We have a kick-ass kitchen in our new house, so we can spend more time cooking and eating at home when the baby arrives!

First thing i made is oden!!

Cooked a massive pot so we can eat for 2 days 2 nights XD


How can i not love oden! So healthy and easy and also for the diet-conscious, it’s super low calorie!


Also made Yaki Udon and lotus root with ume boshi. A random mix but turned out quite good 😛


Danna bento.

Creepy sandwich lol.

Creepier coconut wtf.

Had a chill (pun optional) drinking this when i realized it is staring right at me creepily and the exchange of fluid @_@


Danna made this Cheat One™ instant pasta my god it was the best instant pasta ever!! It’s called Italian Napolitan something, only RM6.90!!! You can get it from the Japanese food aisle in the supermarkets! Must must must try! Of course he added some toppings but it’s taste too awesome for RM6.90. I’ll never pay RM30 for restaurant pastas again.

Anyway the green thing is Shishitou, a kind of Japanese green pepper. Was so so so glad i found it because it’s my favorite!!!

Natto fried rice, grilled shishitou with bonito flakes and miso soup ♡

Afternoon snack is holy cheese toast.


Also craving for Yong Tau Fu so first time attempt. But Japanese style because got Yong Shishitou lolol. And also tonkotsu based soup with ramen XD


And 5-min pasta with shishitou (again!) and porcini mushroom.


Other than that, i also found…


The first time i had it was in Australia and i was in love! Fav cereal ever! And then very sad i couldn’t get it back in Malaysia. But but but i finally found it in B.I.G, and WTF it costs RM30 when i’m quite sure it was something like 5 dollars in Australia -____-.

Also by the way if you ever come across this snack you have to buy it. The danna bought it and i was soooo addicted and ate the whole pack in like 1 minute lol. Japanese snacks all got drugs inside them i suspect lol.

Also our first proper Japanese meal after coming back from Japan.


Also remember my #pregnancybrain left my iPhone in the fridge??? QiuQiu after that commented on Instagram ask me not to also put Champon inside my fridge, and i was like…

Errr actually i kind of did… in the freezer.


Sorry cannot help it. (Champon is Nagasaki soup noodle. I bought a frozen pack.)

Ok that’s all for boring life update.






The Coolest Water Bottle… and more

Sooooo… talking about cooking and food, you need cool food and beverage containers!

When BROS emailed me for my address so they can send me a voucher for shopping, i didn’t give much thought about it. I was thinking, Yay great! I need some new cool stuff for the new kitchen.

So i ordered the products online at www.bros-store.com

The shopping procedure is a breeze (your usual add-to-cart-and-check-out), and i actually found something really useful for the family and i love the designs!! BROS is more than just water bottles, i also ordered a matching bento box with the water bottle, a cool flask for soup/hot drinks, and also couldn’t resist getting a cute pink puppy sippy cup for… the baby… boy. (Don’t care.)

My order arrived by courier the very next day! And that’s not the thing that impressed me.

Other than what i ordered, BROS actually sent me a whole box full of goodies, including a super cute drawing (of my Wedding portrait lol) and lots of extra snacks!

And a personalized card! With a picture of all the things i ordered and also cute illustrations at the back on how i could enjoy the little extra snacks. To be honest i was a little touched, and yes this is PR and customer service done right right right. ♡

The actual items i wanted. Aren’t they cute!

Got this sippy cup because the white puppy looks exactly like Cheddie!! Haha. And i just love how fun and creative BROS are with even the product description!

On top of that, if you don’t already know, BROS is the no.1 selling water bottle brand in Malaysia of superior quality, and is made safe and eco-friendly. So if you love our vulnerable planet and trendy designs at the same time, go for BROS! Go shop at www.bros-store.com .

In conjunction of BROS 10th Anniversary, BROS E-Store will be having a promotion- 30% storewide from 26 May till 15 June, and all of you Cheeserland readers can key in the code BFF30 for a special 30% discount, plus BROS Brush with an extended promo period till 13 July instead of 15 June. ♡