Online shopping time! How incredibly convenient is the internet! Almost everything can be ordered from just a few taps on your iPhone nowadays.

And here are some of my recent online shopping haul!


[Lifestyle Shoutout]


So…. our second wedding anniversary is coming up! (24th Dec. The danna was so cunning he picked a date so convenient nobody will forget to be our wedding day lol.) We will be celebrating it in Japan, and before that i just wanted to have a small anniversary gift for the both of us…

(The photo canvas, not the dog.) (And the dog insisted to join the fun too no matter the occasion.)

Photo canvas with some of my favorite pictures from our Santorini Weddingmoon!


The thoughtful folks from MyPhotoTalk even printed wedding invitation cards so that we could fake a new wedding again this year lolol. Ok la we’ll just invite each other to attend la. What?? Quite romantic what lolol.

(Yes Champon, don’t look at me like that. You are invited too.)


Not forgetting Junya! He also gets his own photo canvas! Sooner or later our house is gonna run out of blank wall space XD.

Other than that, i also printed an baby album. There are many themes and templates for you to choose from, so basically you just need to insert your favorite photos and you have your own photo book!!

It’s really simple to use! You can customize everything, so you can rotate, re-color, resize, move and delete anything you want. You may also add borders, shadows, reflection and transparency and even cut photos into shapes . And everything is drag-and-drop, you don’t need any special knowledge or skill to use it.

And… new year gift!! You can even have personalized calendar, and i was surprised to see that the important dates (family member’s birthday, anniversary etc) was marked with a photo!!!! <3
Good news for those of you who are interested!! There will be a 40% off all personalized photo products! Use code: CHEESERLAND at checkout. Code expires Friday, 12 Dec 2014.

Go order it now from MyPhotoTalk!

Follow My Photo Talk’s FB page and Instagram at @myphototalk.








[Hairmake Shoutout]

Gyaru Hair Extensions

So i have recently chopped my hair off! I’m super loving my new hair now, but sometimes i do miss my super long hair specially when i revisit some of my old photos T_T.

Instead of doing it at the salon (which can cost easily four figure), i have ordered hair extensions from Gyaru Hair Extensions, who specializes in human hair that blends exceptionally well for most hair types in many colors and lengths!

The one i ordered is this set, and it costs about RM400 as it’s of premium quality. The coloris Bambini, and it looks like it’s the closest match to my hair color now.

This is before!

As it is clip-ons, it’s incredibly easy to use! The extensions are slightly brighter with pinkish tone, but i don’t mind since it gives a gradation tone to it!


I have my long hair back! 😀 Despite the color difference, it blends really well!


You can always do some styling to make it  more natural! I just tied it up and basically it looks just like my own hair! <3

Since it is real human hair, you can also use curling iron for wavy effects, and vice versa to straighten it with straight iron.

Do find out more from:

There will also be a special discount of 15% for all of you! Just need to follow GyaruHairExtensions’s IG and mention #hairgasm upon order!








[Beauty Shoutout]

Gifts and and fashion items aside, it’s time time for some beauty pampering!

Some of my beauty haul from, Southeast Asia’s largest beauty e-commerce based out of Singapore.

In this picture i have:

1. Apothecary Sniff Box. The danna bought “Sleep” Sniff Box a long time ago and he loves it so much! I couldn’t find it anywhere else and was so happy to discovered it on Luxola!!

2. This Works Deep Sleep Shower GelAnother sleep aid haha. Present for the danna since he forever has trouble sleeping (brain too active lol).

3. This Works No Wrinkle Eye Repair. Also for the danna to fight all the late night overtime.

For myself, i ordered SK-II Signature Eye Cream. To complete my whole range of SK-II products 😛

For cosmetic, i bought two lipsticks!

LB Cosmetic Jewel Watery Rouge  for a feminine, natural make.

The second lipstick is Red Burlesque in Lola Frost for the dramatic, vixen chic.

And… discount time!

If you wanna buy anything from Luxola.comdon’t forget to enter BLX-CHEESIE at checkout to enjoy 40% off on your first order!!!! (This code will not work on non-discountable brands like Dercos by Vichy, Dr. Wu Clinical Skincare, Real Techniques, SkinCeuticals, Sigma BeautyVichy, ZOEVA, Origins and Sacha Juan.)

From 2nd Nov – 30 Nov, the same code will offer only 30% off, so hurry up and shop now! 🙂