Tokyo Winter 2013 (Eat&Party!)


Random pictures and stuff of Tokyo, i have too many of them so this post is mainly on fooooooood and cute stuff and outings.

During year end there are lots and lots of events and parties going on, you will never get bored!

With Emi and Mayu at Shibuya.

Went to Yuri’s photo exhibition at 109.

And received a whole bunch of goodies (snacks, face masks, choco…) from 109 lucky draw! They give you presents for… shopping at 109.

Yuri’s Xmas outfit lol.



Street party outside 109!


It was also the first time i saw Santa and Santarina collecting garbage instead of giving out presents lol. Blame the economy.

(Anyway i think they are volunteer students to clean the streets.)


Have you guys been to Japanese food market inside a departmental store?? I can spend hours and hours there just looking at the beyond-delicious-looking noms.

This is a sample of Osechi, typical Japanese New Year food. They are usually super luxurious and expensive and come in pretty boxes.


Hello Kitty Xmas Cake


New Year sweets. Sooooo cute!

Desserts desserts desserts…

So i greedily took a piece of tomato tart sample given out to the shoppers and was like ?!?!?!?!? lol. I hate raw tomatoes but this was so good i actually bought it.

Samantha Thavasa X LINE collabo.


Haha i love Brown and Cony.


Also bought lots of Japanese daily contact lenses OMG can you imagine how long i have waited for these to come out???? Dailies sold in Malaysia are really meh. So happy to get them!!



Went to Yoyogi park and saw girl group in skimpy clothes dancing under 5 degree Celcius wtf. Actually they are all Obasan and most of them are at least in their 40s XD


Food fair in Yoyogi! This is Halal Thai food! So rare to see in Japan!


And my Nagasaki strawberries.


^^ :3


Wafu seafood pasta


Wafu clam pasta


Bacon and cabbage pasta from 76 Cafe, my favorite!!!


Morning! Today is shopping day 😀

Went to EMODA press room and ordered some of their SS2014 collection. Lots of baby pink!!!

The staff are soooooo nice they bought this for me cuz they thought i would be hungry with little one inside my belly XD

Egg custard! Soo good!!


And then night time went dinner with Chinami and Kumiko from JRunway.


On another day, Marina and i went to SmirNasli press room for their SS 2014 collection.

Camera pouch is a real pouch for camera lol. And the blue one is a paper bag (really made of paper wan. Apparently super popular now!)


Then saw this little fella on the way XD

Another morning!

Looks really gross but i had to post this cuz it’s SO GOOD!  A sausage cheese bun.


Then had the yummiest tamago onogiri!!!!!!!

Met Misha in the afternoon for tea. She dresses so sick!!!

At Omotesando, this year’s (last year) illumination was real pretty!

Misha alone.

Had soup in Armani cafe and i asked what the soup of the day was. And then the waitress was like it’s “shiroi ningen”, Misha and i were like WHAT?!?!? out loud lolol cuz it means “white human” XD. Turned out we just heard it wrong it was some white bean thing. Laugh die us.


And then went to Junna’s vintage shop.


On the 28th there was a Bounenkai dinner party and it was a fish specialty shop and everybody now knew how obsessed i am with Shirako so ALL WE ORDERED WAS FISH TESTICLES IN DIFFERENT FORMS WTF.

So there was the usual Shirako Ponzu.


And then they ordered testicle tempura for me cuz i haven’t tried it before.


If you are curious, this is how fried sperm looks like. And freaking yummy.



Seen boiling melted sperm in a hot pot before???? No leh.

You pour the rice in and stir.


And you have the most insanely yummy Sperm Risotto ever.

Team Shirako lol.

Consumed so much fish testerone must even out with the female version wtf.

After that party at Sound Museum Vision!

Mishu and Saki chan.

Yuri, Emi and Saki.


Ok that’s all! Sorry this is not really funny or interesting or anything and is possibly full of grammer mistake. See here’s one.

I owe you a next one.



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  1. angel says:

    oh wow so awesome <3 I can’t afford to go to Japan yet so I am living vicariously through you! hahaha! 🙂 you look lovely as always

  2. J says:

    Honestly don’t know whether to barf or drool. But u said mentaiko is delicious and when I tried it, I had to agree! To living vicariously through u too!! Xo

  3. M says:

    Hahaha you grammar mistake

  4. HitomiNeko says:

    ooo love all ur food photos. I think the shirako only look kind of gross in the first pixx, the rest actually looks quite yummy lol.. esp the last one..the eggs looks so good hahahha nnxo

  5. TenshiChn says:

    Tried to comment on mobile imotiv but when i typed everything, it came out as an empty comment =/nnAnywayyyyy, 😀 love your blogspot!! There’s always so much interesting pictures from Japan! Like never ending story! So fun! Haha.. I enjoy going through all your posts! Thanks for sharing Cheesie! ^^nn

  6. Christyn says:

    Heyo Cheesie! Love this post. So much of awesome pictures 🙂 One of my MUST visit destination is of cos Japan but at the moment no money for it yet…. must gambateh! Anyways, i know this is random but do you mind telling what camera are you using during this trip? Looks really nice leh~ i’m currently thinking of getting a camera so.. would be great to know which camera you are using 🙂 Thank you!

  7. Christyn says:

    ahhh sorry Cheesie. I’m catching up with all your posts in your blog… LOL.. just read your post about camera! i assume your current camera is Pentax Q7? If yes, sorry for asking earlier. *slaps own face for being dumb*

  8. Nicole in China says:

    I love love love love love your hair colour. This is a great post, a combination of lifestyle, food and fashion. You LOOK GORGEOUS, as

  9. Jessica says:

    HinMay I know how do u get ur contact lens in japan ? Do u go to optical shop or ?nHow do u know that the one u buy is not fakes or is safe for the eyes

  10. HafizAzmi says:

    I really miss Japan! Wow… nnI forgot I hop to who’s blog to stumble upon your blog and i find it is quite intresting so Ill put it on my blog walk list. nnThanks 🙂 nice pictures by the way. nnHafiz Azminfellow

  11. joyce says:

    Looking at all your food pics makes me droool. Please please please blog about yummy places to eat in Tokyo? *begs

  12. Cheesie says:

    Thank you! Hope you get to visit soon 🙂

  13. Cheesie says:

    Glad to know that XD

  14. Cheesie says:

    Ya lo I is dunno grammer

  15. Cheesie says:

    Haha shirako is yums !!!

  16. Cheesie says:

    Thanks for taking the trouble to comment!

  17. Cheesie says:

    Yes yes it is but most of the pic here are taken with iPhone haha

  18. Cheesie says:

    Thank you so much 🙂

  19. Cheesie says:

    Japan is super strict with contact lenses, you will never get a chance to buy “fake” ones 🙂

  20. Cheesie says:

    Thanks a lot for dropping by!

  21. M says:

    Hehe ure damn funny!!!! All the best w ur baby 🙂

  22. Cheesie says:

    I did ah! There are SO MANY! Lol. Under Bon Cheesepetit category

  23. Anonymous says:

    . . .sperm?>_< but spitters are quitters right? haha

  24. Cheesie says:

    Haha maybe in this case only la…..

  25. Cheesie says:

    of course i myself encountered a few sulky-faced shop staff, was quite annoyed but not to the point it spoiled my day. But it’s the same anywhere else, and just try to appreciate other people who are extra nice to me :))

  26. Grace says:

    Hi Cheesie! Is it okay if you link your Japanese friends’ public instagrams (or social media) if they have any? I love their outfits and fashion inspiration icons are never enough! 😀 Thank you!

  27. Jessica says:

    Hi, So what kind of shops do u get ur contact Len from ?

  28. Bunny says:

    I would love to be in Japan right now ^^

  29. Cheesie says:

    Start a conversation…

  30. […] Cheeserland | Tokyo Winter 2013 (Eat&Party!)! Random pictures and stuff of Tokyo, i have too many of them so this post is mainly on fooooooood and cute stuff and outings. During year end there are lots and lots of events and parties going on, you will never get … […]

  31. Cheesie says:

    I dunno why my reply doesn’t come out in mobile!!!

  32. Cheesie says:

    Hello!!! When everyone advices pregnant women not to consume sushi, the reason is because anything raw poses a risk to bacteria exposure and food poisoning that could harm the fetus. nnBut most pregnant women eat raw fish as usual in Japan because they are fresh and safe (compared to overseas). I couldn’t find a single article that advises against sushi consumption in Japanese. HOWEVER, not all fish are safe during pregnancy, like you said because of the high mercury content in certain seafood. There is a guideline on how much fish (in general, not just limited to sushi/sashimi) is safe to consume a week. And certain fish to avoid and other fish that’s good for you. So other than sushi, you should be careful of any other fish too be it grilled or fried or battered.nnHope that answers you!

  33. Cheesie says:

    Optical shop or cosmetic stores

  34. Cheesie says:

    You can search my insta for them!

  35. Cheesie says:

    God damn the comment disappear again

  36. Cheesie says:

    You managed to see reply? Cuz still doesn’t show up in mobile TT

  37. Diana says:

    Cheesie your life always looks so fun!! I love your photos~~nliving vicariously through u LOL

  38. Jess says:

    HinErm.. If u hv time, do by mind sharing the cheapest way u could travel in japan and. Do u prefer to stop in Osaka or Tokyo ,

  39. Jess says:

    Which airline do I normally take and where u stay before u met ur husband

  40. Huai Bin says:

    Do you usually eat osechi with rice?

    I’m really curious/obsessed about osechi so I’ve taken to Googling it with your blog since I always associate you with Japan and this was the latest entry I found.

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