So the other day two big parcels arrived at our door!

What is it what is it?? 

Junya ws so excited to find out.


“Mama. Papa.” he pointed out. Yeap, that’s right.


Inside the beautiful ivory case, is two very beautiful albums, of papa and mama’s wedding. It is our 3rd anniversary soon and i thought i wanted to reprint a wedding album with some of the photos that were not used before!

I love love love the romantic glass cover! The two albums are 14″ x 14″ + 10″ x 10″ each with the personalised carry case Junya was pointing at.

It’s always nice to refresh the precious memories and remind ourselves to always be thankful for what we have now 🙂

Another album! This one has a different layout and is more like a story book 🙂

The original price for one set of wedding albums is $349 and now it’s only $244 after 30% discount!!

For leather album, it comes in two sizes: 12″ x 12″ and 12″ x 17.75″. Starts from $199, after discount it would be $139. You can also deboss your name at the leather cover.


I also printed an album with pictures from our trip to Hawaii!! (Still haven’t had time to blog about that -_-). That’s my standard anniversary gift every year lol. I think it is meaningful AND most importantly affordable! 😛

Happy happy moments in a photobook 🙂

The photobooks have lay flat pages so that one image can be spread across two pages, with no page curl!


All the photobook/albums are printed on MyPhotoTalk!

MyPhotoTalk is a fun and easy way to create personalized photo books, photo calendars, photo canvases, photo wedding cards, wedding photo albums, wedding photo and photo gifts and more online!

Here are some of the reason why MyPhotoTalk is one of the best rated photobook software!

1. You get to customize your designs!

MyPhotoTalk offers built-in image editing tools and lots of themes and templates that allow you to design your customized products. This is how i designed my own ALOHA album of our Hawaii trip 🙂


2. Flexible Editing

Speaking of customization, you can rotate, re-color, resize, move and delete anything you want. You may add borders, shadows, reflection and transparency and even cut photos into shapes.


3.Preview photos in 3D 

Click preview and see how your photos look like even before getting them! I love this before i had tried other software that ended up cutting away the edges of my photo >.<

4.  Sync with your social media!

For the social media addict, upload photos from your PC and import directly through Instagram, Photobucket, Flickr, Facebook and more!

5. Easy peasy!

There’s no need to download any applications. Use MyPhotoTalk online without even downloading it! You can save your projects and continue it anytime you want.


These are some of the photo canvases for our house deco!

The photocanvases come with 4cm side thickness that makes it 3D and a great wall-deco. You can actually see what would be printed at the canvas sides with the 3D preview function too!




And…. discount time for Cheeserland’s readers!!

70% OFF Personalized Premium Layflat Photo Book, Canvases, Calendars, Phone cases and other gifts.

Free 8.5” x 6” Personalized Desk Calendars (14 pages)
Limited to one only per customers and only 500 vouchers available.

The calendars are completely customizable, you can put photos and text into the calendar grid to remember important dates.

This is my Hawaiian Desk Calendar and Double Memo Calendar for 2016!


30% Off Signature Duo Wedding Album Set, ProLeather Flush Mount Album and Wedding Cards

Isn’t that super discount or what!!!!!

And that’s not all!!! There’s also a giveaway contest!

Like @myphototalk Facebook and participate in the giveaway and stand a chance to win one Proleather Flush Mount Album (Worth $249) and 3x Premium Layflat Photobook (Worth $95)

Giveaway Prizes:

1x ProLeather Photo Album 12” x 12” (WORTH $199)
3x Premium Layflat Photo Book 8” x 8” (WORTH $95)
5x Photo Canvas 16” x 16” (WORTH $75)
6x Personalized Double Memo Calendar (WORTH  $35)

And and and!! 5x Leather Wallet Diary giveaway when you redeem your free calendar or make any purchase. Will be shipped together with your order if you are the lucky one!


Another than albums and photobooks, you can personalize the perfect gift at, start as low as $3! The promotion ends on 15/12/2015, exclusive of shipping fees. You can design and print personalised photo products gift in this holiday season so it is perfect for christmas gift etc.

Corporate Product
MyPhotoTalk is our new software under Nagamas Printing. They are a printing manufacturer and their main product offering are corporate gifts like corporate calendars, money packet, diaries, restaurant menu, wedding cards and other general printing items.

For example, you can get1000pcs of two-sided full colour printing name card at $24 and A5 flyers at $190!


It’s super affordable so find out more at!