I had short hair all my life, until i graduated Form 5, that was the biggest bodily freedom i’ve ever gained.

And then i tried to keep long hair all my life.

But i cut it last week, although it’s still considered long hair, it was the boldest hair decision i’ve ever made, on my own will.

A lot of you probably won’t relate to this because i was from Chinese school and was not allowed to have fringe longer than my eyebrow, or hair that touches my collar. (Do they still do that nowadays???) I tried to keep it long and escape the prefect “hair & nail check”, but sometimes i get caught, then i was asked to stand aside and wait until the guru discipline to come with a big cloth scissors and cut it until like 狗咬的 (dog bitten). T____T Although nowadays that is probably considered avant garde.

After graduation i kept it as long as i can but when i joined an online show i was forced to cut my hip length hair and it was quite tragic T___T. After the show i immediately went for hair extensions and grew my hair until it was the original length again.

I was probably not resistant to try out new styles, but all these past experiences added together had traumatized my whole life.

My equation: Cut hair = scary.

I’d be so tensed at every snip and will clutch the seat so tight it will probably break.

The danna also never bug me to cut my hair until i asked him to, last week. He didn’t believe me and he was just like “No you are just saying and you are not serious about it. You will ask me a million questions and then after that tell me you don’t want to cut after all. I know you too well.”

Lolol he was right la i had these flashing urges to dramatically cut my hair all the time but was always waiting for “the right moment”. Like, i dunno, maybe getting a new religion, becoming lesbian, or to fake teenange angst and pretend 潇洒 wtf. None of those things i waited happened.

Then i realized the right moment is when you marry a person who actually cuts hair for a living wtf. I couldn’t believe i waited until now to ask him for the first time. To cut my hair.


Old hair since 2 years ago.





And then the next day i went to the salon and let him do whatever he wanted with my hair.

(I did 忍不住 ask him what kind of style? He was like “California girl style”. And i was secretly worried because the only California girl hairstyle i know of is a shiny lilac wig on Katy Perry wtf.)


This is how long my hair was.



And cut


Cut + color




I like it very much.

Chopped almost half my hair off and had it layered a lot.

Also dyed it dark. I don’t have a name for it, but since you all asked, Number76 has decided to call it “Mysterious Midnight Charcoal Ash” lol. although QiuQiu insisted it was “Ultraviolet Chrome”.


Strangely enough, it’s been one week and i haven’t missed my long hair at all. This has never happened before in my life lol.

I like it because now i know how being able to dry your hair in 5 minutes feels like (previously was more like 2 years), and also i can style it easier.

Some of the simple hair arrange:

Can also tie up and i loooove how the layering let me have fake long fringe lolol cuz i’ve been trying to grow my fringe unsuccessfully forever.

Literally my wake-up hair.

Generally it looks less dead than before la because it was so long and Malaysia is so hot i ended up tying super long hair into buns anyway super pointless lol.

Ok that’s all for today!