Hair update!


Number76 Publika

This was actually last month, not long after Number76 Publika opened.

I was there to redeem my birthday treatment, even though i’m already sponsored la hahhaha. *kiasu*

Hair date with JunJun!

Yes, soon you’ll be allowed to eat the cookie ok.

Love sitting by the window!

City of cactus.

So that was my first time doing the upgraded Ultrasonic Premium (in my word, “Super Magic Treatment” hahahah since i call the normal Ultrasonic treatment “Magic Treatment”.)

It’s amaziiiiiiiiing look at how smooth it isssss

Final styling!

Some loose braids…


Number76 Publika

+603 6201 2776 / 3776
10.00 – 19.00 (Closed on Monday)






Number76 Bangsar 2

This was today!

Wanted to get my hair fixed before Japan next week. Been really busy and even if i had time it was just a quick treatment at wherever nearer to me. T__T. But today it was a major hair overhaul. I wanted a much needed new color, more treatment, and also a brand new cut.

I WANTED SHORT FRINGE!!! For the longest time!!! I haven’t had fringe since i was pregnant. Which is about 2 years already. Cuz i didn’t have a confidence that i could style it nicely everyday with a brand new human stuck to me.

But now i caaaaaaaan. And who can you trust better to do such a massive hair surgery than your own husband!!! Wife perks lolol. Please. Marry a hair stylist. I’m serious. Best choice ever lolol.

Wooohooo new treatment today!!

It’s called CMC, not a very fancy name, but there are 5 boosters and 5 steps all together so it’s some really heavy stuff!! (But your hair ends up really light and airy, the irony.) There’s a promotion for this treatment so ask the staff about it! ^^

Thank you Ivan, Elaine, and Amy for the help during such a busy day.

By the way have you seen Amy lately? This girl lost like 5KG in a couple of months. Ask her how.

Hair going under the knife.

2 years. Bye.

Hi fringe.

oooh i miss this!!!




Doneeee. I actually wanted it shorter. But nvm lemmi get used to it first. Always can ask the husband to trim for me at home HAHAHAH wife benefit again.

The only picture of the back though blurry. Never trust your husband to take any picture of you. Unless he is a photographer.

NVM Wo zi ji lai.

I likeeeee.

Thank you Number76. Thank you Bangsar 2 team.


Number76 Bangsar 2

+603 2283 1776 / 2776
10:00 – 22:00 (Daily)
That’s all for now! And i’m really excited to style my new hair <3