, the taxi driver used all sorts of profanities on me and warned me that he’ll bang my car. Just because I overtake his cab on the lane. Frankly, I do believe that Malaysian taxi drivers sucks BUT not all of them suck balls. I’m not going to stereotype although I’ve face similar accounts several times. You should report him, Cheesie. Malaysian citizens, well at least I, will support your report. And don’t devastate yourself because of faggots like them. Oh btw, the picture of the Ichigo Strawberry you took looks so damn delicious T^T

  17. Rila says:

    I use taxi all the time to travel. taxi in certain area refuse to use the meter. I always feel like im bullied by taxi drivers as they over charge me ridiculously. eg: with meter it will cost me around rm25. they will charge me at least rm35 or even up to rm 50 during peak hours. wanted to report them many times but seems like its pointless and nothing will be donen

  18. carmen says:

    there was once i told the taxi driver my destination, he didnt refuse at first so i go into the taxi. the stupid driver refused after i sat in the taxe and didnt really stop for me to get down, so i slam his door with my angry strength even his car shook when i got down DX

  19. Simon Seow says:

    Yeah. In Hong Kong too the taxi driver will not refuse to take a customer once they stop for the customer. They can be charge to court with refusing to take a customer.

  20. kelly says:

    totally understand !!!! i had the same experience too…..i was really really mad at some of the taxi drivers there in malaysia…

  21. Cheesie says:

    How is warning the cab driver “i will report you” in a calm manner when he clearly violated the rule “unreasonable”? I beg for your enlightenment.

  22. mega says:

    that happen to me in Singapore also! I also ever experience a cab driver who doesn’t help me to put my luggage inside his cab wtf right. He just stop and stay still inside the cab waiting me to put my luggage BY MYSELF and even when I get inside the car he calmingly just asking where I wanna go without feeling any guilty towards me wtf!!

  23. nana says:

    I’m from Portugal and i’m just like ‘take me to X or Y, please’ and they just tend to chose the fastest way to get there (avoiding traffic or avenues with lots of traffic lights), they never ever refuse a passenger!n I think you only have to ‘book’ a cab when it’s a long destination, like going from one distant city to another. And they are usually really nice and chat a lot with the passengers (portuguese style lol) nI live in Braga tho, because in Lisbon, the capital, taxi drivers tend to be less nice.. nProbably taxi drivers from big cities all over the world just get tired from driving all day long on such conditions (hot weather, traffic..) i don’t know. Of course Japan is always the marvelous exception.

  24. Anon says:

    So what you expect to happen, threaten to report to get things done your way? Put yourself in the taxi drivers shoes, enough said.

  25. Cheesie says:

    Wow. Thanks for the advice. I hope you get to live in their shoes in your next life so you have ample time to empathize and know how it actually feels like. Have fun.

  26. paperkitties says:

    I really couldn’t agree more! Which is why I wld rather stay at home and not go anywhere else than to take a taxi in Malaysia if I do not have my private transport. Taxi drivers these days can’t be trusted; they either overcharged or robbed or worse, raped their customers. Shitty taxi system we have here.

  27. Kris says:

    This is common in Singapore too. Even better, totally ignoring your flagging even when the cabs are not fetching anyone atm. That was 3am in the morning and I desperately WANT to get home! I waited for like an hour plus -_-

  28. doodleshann says:

    This is so true… In most other countries, cabs are not allowed to refuse a passenger and I don’t know why in Malaysia is otherwise. Transporting people to their desired destination is their job, and thus malaysia’s transportations ranks low.. You have done no wrong. You are not being unreasonable… I would have done the same if I was you. You had all the rights to report a taxi driver. That’s what we, all Malaysians should do. In fact, you were very nice not reporting the first few drivers!

  29. Erica says:

    Normally I don’t comment but I wanted to tell you that I think I got that exact same cab driver as you! (the really old Japanese guy lol) he was so sweet and helpful! I felt very very bad that he had to carry all of our luggages (we are a family of 4), and I think my dad did tip him in the end 😛 I admire Japanese manners very much…some people in America are just so rude.

  30. Haruta says:

    Nyehhhh.. this people is bullshit. How come he did not want take you to Klcc? What a shame! Seriously, if many cab drivers doing this, blurghhhh. Dafuq.nIts really a shame things ever!!

  31. mizu says:

    i agree la cheesie with all the taxis in Malaysia..even the survey in a web(not sure the url) said that malaysia got the worst taxi driver ever in the world…:(nnme n my friend also got terrible esp with taxis becoz it’s the only way for us to go to town here..they changed freaking expensive. once my friend called a taxi and the driver said that she will arrive soon but they wait about 30 mins and called again, the taxis driver still said she’s on the way, they got fed up and took another taxi instead. then the the previous taxi driver called about 30 mins later that she arrived.becoz my friends took another taxi instead, she threatened my friends to haunt them if they do not pay to her for her expense to make her own way up to our place. it’s super scary and one of my most scared friend decide to top up the taxis driver phone..TT

  32. luvjan says:

    So sorry that u have to go thru that..

  33. Cheesie says:

    Haha i don’t think they are the same though, because MOST of them are like that (and very old T_T)! I encounter not only one but like maaaannnnnnny and everytime i felt like secretly tipping them but v sked they reject me T__T

  34. Zingwen says:

    I agree with you. Even I am a Malaysian I also afraid to take the taxi in our own country.

  35. Anonymous says:

    that is basically malaysia’s courtesy. you should know by know, people rip people off as long as they think they have the power to do so.

  36. Nicole says:

    When I haven’t bought my car, I relied on taxis a lot. Since it’s very hard to get a good taxi driver in KL, when I managed to find one, I took down his number and I will only call him if I needed to go anywhere. Although I have to pay him extra, it was all worth it. At least he’s trustworthy and willing to come all the way to fetch me and take me to where I wanted to go. You should do the same. 🙂

  37. Cat says:

    Um, if a cab driver doesn’t want to DRIVE somewhere for money..I think he’s in the wrong profession. I don’t know about the meters in Malaysia but the longer we sit in traffic here in a cab, the more money accumulates. Some people!

  38. Sam says:

    Like passengers choosing drivers, in Australia, the drivers can refuse to take any passengers if they choose to too!

  39. Lucy says:

    Well…I can’t really comment on Malaysian taxi drivers or Malaysian consumer law because I’ve never been there. But I guess it has to depend on how taxi drivers get payed. Some countries, taxi drivers are like public servants and get payed hourly, so it doesn’t matter how long it takes for them to take a passenger somewhere. I live in Sydney, and the taxis kind of do the ‘time + distance’ thing. The more time, the better, because it’s like 5 cents/ second. And then distance adds extra. I know countries like Hong Kong where you only get payed a certain amount within a certain distance, so less time more passengers are good.nYou had a hard day Chessie.nCheer up ^_^

  40. hitomineko says:

    well being in the US, i guess i haven’t take taxi forever. But i can understand your anger. Esp I don’t know why the previous taxi’s decide to skip u and take the other customers.. @_@.. how lame. nnbut yea sounds kind of scary, maybe next time just take train ~~~ sounds safer. nnxo

  41. Mel says:

    Wow that’s scary and agreed he sounds like a bully! And while I love reading your story and totally appreciate u sharing this! Aren’t u afraid he’ll find out who u are? If not before, now yes confirm with photos ? :p take care~ wish u better taxi luck

  42. Manzy says:

    thats why i have relatives to take me and my family around bwahahahahah

  43. joeyk2512 says:

    Nowadays, people don’t bother about “customer service”. I don’t take taxi as it is dangerous but I can relate to something like this. Like going to eat in a restaurant, they give some kind of face while asking us what food should we order and giving shitty services. It’s like WE should be afraid of them while receiving services. If u’re not happy treating customer then don’t work better lah! Idk why, ppl’s manner are degrading as time goes by!

  44. guki says:

    The utter rejection from taxi drivers. Been there and …..usually they oso see face one. Sigh the ones at Tesco Damansara Mutiara one oso very bad =_= charge so expensive when I carry so many things and I just leave up the seriously kenot run meter one arh. Sien lei kenot turn on meter? 🙁 so in the end i just had to carry all the groceries and walk up the hill……..

  45. nicole says:

    That is so stupid. So if you are a blogger advertising your services to write an advertorial, should a client come over to you and say You MUST write my advertorial. It’s your job.nFor goodness sake. He’s a human too and he has the right to refuse you. How can you blatantly expect a person to be your slave and do whatever you ask when he does not owe you shit.nJust because you have money, doesnt mean someone has to serve you. Pls dont think u are so entitled. nFor all u know, the fare you pay can barely cover up for the time lost during the jam sending u there.

  46. riri says:

    I know, right? nnThey seem to forget IT IS THEIR JOB.nNot as if we’re not going to pay them for their services!nnOh well, not just taxi drivers.. even those salespersons at brand names. They need to get the damn idea that THEY ARE WORKERS. nnmy love for Japan.. knows no boundaries. 🙂 because almost (at least 90% of those I met) everyone is just amazingly polite there, as opposed to only 9% in SG.

  47. M says:

    I can’t imagine a taxi refusing to take you to your destination because of traffic – its like a gold mine for them! I think taxis have the right to refuse service though :/ (in the UK)nnCheesie do you think you’ll move to Japan in the future?

  48. jam says:

    how old is your danna

  49. murderface says:

    Wtf! So rude, and inconvenient! Is the meter not running when you sit in traffic? Then what’s his problem? And is he aware that the 5 minutes he spent chasing you, he didn’t make money either? Who dares take that taxi now? Glad you’re safe, and you are in the right to post his photo!nnBtw even cab drivers in china are not this rude In Suzhou, can drivers will even offer to go to other side of city, even if you yourself feel it’s too far… Because more distance = MONEY.

  50. TheAgapeVox says:

    I’ve waited long & hard for someone to talk about this. I SELDOM take cab & I only use it when I need to be somewhere in a hurry & whenever that happens,I’d be asking at least 5 taxis to get me to my destination (damn) and that too I’ve to ‘beg’ & add money to my fare. In Japan every taxi guy is so nice,they even offer me to get another taxi man if I coincidentally got a guy who’s on his way of offduty..

  51. yansan says:

    Go and report all the taxi drivers la. Btw when are you migrating to Japan, I mean what are you waiting for? If Japan makes you happy then you should move there. Why stay in Malaysia right?

  52. Dylla Fadzil says:

    Sigh Malaysian. Lucky me, I dont do cabbing. nnBut I really hate some SAa in malaysia. nMy friend is getting married soon, so i always teman her to look for her wedding ring. Just because we’re kinda selekeh (from college and straight away to jewelries), the SAs gave us do-you-think-you-can-afford-diamond face. FHL!nnI was like hellloooooo, we’re buying! nnSO STUPID LA THE SA.

  53. Angel says:

    this happen every now and then where i live (a surburban part of New York). To avoid it, I just call a cab in advance. Idk if you can do that in Malaysia or Singapore. n

  54. Amani says:

    That’s how NY cabbies used to be before they expanded the service into Brooklyn. Rarely you’d get someone who’d be willing to go into Brooklyn, or even know how to get to most of the more populated places in Brooklyn. They’d drop you off near the bridge or something like that. But you were always able to report them if you wanted to. Forget all that mess, they can try and curse and threaten you all you want but that’s obviously not gonna help them when you tell their head how they were acting.

  55. fellow malaysian says:

    while i personally think it is acceptable for him to decline, especially since you said it he didn’t decline rudely.. it was NOT acceptable for him to come shouting at you after that.. for that, you should report him!

  56. K says:

    I think this was just an instance where both the taxi man and you were having a bad day and you both set each other off.nnI live a part of the US that doesn’t have a lot of taxis but most have the right to refuse if the destination is too far. And if there is a traffic jam, much better for them – they still charge you (a bit less) for each minute wasted in traffic. Most taxi drivers are hard working and brave (so many cases where they could be killed or mugged) but you always do get some bad apples. :[nnCheesie, I don’t get it. If you don’t like Malaysia, why not move to Japan permanently since you have a great career there??

  57. j says:

    How rude.. here, taxi drivers are only allowed to refuse you if the place you want to go is dangerous or if you are abusive/obnoxious (like on drugs and seem violent or refuse to put out your cigarette).

  58. Cheesie says:

    Nicole, i sincerely wish that you and your family will get ONLY nice cab drivers for the rest of your lives. I pray that for you.

  59. Candy Wu says:

    I never had bad cab experience in tw… Which I deemed could be similar to Japan. But bad exp of cab drivers in singapore.. Almost 90% of the time.. Seriously don’t uds why we have to ask them if going to the destination we want is ok…. ?? Like wth haiz v disappointed with service in sg msia

  60. xylmn says:

    You said you have a biggerer heart or want a biggerer heart? Also the taxi driver who got really mad lost his cool like you because he wanst rude when he declined you and you took out your phone to snap a pic. I don’t blame you after being rejected 3x but see the cause and effect. Also your danna why is he using your car , he should’ve let you use it cos you own it and probably knows you don’t like taking cabs. Cos he is Japanese can’t speak Malaysian and driving around will help him to get less likely lost? Pshhh.

  61. xylmn says:

    Nice intro for an advert by the way.

  62. yowiko says:

    Cheesie, I’m Indonesian and yes, sometimes we do have to ask if the cab drivers want to take us to where we wanna go. Is this retarded or what -___- nnAnd while it’s true that in Japan you can’t refuse passengers, I’ve been rejected by lotsa taxi drivers in Osaka just because the fare is only ‘one meter’ away. nOnce, a driver refused to take me and my friends (one of them is super drunk and could barely walk, so we had to cab). The destination was super close (like JPY 1300ish), and he refused saying he’s ‘booked’. The worse thing is after he refused, he kept driving around in that area, refusing other people too..WTF

  63. Kharnyee says:

    This is Malaysia. Feel so sad to have this kind of citizen in the country, shame on them. I encountered this kind of bad service when I was in post office too, it supposed to be my turn but the officer didnt press the next button and an aunt cut the queue. I asked the officer why didn’t call the next person, he just gave me an annoying face. I said thank to him but he still gave me a black face wtf. Not our wrong but we have to endure this kind of shit! nService is very important no matter in what industry. W/o consumer, they’re just jobless. Cab drivers should not refuse anyone because of they don’t like to be stuck in jam, it’s their job! nYour post make me love Japan even more, their cab drivers so nice one!!

  64. Cheesie says:

    Thanks for the compliment!! 😀

  65. Cheesie says:

    Oh hello you! Why are you back here? Aren’t you supposed to not read my blog anymore? 😀

  66. Jess says:

    Lack of regulation and courtesy back home in Malaysia irks all of us. But, as much as it was frustrating for you at that time, perhaps you handled the situation a little too harshly. After all you did mention that the taxi driver gave his reasons and wasn’t rude at all. He is probably just trying to earn a living and I can imagine how taken aback he was facing a sudden outburst from a potential customer. You said it calmly but “I am going to report you” was a threat. Unless of course, you left room to renegotiate, then I beg your pardon. Obviously, I am not saying his reaction was right at all. This is perhaps something to consider for your own safety in the future regardless of principle. nnPs. LRT is wayyy faster to get to KLCC. I have my own car back home but I usually leave it near a station and take the LRT to KLCC. nnJust my two cents! Better luck next time.

  67. fel says:

    i feel you. one time a cab scolded two foreigners who obviously he tried to rip them off at KL Sentral, while I tried to tell them to go to a coupon cab. My friend was pulling me back afraid that the cabbie is going to drag me into the heated conversation. nni usually just shrug, and go on the cab that wants to take me. if there’s no jam, wouldn’t be kl right. lol. nnscary experience for me at night, cabbie was kinda crazy, unprofessional, pants rolled up, and looks drunk, i tried to tell him my usual route, he wanted go to a lonely dark neighborhood, when i insisted he took the main road, he scolded me, like I’m at fault. I’m just trying to be safe, anyways, i didn’t even let him drive up to my apartment just by the guard house, got out and complained him to the the toll line.

  68. Courtney says:

    I don’t think taxi drivers in Canada EVER refuse. I’ve been in a taxi full of drunk people (like, 10 people in one car), and the driver still takes people everywhere — McDonald’s drive-thru, random towns, driving nowhere, as long as they pay! I can’t even imagine someone being as crazy as he was — and good for you for “threatening” to report him. I’m a big fan of the faux-threat….snap a photo and threaten to report, but I’ve never had someone flip out like THAT……wow. Be careful!!

  69. Tiffany says:

    Argh I completely understand how you feel. In Hong Kong it’s the same, the taxi driver is not allowed to refuse a customer but when they do we just let it be – like you said. But it applies to everything these days especially the service industry and I get so pissed off by their attitude. Everyone is so rude when you were so polite initially – nobody’s doing their job correctly these days.

  70. Celine says:

    Such thing only happen in KL. I never had bad experience in experience other states.

  71. sarah says:

    I have never commented on any of your post but this time i have to 😉 because i really admire your bravery!! well done! I will do the same the next time when a taxi driver reject to drive me! And i definitely think you should report since you have the photos. nIt doesn’t matter if the so called ‘ authority’ is going to do something to the taxi driver but at least you have tried. It’s so wrong for him to get so agitated and shout at you.nnand to “Anon” who commented on ” So what you expect to happen, threaten to report to get things done your way? Put yourself in the taxi drivers shoes, enough said” nSHAME ON YOU!!!

  72. K. says:

    Hey Cheesie :), I like Malaysia but the cabs are really horrifying… :(nI’m from Indonesia btw..nI visit KL last year… and I had bad experiences with taxi..neither they charge me with high price (which doesn’t make any sense)… or they reject me the way they rejected you..

  73. turtles says:

    I’m a msian and have encountered similar situation where the taxi driver refuses to take me or them trying to rip me off but you can easily avoid it by using LRT/Monorail. There’s also places like in KL sentral where you can pay tix first before taking taxi. I thought that he’s not to blame either, going through peak hour in the middle of KL is just a hassle and he did suggested you to use LRT which is faster and cheaper. I don’t see why you have to say you need to report him unless you’re already in the taxi with him and he’s trying to cheat you.

  74. Cheesie says:

    The LRT station was like a 45 minutes walk a way from where I was.

  75. ai says:

    true, it is the Jap taxi driver’s job but I think he still deserves a right to get rewarded? It is just that I can’t think of any other ways to show the appreciation towards his service..

  76. NatashaTing says:

    Exactly. We have forced silent ourselves for too long. Some people are not even aware that we have the consumer right to ourselves. In my hometown, there aren’t as many cabs as here in KL. We took buses if our destinations are more than walking distance. But buses do not come. Sometimes they are half or an hour late, sometimes they pass by – pass by! at full speed! But no one ever complained about that. They just lived with it.

  77. janice says:

    nicole: you are crazy.

  78. NatashaTing says:

    I don’t think being furious and throw anger at customers, even if the customer was not satisfied by the service, is included in the professionalism of drivers,

  79. Anonymous says:

    is that tropicana city mall? XDnni don’t mind with the way they don’t know the road or reject me because i using taxi for short distance. Malaysian Taxi is the worst, i wanted to go klcc from jalan tun razak. Usually cost me only rm 4, got taxi charge me rm 10 and refused to take meter ( he tell me when we already go through half way, so clever and makes me cannot refused since i already using his taxi)…My country taxi never ever bargain and we need use meter. (sorry for my bad englist :O )nn

  80. Cheesie says:

    Hi Eunice, i deleted your comment because you are very rude and your English is very bad it pains my eyes. 🙂

  81. Alice Kamiya says:

    I know your feels.. I don’t take cabs, but I experienced a lot of situations which ends like this. x_x

  82. nt says:

    i’ve always had several sg taxi drivers who rejected hauling my luggage into the cab when i wanted to fly back to my hometown. all they do is just sit still and gave me the death glare from inside. what’s more, some even pretended that they didn’t see me flagging down just because i am in my uniform or because im still a teenage girl.

  83. 3yin says:

    Yea cab drivers in malaysia are the worst! I do not think what you did was wrong, in fact, everyone should start to do that. My husband is a british and he had encountered the worst cab drivers ever, even asked him to get out of the cab halfway through the journey. Its because no one made any noise about it that their manners get worse. Someone should teach them a lesson.

  84. Marie Maklo says:

    Wow, so rude! I would have been really scared by that taxi driver.nYour My Mademoiselle coordinate is gorgeous! ^_^

  85. Lisaurus says:

    It’s not really about anger management. We’re living in a world where being nice won’t get us anywhere. And people who are bullies know well of it that there are people who don’t dare to fight back even though they have EVERY right. That taxi driver might feel that he also had the right to defend himself but if every taxi drivers have their so-called right to refuse customers’ demands might as well don’t do the job lah.

  86. steff says:

    nothing new… philippine taxis are also like this -_- and sometimes they trick you they say that… it’s very traffic there so add like 50php but its not… cause i always go there.. taxi these days

  87. WP says:

    That lilac gown is seriously BEAUTIFUL!! And yeah, Malaysians are super rude. *sigh*

  88. jasmine says:

    ohayyyy! i have to agree with this post!! the taxi system here in msia are -_- especially when i asked the taxi driver to send me somewhere nearby, not that near actually immediately requested for rm20!! i was like , eh not on meter?! he said no and i slammed the door! annoyed much :/

  89. SingeByDesign says:

    It’s not only in your country that there are taxi drivers who can be so unreasonable, let alone immature and rude. These things also happens in Manila. Worse is when its rainy season and you try to hail a cab, its either they demand for an extra pay or they just ignore you, using the alibi that the traffic is just too much or whatever. In as much as we try to understand that its tough on them to be able to meet the ‘boundary’ or the daily quota that they need to earn for a day, its not right that they try to extort money from others or worse, be rude and picky. Good thing that there are now taxi companies which you can call their office and they will send a cab to your destination to pick you up and bring you where you want to. The pay is a bit higher but the trip is safe and the drivers are very polite.

  90. Cheesie says:

    Sha: and you are deleted! 😀 😀 😀

  91. Sherry tsao says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more! Me and my family moved to New Zealand a few years ago and I really don’t have the vibe to go back to Malaysia, because I feel like my own country is getting more and more corrupted. The government, the workers, the safety, almost everything 🙁 In New Zealand, there’s almost no crime at all, even in the news, all we hear are small happenings or political stuff, nothing much. People here are friendlier, and willing to help, everyone trusts each other, and I can leave my laptop in the library for like 2 hours and come back with everything still in place. That’s how much difference it is!

  92. afif shafie says:

    For a better malaysia and malaysian..SMILE and be MORE POLITE!! 😀

  93. C says:

    In singapore, if you want to pay for cab fares with your credit/debit card, you’d have to ask if the cab’s machine is working before getting on the cab. most of the time cabbies lie and say “not working” just because they have to wait 3 days for the money. one time I forgot to mention it before getting on and the cabbie insisted that I take money from a ATM nearby even though it’s already past midnight, I’m a girl and alone!

  94. Toms says:

    I think this is a bit too exaggerated. nI feel bad that the cab drivers rejected you. I have been in similar situations far too often. Here in New York, cab drivers are not allowed to do that too.nBut those drivers, esp from the East, earn a measly sum, and live on a day to day basis. So I kind of defend their actions too. I would start getting uneasy if I am not making enough and have family and children to feed. nMy point is as much I understand you, I think it is necessary to look at it from their point of view as well. But again, the way the guy reacted was totally uncalled for.

  95. Anonymous says:

    I experienced in Subang also, a taxi driver want to charge me RM20 for a very short distant, I refuse to pay for it, try to take another taxi, but that taxi driver ask their gang of drivers not to take me, because I don’t want pay for it, and all of them looked and laught at me, because noone want to take me. Luckily, suddenly have one taxi passed by, and I quickly stop it, and this taxi followed meter and I took it to my place. It cost less than RM10…

  96. Lee says:

    Well, for the sake of our wellbeing, best to keep cool and a sense of humor at all times otherwise we will all be upset all the time. Look at the bright side – you got a story to tell out of it. Anyway, just my opinion – it is good that you stood up for customer rights. But next time, just report the taxi but don’t tell him. Also, you can use an app for myteksi ( You use your smart phone or SMS to order a cab. Very good reviews and I tried it last week with good results. nAnyway, I too have used a cab in Japan – but only once. It was from Narita to Chiyoda-ku back in 1998. It cost US$200! But the taxi driver was nice I liked that he wore white gloves – classy touch.n

  97. Lovejam says:

    I thought we had it bad in Singapore, but I really empathise with you with the bad experiences with taxi drivers in M’sia

  98. Adaepyo says:

    I was also rejected by a few taxi drivers while I was on my holiday in Spore. The reason was because they don’t know the location of the place I’m going. I felt really pissed off at that time. It’s kinda rude. I never get any rejection from taxi drivers in my country even If they dont know the place they’ll ask people around.

  99. Froggy says:

    well,this is what we always seen in Malaysia.Rude person and really shit!! nActually not going to say Japan is best but BETTER than MalaysiaX100..>< Feel very bad you got rejected by them and I really can feel your madness…o.O ADUH…nnDon’t try to report them,just useless….sign…nnCheer up Cheesie and faster move to Japan! (Jyoudan)nn

  100. Froggy says:

    well,this is what we always seen in Malaysia.Rude person and really shit!! nActually not going to say Japan is best but BETTER than MalaysiaX100..>< Feel very bad you got rejected by them and I really can feel your madness…o.O ADUH…nnDon’t try to report them,just useless….sign…nnCheer up Cheesie and faster move to Japan! (Jyoudan)nn

  101. rach says:

    As far as I know, same with Singapore and Australia. Taxi drivers can reject you and it’s not big deal I think

  102. Jay says:

    Hi Cheesie, you have regained my respect in this post. I salute for your bravery to confront people who are doing no good to society and for creating awareness about it through your blog. I am so please to read that you have even reasoned why it is unacceptable and the need to take action for it to change. Kudos to you for being brave. I have done things like that and always feel some post traumatic shock after, and sometimes paranoid that the person would come back to haunt me, but I rather stand up for what’s right than keep silent but not benefiting society and only myself. If more people take a stand, the bullies will be less brave.

  103. Nazihah Ismail says:

    I have encountered one like that also. nnThis is why I refuse to take public transport even if people say I’m picky or banyak songeh because I just don’t feel safe. nnIf I have someone with me than only it is okay to take public transport.

  104. Anonymous says:

    I can’t agree you more on this post. I am a Malaysian who lives in Singapore. The taxis here are so much better than Malaysia’s. At least the drivers here do not overcharge passengers, they do not reject passengers as well unlike M’sia! Hope one day the taxi scene in Msia will change.

  105. Yue says:

    I teared reading this post especially the end part (I usually don’t even though I have been reading your appreciation posts about Japan). I can totally related to your situation! I don’t usually cab but as a student who heavily relies on public transport, I have to say that no only cab drivers are rude, some passengers in lrt and buses have attitude problem as well. They ruined my morning everyday with all their inconsiderations (like blocking the doors when the people inside wants to go out, leans on the pole etc) I think generally Malaysians need to be more civilised and have appropriate manners.. T_T

  106. Amanda Goh says:

    It’s true that the cab drivers here are practically all assholes. Me and my friends only wanted to go to a destination which only takes 5minutes drive but the taxi driver kena us at RM15. And most of them are perverts lah seriously.

  107. Anonymous says:

    honestly this happens so often to sg i dont even think much of it anymore :/ like they r allowed to do this? so the report you thing doesnt even work. of course saying that… it doesnt make it right. what im just saying is its really no big deal, happens in alot of countries (hk/msia/sg/bkk/taiwan) been to these few countries before and experienced all these too.

  108. jim says:

    You over-reacted and provoked him by snapping you camera away, if you hadn’t done that, he would just have drove off without any incident. Yes he over-reacted on his part too, but you started it. Try not to be too much of a bitch sometimes ok?

  109. Cheesie says:

    Oh yea, you know everything now huh smart ass? Let’s hope you sail through live smoothly now without ever meeting my cab driver accidentally ok? 🙂

  110. Elaine says:

    Totally agree with you here, just came back to Ireland from Malaysia last week, and I got to say people are so rude and have no manners over there especially in the restaurants, you asked them for a fork and they literally threw it on your table. And the shop assistants are no better. Do they not know the saying customers are always right!

  111. Anonymous says:

    good luck with that attitude of yours, I’ve seen girls like you so many times, they don’t go far in life, remember this, you are cursed, enjoy your life.

  112. Anonymous says:

    Poor girl you, i hope the taxi driver find you or your blog, i pray you will meet him again, amen.

  113. Cass says:

    Being in Japan is something like a soul searching experience for me and I totally understand everything that you wrote here. When I am in Japan, the standard of hospitality and mentality in general are just so different. I feel really disappointed that the people here give excuses after excuses why they cannot be polite. Maybe they think being polite means other people stepping on their heads?nnI no longer bother with rude people in Malaysia because I know whenever I go to Japan, that sense of peace that I have for 1 week can fuel me and get me going for 1 year. I’m sure you understand the difference between that one ambiance, that sense of belonging you get when you go to Japan. nnAll the best to you and screw rude drivers. Screw rude cashiers too.

  114. Cheesie says:

    ” that sense of peace that I have for 1 week can fuel me and get me going for 1 year.”rnrnTouche. Thank you.

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