EMODA Update!

For the month of November, i ordered lots of stuff from Rockabilly Dolls! Initially i had two trips in October to Japan, so i thought it’s just nice for trench coats and light knit, but one got cancelled and one was postpone to Dec T___T.

But no matter! I ended up wearing them in KL anyway 😀

EMODA’s latest AW collection from EMODA Magazine:





Here are some of my autumn/winter coordinates!

Coordinate 1

Heart Spot Knit Cardigan from EMODA.

Pin-Up Lady Socks are from the SS collection!

Heels from EMODA.


Coordinate 2

Grey Beret from EMODA (AW2013)

Tartan Knit Cardi from EMODA (AW2013)

Slim checked pants from EMODA (AW2013)

Two-way bag from EMODA

Bulky Sandals from EMODA


Coordinate 3

A rare boyish coordinate, all by EMODA! This is the first pair of non-skinny denim i own from EMODA, and i love it!!

Summer Beret in Navy from EMODA

Pearl Hair Rubber from EMODA

Cable Boy’s Knit Top from EMODA (New Arrival)

Boy Denim from EMODA (New Arrival)

High Cut Sneakers from EMODA

Enamel Bag from EMODA


Coordinate 4

Grey Beret from EMODA

High Waisted Pants from EMODA

Clutch Bag from EMODA


Coordinate 5

Another rather boyish simple coordinate.

Black Beret from EMODA (AW2011)

Design Collar Top from EMODA (New Arrival)

Grey Short Slacks from EMODA (New Arrival)

White socks from EMODA


Coordinate 6

This one is the same one worn with a maxi coat, and shoulder bag changed to a clutch bag. Champon is the same Champon.

Vintage Over Check Shirt in Red from EMODA


Coordinate 7

Black Beret from EMODA (AW2011)

Maxi Trench Coat from EMODA

Color Art Tank Top from EMODA (SS 2013)

Color Art Fit Skirt from EMODA (SS2013)


Coordinate 8

Disney Collab Knit Top from EMODA (AW2013)

Quilted Skirt from EMODA (AW2013)

Curve Hair Pin from EMODA (New Arrival)


Layer Collar Necklace from EMODA

Yes, it’s just a collar (not a separate top!!) Super awesome for layering ideas in a hot country like Malaysia 😀


That’s all for this month!

Also, EMODA Global is giving out free room wear novelty over 15,000yen on the 5th December, don’t miss it!! 😀

Looks so fluffy and comfy! I want!!!!




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