Have you seen this Totoro Cream Puff before?


Yesssssss. It’s #onlyinJapan.

Quite a few of my friends visited this little mysterious cafe so during my trip to Japan this early summer, i decided to drop by!

It’s getting late now (22:55. Yea i know. By my boring mom standard, it is late.) so it’s gonna be a captioned quick post! There’s a video at the end of the post, though, so hope it illustrates better! 🙂


Junya woke up in a super good mood that day <3

The danna rented a car and we followed GPS location “Shirohige Cream Puff Factory” and arrived at this location.

It is a little hidden even by car, there was no signboard to be found (until you go really near the premise), and if you go by train i think it’s gonna be quite a challenge too!

But there’s where all the fun is, isn’t it? That’s Sir Miyazaki’s message. Just like with Ghibli studio, lots of mysteries to be decoded, lots of surprises to be uncovered.

We saw only this sign board, and i thought, nah, it can’t be, we are at the wrong place T___T.

It looks like Tolo Pan Tokyo is a little cafe that serves pastries and home made pasta.

But as we walked further, i saw another sign board. *sparkly eyes*

So it seems like Shirohige Cream Puff (choux cream in Japanese) is part of the cafe! I was so so so happy!!! Somehow i felt very touched hahahha i don’t know! I could be the air, the whole peaceful, quiet and sort of mysterious ambience. There’s a little shrine right next to it, it’s all very… Miyazaki. I felt like i walked into one of his stories, in real life.

The premise is a landed house that has a strong european influence, it was like a little cottage in a forest with an amazing attic and a real fireplace omg! It was very Kiki’s Delivery Service. A bakery…. you know???

At the same time there were also many Ghibli/Totoro elements here and there… actually everywhere! I didn’t expect it to be rather showily Totoro, judging from how subtle it is from outside.

But i love ittttttt! You can never have too many Totoros!!! Never!!!

So this is where they make magic. <3

On top of the green pipe of this picture, i thought i saw some mini animals/figurines?! Is that Arietty and friends??? After i enlarged the picture to have a closer look, it was actually just a leaf lolol.

But see how Ghibli already casting its magic on me??? Even the most mundane things seemed to be spellbound!

The restaurant was reasonably occupied, so we were lead outdoor, which revealed an extremely extremely narrow space that could fit exactly just me, the danna and JunJun on one table. Not even an extra Champon hahah.

But even the veranda had this enchanting air about it. So much love!

The waitstaff brought us 5 drinks for 3 people haha.

We were here for lunch so we ordered pastas and the Totoro Cream Puffs separately from Shirohige bakery downstairs.

This is how small and narrow it was XD

JunJun <3

Mentaiko chicken pasta. It’s amazing. Oh how i love pastas in Japan. How i love. 😀

Mine was i think sakura ebi wafu pasta. Both were equally good i couldn’t decided which one i liked better. ORDER ALL THE PASTAS!!!!!

And then… they arrived.


We had original and chocolate flavor, i think. I didn’t really remember what we picked , i wanted all T___T.

It took me great courage to do this T________T.

Definitely, definitely worth the visit.

Video!! Sorry it is very very shaky at some parts because i was wearing the camera AND JunJun who was moving non-stop -_-


You can visit their website for location, menu and flavors of the cream puffs! There are also acorn and totoro cookies omg please, take all my money T____T.

Shirohige’s Website

Address: 5-3-1 Daita, Setagaya, Tokyo 155-0033, Japan