Today i’m introducing another skincare product series from Japan!

You may have seen these in the beauty stores in Japan, i remember them because the spokes person for the product is a super cute baby hehe.

The name is called “Dot Free”. I guess it’s quite direct lah, meaning for you to achieve baby-like flawless skin where not even a dot can be spotted.

My latest addition in the bathroom!


There are two Dot Free series. The first one is Dot free White.

Collagen as a beauty ingredient has been the hype for many years now, and often you can find many skin care products and even beauty supplement with collagen in it.

But Live Collagen? I heard it the first time.

What’s the difference?

Other than that, there’s also a triple whitening formula, which are Vitamin C, Saxifrage and Arbutin. It will prevent blemishes and freckles and help promote light, transparent skin!



What’s better? There are only two steps.

I realized that over the years modern beauty regime is getting simpler and simpler! It’s great because i mean… who has the time to put on 7 different kinds of beauty products every single day and night?

With Dot Free, there are only 2 steps!

1. Cleanse

Dot Free White Face Wash is a pasty cleanser that removes impurities from pores, at the same time protects your skin from roughness with its live collagens and beauty essences.


2. Apply

Dot Free White All In One Essence is a high performance essence that has soft pellets of concentrated collagen beads! It moisturizes and brightens up your complexion. It has a gel-like texture that i love the most.



The second range is Dot Free Collagen.

This series specializes in giving you firmer and more resilient skin with 3 types of collagens.

There’s Live Collagen to reyain moisture, Permeable Collagen to further hydrate deeply, and Succinated Antelocollagen to firm up your skin.

Other than that, it also contains 17 types of natural botanical extracts to restore cells and resynthesizes healthy DNA damaged by UV rays.

Similarly, it also has only two steps.


1. Cleanse

Dot Free Collagen Face Wash has a more watery texture. It contains 1000mg of pure collagen and its rich foam cleanses deeply buried sebum from pores!


2. Apply

Dot Free Collagen All In One Essence contains 23 luxurious beauty ingredients that replenishes and seals in moisture!


For me, i want to be fairer AND also have firmer skin so i use both alternatively 😀


And… believe it or not, it’s unbelievably affordable. The products ranges from RM22.90 to RM37.90! And now they even have a 10% off introductory promotion!

All Dot Free products have no fragrance, no coloring, paraben-free for the face wash products, and of course, made in Japan so safety and quality assured! ❤︎

For more information, you can visit Dot Free’s official website (in English!!).

You can get in from selected Watson outlets in Malaysia or!