Everyone knows the goodness of milk! Apart from drinking it directly for nutrients, it’s also a popular skin care ingredient used for moisturizing. Some say it has whitening effects (my mom say one hahahahha)!

And now there’s something that is proven to nourish even better than milk, and it is the new Dove Body Wash!!

I was invited to their workshop!

The apron? Ok i’ll explain that later.

Familiar yet refreshing!It comes in all variants: Beauty Nourishing, Gentle Exfoliating, Sensitive Skin, Fresh Touch, Energize and Revive.

This new Dove body wash contains a patented formula with NutriumMoisture technology, a unique blend that effectively cleanse your skin and replenish nutrients back into it!!

Normally when you think about cleansing, it normally causes dry skin right??

Some cleanser brands claims to address dryness problem by adding moisturizing ingredients into the body wash. But these ingredients are water soluble and can rinse away during cleansing.

What’s different about Dove’s new technology is that it actually penetrates the epidermis deeply to nourish the skin. And it is proven that the moisturizing effect is even better than milk!

Live demonstration at Dove workshop using 3 different liquid:

Milk, Dove Body Wash, and water.

Firstly the subject’s hand is washed by plain water, a measurement is taken.

Then it is moisturized with milk, a measurement taken again.


Lastly, cleansing with Dove Body Wash, and the reading is taken. Without any moisturizer.

It was the highest of all!!! So yes, it is proven on the spot that cleansing with Dove is actually more moisturizing than applying milk on your skin!


And then we proceed to lunch. And… we have to cook it. @@

To coincide with the theme “nourishing your body from the inside”, Dove held this cooking class for our own benefit!!!

If it’s a year ago i would have felt grumpy about peeling onions (even cry!) and just wanted to sit down and eat hahaha. But now i have my kitchen duty so i was very glad i can actually learn something T___T

My team mates!

The guests are divided into 3 teams, and me and my teammates are in charged of main course!!!

I was quite happy because i felt important hahahah!



Actually all i did was peel and cook potatoes

I was also in charged of placed sauteed onion onto the mash. It was an important role. And i looked happy with my job as an onion placer.

And then, lunch was served!!!

… by ourselves

The first course is done by the salad team! We had avocado salad with orange dressing topped with walnuts!


And then our team creation…

jeng jeng jeng jeng!

Tasmanian salmon fillet with herb crust on caramelized onion and mash!!


Incredible. Simply incredible. Chef Cheesie totally bring the meaning of salmon fillet to a whole new level.”— Imaginary Food Critic, 2013.


Hahahha. It tasted really good! (for me la, other guests might have different opinion lol)

Mango panna cotta as dessert! Love too! <3

So the workshop came to a happy end, and we went home with a bottle of Dove bosh wash!

Tried it out and it really feel very moisturizing!!

My usual shower routine is very late at night, usually sleepy too lol. So i always shower and omit the moisturizer applying part after and go straight to bed.

But now it feels like no moisturizer is needed! Love!

It’s already in the market so you can now get it from leading pharmacies, hypermarkets and supermarkets! 😀