Went to Number76 Starhill Gallery branch again for their monthly promotion!

This month’s promotion is on their new line of products! I brought mommy and Junya to the salon together, so it’s a family date. Although Junya has yet to have enough hair to do anything lolol. His job is to observe and learn how to become a charisma hairstylist in the future. Like his papa. 😀

With bb Junya ♡

Junya very layan the camera XD

Hair serviced personally by the danna.Screen-Shot-2014-11-08-at-10.49

(What did i say about family hair date lolol)

Junya loves to play with snacks! He loves the kasa kasa sound of the plastic. I’d let him play with a bag of potato chips but this yummy biscuit from the salon is more baby-palm friendly 😀

Assistant Ellen first checked the condition of my scalp. Apparently it’s not too bad this time round either! Just a little oily (i didn’t tell her i didn’t wash my hair the night before lolol).

Mommy also had her scalp checked! She was doing grey hair touch-up! The last time we went to the salon together was when i was still pregnant!

And my hair treatment begins! First we start with deep-cleansing of the scalp.

Junya stayed with me the entire process. Very nian me XD

Ellen gives really awesome massage Screen-Shot-2014-11-08-at-10.49. I love all the assistants in Number76!


Don’t think many people take selfie/wefie during hair wash hor … XD

After that is the always amazing Sparkling Tansan Hair Wash for ultra-clean scalp!

The next step! Power doses in such Junya-size mini bottles ♡

The Fusio-Dose hair treatment is quite interesting! On top of the base you can opt to add extra boosters customized to repair/strengthen your hair. Ellen picked 3 boosters for me that’s for colored, dry and damaged hair. (I don’t like how they make my hair sound so hopeless! Actually the condition is not so bad hor! XD)

Somebody very happy to be on a date with mommy although all he does is sit and stare into the mirror 😀


After hair wash, i am done!

Ellen checked my scalp condition again, this time it is near perfect 😀

Hair is also very very smooth and soft! I think the treatment is very good! But apparently it doesn’t last as long as magic treatment, so i think magic treatment is still the best 😀

Clean scalp and awesome hair!

I think next month imma go back and do a 76TSUYA new color! Now that i have bleached a tone lighter i can play with nice colors again! Any suggestions? 😀


Check out Number76 website for their monthly promotion!

I went to:


S4, Pamper Floor
Starhill Gallery
Jalan Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur

tel: 0321416676

This promotion is also available at number76 Mid Valley, Bangsar 1, Bangsar 2 branch!