So i was shopping like crazy in Japan since i reckon that I won’t be back for a long time, and shopped all the way until i reached the airport lol.

And who doesn’t love airport shopping! Buy ALL the duty free!!! And you know what’s better than duty free airport shopping? FREE airport shopping lol.

How’s that even possible???

Yes it is.

In conjunction with the launch of klia2, it is having a huge ‘free’ shopping spree campaign! The much anticipated klia2 is not just an airport, but a shopping destination with all major brands within the venue. The campaign is called What’s In Your Bag @ klia2, and they will be giving out RM5000 worth of prizes to each winner, one winner a day for 15 consecutive days!!! To top it all off, one lucky winner gets a grand prize of a shopping spree worth RM25000 at klia2!


Here’s how you get to do free shopping! Just log in to:


RM5,000 leh!!

And these are some of my shopping items!



After buying a tablet AND so many branded bags i still had loads of money left!! So i spent it all on cookies instead lolol. Everyone loves cookies 😛

And i used up RM4999.50!


How easy is that!! It was really fun and i have never spent RM5,000 (although not for real) on a single website buying so many items before lol! But yea who knows it could come true XD!


Remember the winners are picked from 9 June to 23 June 2014, so make sure you shop within the time frame to win your choice of shopping on klia2.

Happy shopping now at



Also check out their social media for more info:


Instagram: @indulgemyairports

Twitter: @indulge_my