I know this is a liberal and open-minded world and all that but when it comes to pharmacy purchases i still can’t completely get over the embarrassment. Especially when i’m the type who will go for BUY 2 FREE ONE!  and end up with 6 months worth of tampons and i’ll pretend to look away at the cashier and the cashier is just pretending not to doubt the normality of my menstrual flow among all the awkwardness.

Most of the time i just buy intimate items in supermarket and grab lot of other stuff so that they are hidden beneath a pile of tofu and yogurt lol.

And man i wish they start making auto-vending machine at obscure corners for panty liners condoms and hemorrhoid creams. Or like be like Japan where the packaging for all products look like Candy boxes with cute anime characters and half-meaningful quotes so that nobody even knows what they are anymore lol.

And then i found Libresse in the supermarket!

I was very attracted to the pretty tins so i loaded all 5 designs into my shopping cart hehe.

The 5 limited edition theme is specially designed by local female designers, a collaboration work with Libresse where it helps introducing these designers to Libresse consumers.

And the best part is I can just grab all 5 and nobody will judge me because i’m just an avid collector of art pieces 😛

In each theme, there’s also a little booklet where you get to go through a personality test to find out more about yourself.


So i did!


I took the test, and apparently i’m a bit of everything lol. But predominantly a Playful Tulip!

Are you the hopeless romantic? Does choosing salty caramel and crunchy cookie cream makes you more artistic than others? You can find out which flower you are in the vast garden of beautiful blooms.

If you can’t wait to try out the personality test, you can also do it online at Libresse’s FB page to find out which flower you are and you can purchase the matching design. The link to the app is here!