Hello this is a post of all the make-up matched with the coordinates in my previous post.

I  tried some really drastically different fashion style every day this time, so i also did the make up styles a little different from the usual so i thought i’d share too!


Make 1

Minimal make up with pink lips and cheeks


Make 2

Twin tails with Cherry lips


Make 3

Soft pastel shadow and brows and nude lips.


Make 4

This one went a bit overboard lol, top and bottom falsies


Make 5

Toned down a little but still warm color!


Make 6

Pink and mint mix with twin tails for the macaron outfit :>


Make 7

Lolita makeover by RinRin. I would never ever ever ever put blue on myself lol


Make 8

Orangy lips and cheek with side braids


Make 9

Pastel orange make with fake short bob and fringe!

Close up


Make 10

Mermaid waves with sweet pink make


Make 11

A darker eye make & odango for concert!


Ok that’s all!

I cut my hair short so now i’m trying different styles again lol. Update again!