Junya looooves cat, so naturally he is also a big fan of all feline characters, including Hello Kitty and Garfield.

Hello Kitty is probably a little too feminine for him so i’ll let him have more Garfield stuff…

Baby lunch QiuQiu and i made together for Junya and Meredith.


And then…

Look what came through our door the other day!!!

Jeng jeng jeng…

A Garfield Trolley Luggage bag!!!

Sorry Junya, that cute luggage trolley is for mama!! But…. you are allowed to carry it for mama XD.

One of Junya’s favorite things to do since 10 months old was to push trolleys around in the house. I guess he is set to be a either a high-flyer…… or a bell boy lol.

With such a happy and colorful Garfield print, he was so super excited to push it around! I guess that makes our future vacation a lot more exciting! Mama has her personal little porter! 😀

Oh yes it is, baby 🙂

Just looking at it makes you wanna go on a holiday already!! And looking at the front print, i realized i have been to alllllll the countries listed, except Mexico!!


But of course i may be biased… just look at the sakura! Okay maybe Japan first. Again. XD

Junya and Champon had so much fun just running around the house pretending they are on vacation already!! 😀


There are more?????

Ok this is gonna be the birthday present for Junya. 5 years later lol. Keep in storage first.

It is too big for him now but it makes a great backpack for field trips and picnics! 😀

Also it’s stylish enough for even older kids and teenagers too!

There are also the travel organizers that help you compartmentalize your travel items. Snacks, clothings, soft toys… It comes in purple and red!


And then…

A really sturdy Garfield school bag!!!

Since he has started going to school, maybe it’s time he needs a school bag. But… this is also a little too big for him.

Hey no worries!!!!


It can be transformed instantly to a trolley school bag!! So yea Junya can do his favorite pushing again XD. (But most likely end up his mama will carry for him la hahah)

Also!! They wheels at the base will actually light up when it moves!

Next up is something really useful for the mama, finally.

A small pouch that almost looks like a passport case.

Once you open it up…

An overnighter!!!!

Just to show you the size of it…

It’s super awesome!!! Goes really well with casual and relaxed outfits. Perfect for a vacation 🙂


Aren’t you excited yet, to go on a holiday with your family AND Garfield?? 😀

So where can you get these ultra cute Garfield On The Go travel items??


From 19 November 2015 to 29 Feb 2016, just go to Guardian and redeem these items from RM29 while you do your usual shopping!!

You will get a redemption card, and for every RM20 you spend in Guardian, you will get one stamp you can affix on the card. When you have collected 20 stamps, you can redeem your favorite items starting from only RM29!!!


And… there’s even more.

While you spend, you can even stand a chance to win one of the 9 Vespa!!!

That’s really too awesome to miss.


And i am ready for a holiday!

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