Quick announcement! I have just joined Clozette as one of their ambassadors for 2014!

If you haven’t heard of it, Clozette is an online fashion and social platform where women can discover, shop and share fabulous fashion/beauty finds and buys from around the world.

You can share your latest buys, get opinions from fellow Clozetters, and you can also shop the latest arrivals from international fashion brands like ASOS and Nastygal.


The Clozette community also has a large userbase where you can view the latest inspiration on fashion/beauty.


Sign up now as it is really super easy, here’s the step-by-step sign in procedure:

1. Sign in by Facebook

2. Enter your username + email + country

3. Refer Facebook friends

4. Choose from a wide array of Clozetters to follow

5. Follow Facebook friends

and DONE!


Want more perks to join the community?

The earlier you sign up, the higher the chance you get to win either a Givenchy OR Prada bag!



At the end of the year, Clozette has a grand draw: An all-expenses-paid trip to Korea!


Share the good news and invite your friends to join too!  With every successful friend referral, they’ll stand a chance to win an ipad mini! 😀




Do also follow me if you are on Clozette at: www.clozette.co/cheesie!

 Go sign up now!!