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May 20, 2013 in Commercial Break

I’m not a coffee drinker as the caffein makes me dizzy, but i’ve heard how caffein has become very popular ingredient in skin care over the years, in face creams, body scrubs, and fragrances.

The latest Origins GinZing Energy-boosting moisturizer contains caffein as one of its major ingredient.


If you are familiar with Origins, you will know that it is a all-natural skin care brand which products are formulated with certified organic ingredients and 100% natural essential oils, at the same time commits to protecting the environment and also encourages recycling.

Went to Origins at Mid Valley Gardens, i was quite surprised to see such a natural-themed skin care brand to have lots of happy and fun colors!

Very festive!

I was introduced to many different products besides the usual skin care, and some are really interesting, like the “Peace of Mind”, which is an on-the-spot relief that has an intense aroma that takes away your tension and muscle tightness in an instant. I bought it for the danna as a stress reliever lol.

I also bought a lip balm, although a little pricey but it really moisturizes super chapped lips with just one application!

They also have a recycle bin for cosmetic empties, so you can bring your used bottles and tubs here for recycling, and contribute your part to the environment. ^^


And the hero!


All the packagings are also made from recycled or recyclable materials.

If you are naturalist and wants the purest goodness for your skin and at the same time feel good knowing that you are doing a part in protecting the environment, Origins is the perfect brand for you!

I was testing out the new GinZing Energy-boosting moisturizer , featuring Panax Ginseng and Caffeine derived from coffee beans.

If you are tired of tired-looking skin, this moisturizer “wakes up” tired, dull skin and jumpstarts skin hydration level to create a healthy, vibrant glow.

Despite the two ingredients that carry a strong scent, i was very very surprised that it doesn’t smell like either one of them. It has a citrus, orangy scent!

What surprises me even more is the unique gel formula that is completely oil-free and super light weight. It feels almost like water, since it is aqua-based, once it touches your skin it immediately liquifies and get absorbed.

Other than that, it also gives a cooling sensation that is supposed to help awaken the senses.

The other ingredients in this moisturizer is Olive, Wheat abd Barley, which build a dewey barrier by replenishing moisture reserves.

It also contains several essential oils. Grapefruit Oil (oh now i know where the citrus scent comes from!!), which uplifting aroma provides clinically proven anti-irritancy benefits.

Spearmint Oil is known to encourage energy and Lemon Oil will help dispel mental fatigue and increase concentration and awareness.

It sounds like this is not just a normal moisturizer for the skin but it also is an instant mood-lifter with its aroma.

I’d recommend it as a morning cream, where it refreshes you to a wide-awake skin!

And for something that is 100% natural and organic, you’d be surprised at its affordable price: RM100 for a 50ml jar.

It will be available at all Origins Retail Stores ad department stores.


Now it is giveaway time!!

I will pick 5 lucky winners, if you just share with me a little bit of you!!

Just tell me:

1. What do you think of this GinZing moisturizer and why do you think you’d like it?

2. What is your personal pick-me-up quirks with natural ingredients?? (Mine is lemon, because i looooove sour and it awakes even a hibernating polar bear hahaha)

Please remember to leave your email, so i can pick and contact 5 of you with the best answer!

46 responses to “Pick your skin up”

  1. heh says:

    ummm i know I’d like it because its ORIGINS DUHH! Okay, I’m kidding. Even though I’ve never tried any Origins products, but I loooove reading reviews for this kind of stuff, and I’ve noticed Origins generally gets a pretty good rep amongst beauty bloggers. Some of my favorite youtube gurus who use (and love) the Mushroom moisturizer, so I trust that the Ginzing moisturizer will deliver just as well. nnPersonally, I love when natural skincare products have that very strong, herbally, medicine-y smell. The stronger and the worse it smells, the better. I don’t know if its true but to me that smells means its definitely natural and everyone knows that the stronger the smell, the better it works.

  2. FiSh says:

    1. GinZing moisturizer sounds stinky at the first place, but after reading your review, I’m sure I’ll definitely like it because of the light lotion texture, fruity scent and convenience of use! Just put a dot onthe face at anytime anywhere :Dn2. I love natural ingredients! In fact, I am a loyal user of Origins cleanser, but my favourite natural ingredient is Chamomile! I’d call it a type of miracle herb because it heals skin naturally with its anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory properties. The light herbal flavour is very comforting and soothing to the skin. The best thing is that it works well on my serious eyebags to reduce swelling 😀 nnEmail: ohfishie@gmail.comnBlog: http://www.ohfishiee.blogspot.com

  3. Neko says:

    Hmm… giveaway… OK I’m in! SO, to answer your question I think I might like it because of 1. the aroma properties, which is an awesome bonus for my tiresome mornings 2. The way you described your skin absorbing the moisturizer makes me want to try it, I mean, I’ve been looking for something like this in ages! 3. For some reason a recycle bin for empty cosmetics in a cosmetics store makes me happy, so their products have to be good right? LOL. nnAs for my personal natural pick-me-ups, I’d have oatmeal. *Inserts awkward silence* OK… so its breakfast, but who cares? It’s my current favorite orz. I have it every morning, as breakfast. And yeah that thing is one terrific natural skin moisturizing mask.

  4. Angela says:

    1. I’ve never use this moisturizer before, but i think it’s great. Who doesn’t want to look fresh & wide awake in the morning. My complexion is fair, unfortunately it’s also pale. No rosy cheeks for me 🙁 I think this moisturizer can really take the tiredness look away 🙂 nn2. I like anything that’s citrus. Be it orange, lemon or grapefruit. It has that refreshing scent that I really love. nnI just started working not very long ago. It also means paying for my own expenses & skin care (no more sponsor from daddy) 🙁 Buying skin care can really burn a hole in my fresh-grad wallet. I hope I can win this product 🙂

  5. kingsley90 says:

    High five! I feel dizzy too after drinking coffee…

  6. Lynn says:

    Can’t stand coffee too, so unfortunately, can’t join the Hipsters Tribe hahaha.nn1. I’ve only used one item from Origins before, the Super Soft Spot Remover, and I’ve to say, it’s impressive. This puts the brand on a very high bench mark for me, and for skin like mine, I desperately need a moisturiser that would work. After 20+ years of having embarrassing scaly skin that flakes even in public, I’m always ready to seek for something that might help, even if not cure. And anything that smells like citrus, I mean, c’mon. Who doesn’t like it. :)nnMine is the opposite of yours hahaha HONEY! I use just pure honey as a facial wash sometimes, it’s like magic. Helps my very sensitive and super mega extremely very dehydrated skin. :)nn

  7. Vanouschka says:

    Simple, I like Ginzing because the ingredient, my mom makes me drink ginzeng when I’m sick and I will feel better, I think it does the same for my skin :D!nnNatural skincare products are less itchy on my skin, because it’s so sensitve and I always think what can be eaten: can be used on your skin (like pure chocolat or banana!) Furthermore I like skincare products with rice, because rice oil has the natural sun protection and I eat rice, so it’s perfect for my skin, also it brightens your skin :o.n

  8. Rose says:

    1. Wow! After reading your review on this GinZing moisturiser, I immediately want to try it out myself. Like yourself, I am not a caffeine drinker so am not able to enjoy the benefits of caffeine on my skin. But I am glad Origins has a great product that use natural products in recycled packaging for those that want to try the natural ingredients on our skins. I used its skin lotion before and I like its non-greasy feeling on my skin.nn2. I drink green tea because it is high in anti-oxidant and great for treating skin problems. Sometimes I will mix the green tea powder with some water and make a face mask out of it. Great cooling mask after a tiring day!

  9. may kuan says:

    1. This ginzing moisturizer sounds really cool! Sounds like something perfect for my skin, oily and sensitive. As it is gel non oily type, it would suit my skin very well without any chances of breaking it out. Plus, my very extremely sensitive skin can only tolerate natural and organic skin care. I have always wanted to try out Origins skin care but I am not sure about paying three digits price for something which I have not tried out before. However I now have the chance to do so. Plus, I am super environmentally friendly which jives with Origins concept. nn2. I like lemongrass tea as my personal pick me up. Firstly it’s really delicious and the smells totally awakens me and I would feel fresh all the time.nn

  10. Natalie Lwi says:

    I think this mosturizer will give me 100% water hydration and this product made from natural ingredients which is suitable for my oh so sensitive skin.On top of that,this mosturizer sounds like will help to glow dull skin and radiant skin will come back to me *fingers crossed*nI love green tea especially tea bags which helps to reduce the dark circle and puffiness of my eyes and it contains the most natural anti oxidants and it helps to prevent anti aging and cleanse your body in natural way.nnnatalielwi_12@hotmail.com

  11. janice says:

    I think I will like this GinZing moisturizer because it’s light weight and easily absorbed! I love moisturizers like that as it’s so hot and humid here in Malaysia. I think this GinZing moisturizer will be able to improve my dry skin condition and provide it with the radiance it needs. nnI like to have green tea because it contains antioxidants that are good anti-ageing properties! furthermore it soothes pimples and sensitive skin.nnemail : rainbowstrawberry1@gmail.com

  12. jillian says:

    1. A lightweight moisturizer is already a huge plus point for this. I’ve read a few positive reviews about how this moisturizer does not cause break outs and I would definitely want to give it a try considering I have very sensitive skin and I find it hard to choose a good moisturizer from our local drugstore with my limited budget. Also, I would want to try this product due to my very dull looking skin as a result of the amount of workload in university.nn2. I would go with oatmeal. I like using oatmeal as a scrub or leaving on as an exfoliating mask then washing it off to remove all the impurities on the skin. Oatmeal is also good for health too, heh.

  13. HitomiNeko says:

    is the giveaway worldwide or?! nnbut 1) i am glad u did this review because i been seeing this product and have been hesitating if I should try it. So far I think it looks pretty good, but I think it would be even more helpful if you can let us know how long you been using it and if it cause you any break out, + what skin type u have… etc =P n2) I don’t really have a bias toward a particular natural ingredient. I think nature is all good!nnxo nnwww.hitomiblog.com nn

  14. Cherie says:

    1. This moisturizer is pretty innovative, considering how caffeine has mostly been used for eye-care products and I love that spearmint oil and lemon has incorporated to give my dull skin a jump start. This baby belongs right in my beauty closet Cheesie! As I have oily skin, the gel-like texture of the moisturizer will work wonders for my face (: nn2. I love the scent of fruits! Any kind, peaches, oranges, raspberries, the sweeter the better. I find the smell very inviting and alluring, just like how a cup of orange juice or peach tea will wake me right up! ^^ After using products with such scent I love how the smell will linger and make me smell so awesome haha.nn

  15. Sylvia says:

    Hmmm.. I didn’t really know about Origins last time but after reading your blog I think I will give it a try. =) Me myself love coffee so much but I have never tried any products that contain caffein before. And I can’t stand the sticky feel when applying on my face but Origins is non-oily and non-sticky and I love the organic ingredients that Origins has. I hope I can win this product. Thanks and have a nice day =)

  16. Yvonne says:

    Hi Cheesie, let me win that product!nn1. I love everything that smells citrus! not to mention that i’m also constantly bothered with looking tired (and panda eyes yo). I’ve resolved to drinking coffee but i get a bit of shaky palms everytime i drink it. Now that coffee and its effects can be applied, it will be the perfect solution for me!nn2. My best solution is chilled green tea bags. i used to think it is kinda gross but as long i store the used tea bags in a clean box, it comes in so handy. when i have puffy eyes in the morning i’ll just pop one on my eyes for 5 minutes as a quick fix. it works really well!

  17. FloRa says:

    I think I would like the GinZing moisturizer because it is 100% natural and organic. I have always wanted to find skincare products which are really natural as I believe natural things will always be better. But, it is really hard to find until I know that GinZing moisturizer is so natural which makes me so excited to want to try it. I believe I would like it as it is not oily and it will brighten up the skin which I really need for always staying up late to finish my assignments.nMy favourite natural ingredient is Aloe Vera as it really helps to soothe the skin and it smells really relaxing. It also helps to reduce the darkness of acne scars. It is also easy and convenient to get which less people will notice of its usefulness and benefits which it can bring to our skins.

  18. FloRa says:

    Sorry.. I send two times because it was my first time taking part in this and I didn’t know that I had sent it as I couldn’t find my comment at first. I’m sorry.

  19. huiting says:

    1. I think I’ll like this GinZing moisturizer because I’m a coffeeholic,apart from drinking, I need some caffeine on my skin too!! I have combination skin, and I have yet to find one amazing moisturizer that’s suitable for my skin. And because I believe that Origins will be able to ZING up my skin with its miracle formula. nn2. Personal pick-me-up quirks with natural ingredients? Tiramisu! – also known as “pick-me-up” in Italian and it has coffee liquer in it. Coffee is natural no? haha

  20. BangBang says:

    GinZing moisturizer is what we need right now, with the environment’s current state and everything, we don’t need anymore of those products that are not organic which may be harmful to the environment! Definitely this moisturizer is for me! This product got me at the citrus scent!nPersonal pick me-up quirks? Nothing beats coffee!!! nThanks Cheesie! Love ya!

  21. Yin says:

    1) I think GinZing moisturizer is awesome having the coffee as the main ingredient with citrus smell in a jar that can energize my skin to feel fresh and awake in the morning with both powerful ingredients at one go. I just simply love the coffee and citrus combination ~nn2) My personal pick-me-up quirks with natural ingredients have to be lavendar because the smell and aroma is so soothing and relax and my skin love it as well.nnn

  22. Cookielu says:

    Hi cheesie ! :)nI think this GinZing moisturizer is a great new stuff, cuz i guess because its from Origins?nwell i will be liking it alot because i love natural ingredient on the product.nBecause by this my face will be safely secured!! :DnnSecond my favourite natural ingredient will be chamomile ! I love everything with chamomile. I think they are magic. They are pretty soothing and calm the skin plus product that i buy mostly i will find those with chamomile first cuz they a pimple fighter ! HEHE ^^nnMy email is : kutzuki553@gmail.com nnTq cheesie <33

  23. Rania says:

    1. I have just started to get interested in Origins products, having never used them before. So I would love to trial it out on my skin.n2. Berries, all kinds- be it strawberries, blueberries, cranberries, blackberries, boysenberries. Makes me feel so good eating them or using them in products. Love the fresh fruity smell.

  24. Rania says:

    1. Have always wanted to use Origins products, so would be great to trial on my skin.nn2. Berries- any kindbe it strawberries, blueberries, cranberries, raspberries, I love to eat them and are so good for my skin.

  25. SingleByDesign says:

    I would like to try this moisturizer since I am intrigued that one of the ingredients happens to be one of my favorites: coffee! In as much as I have read that coffee [when taken moderately] is beneficial to our bodies since it has anti oxidants, I’d very much like to try how it feels as a skin moisturizer.nnAside from coffee, one of my favorite pick me ups is cool water with a slice of lemon. 🙂 I live in a tropical country and now that its summer in my place, the heat can be overwhelming. Drinking cool water with lemon truly refreshes me on a hot sunny day.

  26. Mimi says:

    Personally, I’ve never tried Origins before but after reading Aud’s and your posts – I absolutely need to. This GinZing moisturiser sounds amazing – I mean, how many moisturisers can say they reduce dullness? None of the moisturisers I’ve tried in the past can. Everyday I wake up with that is dull and dry and have now resorted to buying a variety of sleeping packs. So far, none of them do the job properly and this GinZing moisturiser, seems like the perfect way to achieve healthy glowing skin.nnMy last pick-me-up product is the new Etude House I’m Blooming Mist – Brightening of course. This product claims to be as natural as possible and is nice and refreshing on the face – especially after a long day of school. Loving this.

  27. Snow says:

    Hello cheesie! (thought I should greet u first cos this is my first time leaving a comment *shy* though I have been a loyal (albeit quiet) reader of this blog many years ago hehe)nn1. I’m tempted to try out this new GinZing moisturizer cos it sounds awesome? I have combination skin (oily inside dry outside) and I have been repeatedly warned by my beautician to only use gel/aqua based products to avoid break-outs.. Truth is, I’ve been zombiefied since I started this new job last year and my skin condition is deteriorating and I need a saviour. Please dezombiefy me wtf..nn2. My all time fav instant pick-me-up is definitely grapefruit because of its refreshing and pleasant smell. And I (think I) read somewhere that grapefruit scent makes women seem younger to men, hmmmm…. nnLast but not least, enjoy your weddingmoon cheesie!! 😀

  28. Po Leen says:

    1. I’ve seen the ads but never really gotten around reading it but after reading your review, I think GinZing by origins is truly something new and amazing to incorporating ginseng and also caffeine as a facial moisturiser. Both these essential ingredients are well known as energy booster, and if these effect can function as a gel-cream like moisturiser then I’m sure it’ll be an awakening product. nn2. Definitely a neslo! Natural ingredients would probably be cocoa and caffeine! Haha. Best msian invention for an instant boost.nn

  29. Patricia Ong says:

    I have sensitive skin (redness, acne, pores issue) n have tried many skin products in the market but the effect only lasted for awhile. Hence I would like to try Origins since u bring out the point that it ALL NATURAL!! Ginzing, a cool name, I really hope it would penetrate my skin n feed my cells while strengthening them to not be so sensitive.nGreen tea is my all time favourite for natural ingredient. Green tea during the day, Macha ice cream, Macha kit kat (yes, it’s here in Sg!), Macha dessert….. As we all know its a strong detoxification ingredient for cleansing inner n outer part of our body. It has a great smell too! Fresh n rejuvenate!!nnThanks Cheesie

  30. Fibiee Liew says:

    1) I love Origin products becos the products are so natural and go green! previously, I saw the coffee eye cream, I was like “Coffeeee?! really?” then I went and tried the tester, super light weighted! so I hope to try this GinZing moisturizer too 🙂 I wore makeup very often and sometimes, I stayed up really late to finish up my work. And now my skin always look so tired and dull! :'(nn2) Talk about natural ingredient, I love green tea the most!! I used to rinse my face with green tea and DIY my own eyes mask with green tea that freshly brewed. Super good for the skin!! ^_^nnThank you for the giveaway! :)nnEmail: fibieelyh@gmail.comnBlog: http://fibieelyh.blogspot.comnn♥

  31. Han says:

    Hello (: nI’m a full-time student and I had been desperately in search of some cosmetic products that contains the least proportion of man-made chemicals and most natural ingredients. And it really makes me feel like that is why I had been searching for after reading your blog post (: Thanks for introducing to your fellow readers btw. Because I think this is what I need to refresh me early in the morning before I attend classes and quite a good mood lifter since you mentioned that it’s aromatic. Will have a closer look of this product the next time I drop by Origins hehe (:nnAnd btw my favourite pick-me-up is HONEY (: Refreshing and natural. As simple as that (:nThank you!

  32. Joanne says:

    1. sounds yummy! i love fruity scented skincare products. not that i will eat it la lolol. i also think its good that it is oil-free and water-based cos i have really oily skin and hate having greasy stuff on my face especially in the morning. spearmint and lemon oil sounds very awakening cos i sleep late and have force myself to open my eyes in classes loln2. any berries! its very sweet and refreshing and berries is like the definition of fruity scents imo haha

  33. Cristal says:

    As a coffee lover, I love everything with coffee with init ^^ When i first saw this moisturizer that contains caffeine, I really wanted to try it out! and smell it! The name sounds pretty cool too. It is a plus that it is oil-free and gel-like since i have oily skin esp the summer. i would like to try it out one day and give a better answer to the 1st question.nnI love products that contain natural ingredients like green tea and fruits that contain Vitamin C. It protect my skin from forming wrinkles while brightening my skin! And, yea.. i love to drink green tea and eat fruits! Love how the things that go into my mouth can be beneficial for my face ^_^

  34. AZLINA says:

    Apparently coffee is the 2nd most popular drink in the world after water! .I don’t drink coffee as I don’t fancy its aftertaste but creating a moisturizer with coffee is brilliant I think.You don’t need coffee to wake you up,you just need to slather on this moisturizer! Awesome! I’m a university student where I do need to stay up late at night to study and finish up assignments.This would be a great pick-me-up in the morning! nMy favourite pick-me-up are fruits juices especially orange juice and black teas.nThank you for this giveaway! <3

  35. Jesslyn Soh says:

    1. This moisturizer is simply the best, just right for us girls / ladies with hectic daily schedules and lack of sleep. Without a right moisturizer, our face will be haggard in no time. So GinZing is my bet for a healthier, moisturized and younger looking skin! I think it soon be one of my favourite moisturizer because I love the smell of Citrus. Coupled with its hydrating benefits, I am sure my face will glow after using it. n2. Mine is Goji berry because I love its bright vibrant color, just right to remind the young-at-heart (like me!) of its good qualities to preserve my youth! I take it with my drinking water, add to my Chrysanthemum drink or simply add them in soup! If consuming isn’t enough, i even buy hand creams with Goji berries 🙂 Ok, i am kind of obsessed with it really.

  36. Dandelion says:

    1. From what you have described, GinZing sounds just the thing I need. I have been scouting around for a moisturiser THAT ACTUALLY WORKS FOR MY SKIN because no matter what product I use, my skin remains dry 🙁 I really really want to try this :(nn2. It’s really multiple splashes of cold water T_T Poor people’s pick-me-ups. WHICH IS WHY I REALLY REALLY WANT TO TRY GINZING! *super desperate*

  37. Aqeela says:

    owww!!! u feel dizzy after taking coffe and i cant even wink for hours afetr having coffee lolzz…ni’m already using eye crem of ORIGINS ,thumbs up for this time a unique formula (caffeine derived by cofee beans) …+citrus scent,it even sounds pleasent:) nbut ORIGINS products are out of my reach usually,coastly :(nsurely wanna try this via your give aways 🙂

  38. Cecilia says:

    1. GinZing sounds amazing! I feel like I’d love it since you said it’s consistency is like water and absorbs quickly. Good for me since I’m always rushing to work and school. It would probably wake up my moonpig face I always get when I first wake up! Plus I guess since I’m Asian I always associate anything with ginseng to be good! Like how in dramas people always love buying the really big expensive ginsengs for the inlaws or how in period dramas they cure anything lol ^.^n2. I like eating fruits! It always wakes me up! Especially strawberries, bananas, apples, and watermelon! When you first cut into a watermelon that fresh smell is so good!

  39. Ju says:

    Pleaaaaase Help me! I have a tired face cuz of hectic lifestyle of studying. @.@nHow come i just look away ur goodness of giving away product?! I look at my face in the mirror… and im losing confidence to look it back. So every after class end i just went straight home , or if i stress up my skin become much worse. I do heard about the anti oxidant in coffee bean highly recommended to revitalize the skin condition. AND how come i can just look away this GinZing moisturizer goodness ? i was imagine it like a bunch of herbs in one bottle.. i got no time for DIY herbs :__; and i would just LOVE it if i get to put it on my face.nnpersonal pick-me-up quirks …. hmmmm… soy bean ..?? i guess .. cuz i never live without soy bean a day! o.o and my friends always ask me.. why your body skin much fair.. -.- i guess u can guess it why.

  40. JYT says:

    1. What do you think of this GinZing moisturizer and why do you think you’d like it?nI think its as good as my GinZing eye cream. Its really the best eye cream I’ve ever tried and i’m sure the GinZing moisturizer will just be as good =)nn2. What is your personal pick-me-up quirks with natural ingredients??nnIt will definitely be green tea! I can’t live without it =p

  41. Shu says:

    Dear Cheesie,nn1) I think GinZing moisturizer is the ideal lightweight moisturizer that will keep my skin with the “doink-doink” feeling whole day long! This natural beauty product will be suitable for me as I tend to have clogged pores and sensitive skin. Besides, pampering my skin early in the morning will give me a headstart at work. When you feel and look great, the happiness really radiates!nn2) My personal pick me up quirks is having hot honey with milk. It is such a comfort drink!nnThank you 🙂

  42. Janette says:

    1) the ingredients sound so yummy and I like that it is aqua-based so it will not ‘burden’ my skin and the way you describe its scent makes it very appealing 🙂 nn2) Lemon! A sprinkle of lemon on ice water never fails to perk me up and I especially love how the smell of lemon lingers on my hand after squeezing lemon onto my salad and fish and chips.

  43. Jas says:

    Oil Free that’s is important for my skin.nMine would be Green Tea as it really keeps me going longer.n

  44. Ru Yan says:

    1. I think the GinZing moisturiser is a great product! Firstly, it’s made from natural ingredients which is super healthy for us. Next, it makes your skin looks good in a natural healthy way, so why not? And the feature that attracted me is that Origins promote recycling and saving the earth in order to sustain the environment in which is such a great idea to create more awareness among the people. nn2. My personal fave for natural ingredients would be honey and oats for a gentle facial scrub! The oats will exfoliate our skin plus honey is super moisturising too! nnThank you!

  45. lala says:

    1. I invented morning grumpiness. My breath smells intoxicating? My hair resembles an electrified loofah and I sound and act like an ogre in a swamp. Saying I need a little help waking up is an understatement. Refreshes me to a wide-awake skin and lift my mood? A cure to my ogre- rism. n2. Yesterday you told me ’bout the blue blue sky, And all that I can see is just a yellow lemon-tree.Hot, heat, sweat and constant moaning. The smell of lemon, the whiff of lemon in ice cold water, the zing! in lemon when you bite into it (sprinkle with sea salt and cut thinly) is all I want when someone tells me about the blue,blue sky.

  46. Cheesie says:

    Hello all!!! The winners have been decided!! And they are:nnn1. Fish (ohfishie@gmail.com)n2. Neko (neko_tail@yahoo.com)n3. Angela (angelaooiyn@gmail.com)n4. Lala (lala.aswilla@yahoo.com)n5. ju (juesyi@yahoo.com)nnnn

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