“You will pack me to your new haos?”


Boring haos update again. It’s really 没完没了. The moment i finished vacuuming for one hour, the ikea people came and all my effort went down the drain T_____T.

Also i haven’t updated anything substantial (if there was ever anything like that) on blog/instagram for days simply because there was nothing interesting to talk about. I dress like a contractor every day running sweaty errands non-stop. I’m not very sure if any of you want to hear about me applying for apartment cooking gas or look at the picture of my new broom.

Then i thought about how drastic my life changes from Japan back here. If you only judge me based on my life on Instagram, it’s like following two different people. One super happening and forever well-dressed girl with her endless adventures; and a domestic maid forever in sweaty T-shirts whose dog is more interesting than her.

I spent one month in Japan, dreading every day to come back having to deal with reality (all the moving house fuss, pending emails i eventually have to reply, finally preparing for baby stuff, more amount of rude people, etc etc etc) and i secretly wished every day that i would never had to wake up from that dream. A pink-sakura-white-strawberrily-yummy dream.

Whenever i look back the time i had in Japan, it was like i was living two lives (watched Vanilla Sky?). One real life, and one that only happens in dreams (good ones la). A dream life. That one month. Nothing ever went wrong, everything was perfect (if something was ever wrong or imperfect i already cannot remember it ever happened. Only good things happen in Japan.).

A lot of people asked why i haven’t moved to Japan since i love it so much. I always couldn’t answer. I guess i eventually would want to, but not any time soon. We have to live our lives here. To come home to reality. And deal with boring adult nonsense (contracts, government stuff, documents, errands…). I feared so much that i would be so depressed by this rude awakening from my alternate dream life.

But surprisingly…

Reality life isn’t all that bad as i imagined. We came back to live a new life (with a new life soon, too). We get stressed over little mafan chores every single day, and get super agitated by half hearted work attitude and inefficiency (go allllllll the way to Gas Malaysia just to fill up a form so i can start cooking?! In Japan everything is a phone call or an online-application away). Then sometimes we vomit blood. A lot.

But to my own surprise, i actually enjoy all these processes of building a new family together. It was a precious feeling it makes all the trouble worth it.

Building a new family. The concept is so new to me i find myself a little overwhelmed by it.

Moving to a more spacious house so mom can come and stay and take care of me after delivery. And preparing for the arrival of a new life.

Building Champon’s haos.

And building family stuff.

I was super amazed by the danna’s new found ability to make stuff out of… planks. But apparently it was just an old skill i didn’t know about. He told me that’s because he was a construction worker for years building apartments in Japan. Well. I never knew marrying a construction worker could be so useful for my family life. You guys should totally consider that.

And i am super thankful every day.

For all less-than-perfect, less-than-dreamy life here back home. Because i have a family.

Also one tip for cooking without gas/induction in your house: Takikome gohan. ^^

Fine. Life is still better when you have a Japanese rice cooker. 😛