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August 22, 2014 in Commercial Break / Useless fashion

So i thought my love relationship with EMODA would sooner or later come to an end when i found out that i was gonna be a mommy.

But no! I was wearing EMODA pieces throughout my entire pregnancy (coordinate pictures here), it is amazing how there was a piece that would fit me at any stage of pregnancy, like magic!

And after Junya was born, i kind of had to dress all momsy (ahhhh all the restrictions you didn’t expect!) and say good bye to all the pretty but inconvenient tops (urgh breastfeeding), high heels/short skirts (while carrying a baby?!) and cute little bags (cannot fit milk bottles T__T).

While i was still drooling at those of 6-inches pumps, i actually managed to still shop for the exact fashion pieces i need!! I also noticed that part of EMODA’s collection is getting more casual/practical. Perhaps now that ENA is a mother, she knows exactly what would fit other moms perfectly too (i noticed that she’s been wearing lots of flats, sneakers and comfy pants, yet looks SO GOOD). I’m just so lucky to have her as a fashion inspiration!

Here are some of my EMODA coordinates recently!

Coordinate 1

Top, denim, sandal heels and rucksack all from EMODA.

You can still get Pop Leaf Decollete Top and Double Buttoned Denim Pencil Skirt on the website.


Coordinate 2

Hairband,  top, skirt & sandal heels all from EMODA.

That’s my favorite “breastfeeding top” lol.


Coordinate 3

Skirt and sandal heels from EMODA.

Love the Pop Leaf motif, you can wear the top and skirt as a set, but i always like wearing them separately so you get some fun mix-and-matching!

Get the Pop Leaf Midi Skirt and Wedge Sandals. I needed a pair of slip-on sandals that is super convenient yet has a little bit of height, this is perfect and so comfy!


Coordinate 4

Earrings, top, skirt and heels all from EMODA.

Decollete Line Short top could be worn off shoulder, but the one i got was M size (they ran out of S soooo fast but i really wanted this piece so i got M anyway lol) so it is a little loose.

Up waisted pencil skirt with belt has the perfect length for work! And love the silhouette!




Coordinate 5

Shoulder tie-up top:  an unusually sexy top for EMODA!

Side band high-waisted jeggingsi just LOVE EMODA’s bottoms. (i think i said too many times before). They really have the best and most flattering cutting ever! Even bester, they are also on sales now!!! Half price!!!



Coordinate 6

This is my “mommy outfit”! Top is great for breastfeeding (and the floral motif can conceal milk spit-ups lol), super comfy culottes and flats.


Choose Set Up Top

Wide Belt Culottes

Clear Band Sandal


That is all for now.


You can shop at EMODA GLOBAL WEBSTORE! Most of the items i wore in this post are on sale nowwwwww!! Most of them half-price only!


Some items even below 1000 yen!!!


Also, new AW items from Rockabilly Dolls collection are also up on the webstore!


And and…

More the reason to shop!!


This is my autumn outfit for Malaysian weather. XD

Coordinate 7

Hat and terry-cloth jeggings i bought last year from EMODA (and couldn’t wear cuz couldn’t fit pregnant belly lolol).


Best of all?

Free Shipping Worldwide!!!emp2


From today till 25th Aug!!



4 responses to “EMODA Aug 2014”

  1. Krrizis says:

    No more novelty already, I think. Last week when I purchased from them and received my order, they didn’t send the novelty. So I’m assuming their novelty’s sold out already :/

  2. Namigoori says:

    Super love your last coordinate (although they’re all awesome!) Especially loved this years summer collection from EMODA. I’ve been wanting that colourful hibiscus sweater in blue (the one you wore in pink in one of your Jrunway shoots if I’m not mistaken?!!) Just came home from Japan but both the shops in Sapporo and Shibuya only had the new autumn clothes now. I know it’s on sale online but since I’m broke now after my trip it’ll take a month until I can get it ;_; hope they still have it then.

    I have to say once again, apart from your great mommy glow it’s hard to tell you were even pregnant in the first place! You looked stunning throughout your whole pregnancy 🙂 I can just fit into the largest Emoda size even though I’m very underweight my bone structure (especially my hips…) don’t go well with the tiny waists needed for those clothes lol

  3. The heels look so comfy!

  4. TenshiChn says:

    I like the top in the first picture! got 2 colours too! ^^ Would really love to get my hands on them! but still too pricey for me >.<


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