As i grow more mature especially as a mom now, i am finding myself slowly outgrowing street accessories and fast fashion, and more towards quality and items that hold a significance to me. For example a simple T shirt that reminds me of the fun time from a distant resort holiday… or a precious pair of rings for an anniversary. It’s really weird to say so, but i want to treat each of my fashion item with love, and cherish them as long as i can.

agete (pronounced agatto) is one of these brands that gives you that kind of feeling. Most of you may not have heard of agete before, but in Japan, it is one of the most popular fashion jewelry brands, with 80 stores across Japan and 15 overseas.

I came to know agete myself when i was shopping for my wedding rings back in 2012. I stumbled upon their flagship store in Aoyama while strolling around Omotesando.

agete’s jewelry is not only sophisticated and elegant, it also embraces the latest fashion, keeping up with the trends by providing the freshest and most modern jewelry and accessories to people who love fashion.

So i was browsing their website and saw this.

I was in love. Japanese brands always have the best kind of collaborations!! The glass shoe, the little mouse, the pumpkin carriage, the mother’s words on a plate (Have courage, and be kind)… they make a Disney fairy tale so…. classy.

Anyway, that is how i was completely smitten with agete.


And now they have made their debut in KL, Malaysia! Although it is just a pop up store during the month of July, it carries a variety of precious jewelry and accessories that i believe will be a love at first sight for many people.

agete’s concept is that “Accessory itself is a coordinate”. Jewelry and accessory are here not just to complement a look anymore. The accessories complement each others. Coordinating accessories is a whole new trend, and it has become agete’s unique label.

Did you know? The latest trend for wearing accessories in Japan now is “layered jewelry”. In the above picture, i was wearing a total of 3 necklaces, and 5 rings. (and could have go on for more!!)

Some of the rings that i picked to wear. It’s a dangerous game because once i had them on, i couldn’t choose but wanted them ALLLLLL. Check out their mid rings too which is the hottest ring trend now.


agete’s Japanese staff i met were like professional stylists. Based on the customers’ preferences, they are ready to help you pick out the best jewelry that is perfect for you. Sometimes they even give you ideas that you have never thought of yourself.

For example, i was wearing this watch, agete’s Japanese staff helped me pair it with a bracelet which if you look carefully, have tiny gemstones shape just like the face of watch.

And when i changed to another watch (which i totally adore), they chose another bracelet that matches the watch most perfectly too, with clear gemstone that look like tiny versions of the watch itself. I really never thought i could pair them like this.

And yes. Now i complete understand what they mean by “Accessory is coordinate”. To accesorize an accesory. *mind blown*

agete’s jewelry is delicate and dainty, with special traits like the fineness of a bracelet or skininess of a ring. None of them look too over the top nor chunky, so it’s really perfect with layering.

I looooove skinny rings! The skinnier the better! In fact for my wedding rings, i searched so hard to find the skinniest rings for me and the danna. And agete has lots and lots of them!


These are all the items i have tried on. I love every single one of them i’m not even joking T____T.


You must go down to have a look yourself, whether you are looking for a precious gift for a loved one, or as a reward for yourself, or just simply admire them from the glass panels.


agete, ISETAN KLCC, first floor

Pop Up Store ends: 31 July 2015


I honestly hardly come across any jewelry shop in Malaysia that gives me this heart pounding feeling. You have to experience it yourself. ❤︎


PS: The Cinderella collection is only available in Japan, unfortunately T__T. But if you ever visit Tokyo, you can drop by their stores! They have a newly open shop in Ginza.