So now we are in Istanbul after leaving London (staying away from the riot areas so everything is fine, thanks for your worries!).

It is beautiful, so clean, people are super friendly, the weather cannot be more perfect, and it feels extremely safe even at night (compared to other European countries even!)

I am amazed.

Also worth a note is that:

1. It has the most amount of cats in any city i’ve ever been

2. Turkish drivers are insanely badass. Every car coming forward (or backwards LOLOL) looks like they have been commissioned to murder you in an intentional freak accident.

And this morning we landed at the gokdnkandka airport (cannot spell), which is situated in the Asia part of Turkey.

As we were crossing this Bosphorus Bridge, we were right in the middle of Europe (right) and Asia (left).

And then as if this trip isn’t crazy enough, the danna insisted that he will not go back without having ridden a camel and touched some UFO legos.

So we just booked a flight to Cairo, Egypt tomorrow.

So we pretty much will travel across 3 continents in 2 days.