I have been on a roll of all Kyoto awesomeness!

Just came back from my Kansai trip a few days ago, and i was invited to ISETAN KLCC for their Kyoto Fair, just in time to share my experience on all the happy, yummy and touching things i experienced in Kyoto.

Junya would be joining be in his Jinbei along with his mama in Yukata.

Hairmake of the day.

This gorgeous hair accessory is from the Kyoto Fair at ISETAN KLCC too!

Here’s the venue! They have seats exactly like the one you have in Kyoto, where you sit down sipping a cup of Uji Matcha while admiring the mesmerizing sakura petals/autumn leaves.

That is emcee Akiyama san and me on stage to share about my travel experience in Kyoto.

I was super nervous because the Kyoto Governor and other VIPs were there too .

I mean, i was giving a speech about what i think about Kyoto in front of the Governor of Kyoto! Although i have been to Kyoto many times but i felt that i must at least stay in Kyoto for like 4 hundred years to be qualified to even opine on this amazing prefecture.

With Fukui san, who is in charged of all the amazing Kyoto products in for the Kyoto Fair at ISETAN KLCC.

With the governor of Kyoto, Keiji Yamada san who at the end played Janken (Rock, Scissors, Paper game in Japanese) with the audience.

And Yutani san, the Managing Director of ISETAN Kuala Lumpur.

It was an absolute honor to be invited to the event. I really really wish to do more of these to introduce more of the traditional side of Japan to Malaysian <3.

With Junya after the event, and it’s time for my own shopping!

With the kids who love Japan too!

Haha i’ll be doing this in like 5 years time, hopefully? XD

With my very own Junya. <3


Anyway, during the event, Akiyama san asked me what i thought about the traditional Kyoto products.

I said that i felt they needed more recognitions, because unlike most merchandise which are mass-produced by machines nowadays, these handicrafts/accessories/utensils and other goods are mostly handmade with love and heart. And that is really hard to come by these days.

A Hinamatsuri (Doll’s Festival) decoration. But it is not just another decoration. It an art of beautiful culture and an appreciation for the gift of nature.

Most of the goods are also an inspiration of the beauty of the season. And sometimes it is a mix of contemporary with the traditional, just like this one that is just in time for Halloween.

A kitty incense burner.

The softest towel/hankie with various cute embroideries.

Little owl ornaments that bring 7 different kinds of luck and fortune.

And other assorted made in Japan, born in Kyoto goodies.

Whether you miss Kyoto and wish to be back right now, or are tempted to give it a visit for the first time, you can enjoy a little appetizer of all Kyoto awesomeness before indulging in the real feast when you come to Kyoto again.

Please share the love for the spirit of traditional Japan!!

Come to:


Date: 18/9/2015 ~ 30/9/2015

Venue: 2nd floor Event Hall, ISETAN KLCC, Kuala Lumpur

Kyoto is awaiting you! <3

For more information, visit: www.facebook.com/ITADAKIMASU.JapaneseFoodMarket