If i were to start a business, what kind of business would it be?

I think i have blogged about this before but the answer was “i have no idea”. Well i still don’t have an answer right now, but knowing that starting a business is tough, so if i ever want to create something, it has to be revolutionary. Like i would invent a “filtered mirror”. Just like all the selfie cameras nowadays, it has to come with beauty mode, so every day you look into the mirror feeling confident and happy. And then i will appeal to make it a law to install all these mirrors in every household and on every single piece of reflective surface. So the whole world now only see beautiful people and nobody would feel insecure or sad.

(Hmmm. We would tackle the water reflection issue later on.)

Anyway now i see that the business is flawed. Let’s start all over again. Ok when i was younger, i did dream of having a shop that sell all these best cheeses in the world (for real!). If you read my blog 10 years ago, the title of my blog was “i came, i saw, i cheesed” (for real too!). That time my blog was all about all these cheese/ cheese snacks reviews, and i read up tons and tons of articles on different kind of cheeses, and even memorized the names of a few representative cheeses from all over the world. Name me a famous French cheese? I camembert. (lolol sorry can’t resist the lame pun). Because in order to have a shop like that, i would have to be a cheese expert first. Hence the name Cheeserland.

Yeap that’s the history of my blog. So some people asked me, whatever happened to cheese, then? Well, i stopped because imported cheeses are getting way to expensive and i had to pay for my college fee. Boo. Dream broken. *inserts shattering sound effect*.

I know my ideas are a little far from realistic but hey, everyone is entitled to dream :D. What if you really have am awesome idea and a great business mind, and all you needed is just a little financial support and public exposure?

“Veni, Vidi, Vici”, by Lactacyd Love Your V.

I’m sure all girls have heard of Lactacyd!

6 Lactacyd products.

From left: Lactacyd White Intimate with natural plant and marine based ingredients which is proven effective in skin lightening in 4 weeks, Lactacyd All Day Fresh with herbal essences that keeps you fresh all day, Lactacyd Feminine Hygiene, a pro-balance for elevated pH days during menstruation and hormonal changes, Lactacyd Soft & Silky, with extra milk essences for moisturizing effect, and  Lactacyd Revitalize, which is anti-aging for smooth and firmer skin.


And lastly, Lactacyd All-Day Care Feminine Wipes, to provide on-the-go freshness.

It not only helps to complete your beauty regime by taking care of your V, it also aims to inspire confidence in women by encouraging them to follow their dreams and strive to make their aspirations a reality.

As such, Lactacyd is giving all aspiring entrepreneurs out there a chance to realize their dreams of starting up their own business!

It’s really easy to join.

You can log on to the Lactacyd “Veni, Vidi, Vici” Contest Facebook app, register your details and tell everyone your brilliant business idea.

You can submit your business idea/story and get everyone to vote for your idea.

The GRAND PRIZE WINNER at the end of the contest period wins a business start-up package worth RM30,000!

The TOP 10 FINALISTS will also be given the opportunity to have 1-on-1 interview sessions with women of substance from top international companies to receive first-hand tips.

There will be two phases:

Phase 1 – Initial entry & voting (02 September 2014 – 31 September 2014)

  • Ten (10) finalists will be selected based on highest votes to proceed to Round 2

Phase 2 – Finalist entry & voting (10 October 2014 – 31 October 2014)

One (1) Grand Prize winner will be selected based on highest vote

That’s really quite a huge budget and well, no idea is too small, maybe this start-up package is really what you need to make yourself a millionaire entrepreneur!

Go to Veni, Vidi, Vici FB app to find out more!