I haven’t done proper fashion posts in a while because i was so busy being unfashionable! Hahaha.

Anyway today’s useless fashion post is about fashion coordination with socks! One of the key points of recent Japanese fashion is sox (that’s how they spell socks haha), sox, and more sox!

It could be challenging for Malaysian and Singaporean fashion scene because we have almost zero socks culture, except when it comes to school uniforms and going to the gym. Or when someone is getting Hong Kong Feet omg. And i understand one of the reasons is that the weather is so. freaking. hot.

Nevertheless, i cannot live without socks in my wardrobe. I maybe have like 50 pairs or more? I also have many pairs of sneakers, so sox are the ultimate sidekicks.

These are all my new sox from Tabio, available at rosebullet Edit Tokyo, Singapore!

Tabio is a very popular socks brand in Japan. It has stores all over the country and the most visited one is probably the one at Harajuku Takeshitadori! It’s affordable with great quality (of course! Made in Japan!!). Majority of the socks are free size so it is stretchable to accommodate a range of sizes.


Here are some of the different ways sox can spice up your wardrobe and give your fashion a whole new angle!

Color Coordinate

Sox gives you a perfect reason to play color or pattern coordination. Since it’s only a small accessory, you can pair it with a main color or motif like top+sox, hat+sox, bag+sox, etc. It’s super fun to play with!

Coordinate 1

Sox: Tabio by rosebullet Edit Tokyo

Point: Military top + military sox.


Coordinate 2

Sox: Tabio by rosebullet Edit Tokyo

You can even match it with your make up!! For example red lips and red sox against a monotone outfit.


Coordinate 3

Dress: rosebullet by rosebullet Edit Tokyo

Sox: Tabio by rosebullet Edit Tokyo

Sometimes it’s also used as a “point”, which in Japanese means the whole focus of an outfit. It could be that the sox is of a entire different color from the outfit or it just looks wicked cute!


Sox is Necessary

Sometimes sox is just imperative lol. No explanation needed.

Coordinate 4

Shirt: rosebullet by rosebullet Edit Tokyo

Sox: Tabio by rosebullet Edit Tokyo

Coordinate 5

Bottom: je by rosebullet Edit Tokyo

Sox: Tabio by rosebullet Edit Tokyo


Sox is Accessory

When an outfit is plain or very simple, and there’s no chance for you to wear other accessories like earrings or necklace, sox can be a great alternative to embellish your outfit!

Coordinate 6

Dress: je by rosebullet Edit Tokyo

Sox: Tabio by rosebullet Edit Tokyo

I had my hair down and there wasn’t any necklace that could fit this outfit, so sox was a perfect choice. I wore it in stripy beige and bordeaux for simplicity.


Changing the Mood

Sometimes a pair of sox is all you need to change the entire feel of an outfit.

Coordinate 7

Sox: Tabio by rosebullet Edit Tokyo

If i wore only the stilettoes without the sox and perhaps without the hat, the outfit would have been a little OL and smart dinner-ish. But throw on a pair of matching lacey sox and you have a romantic Pretty Woman weekend lunch date!


Sandals with sox

IKR!!! It used to be the ultimate fashion faux pas, but i guess there’s really no such thing as wrong fashion. Just personal taste. I personally loooove sox with sandals (not to mention it was crazily trending in Japan for a long while in summer. Actually, it was trending well into autumn because sandals were the biggest things and the Japanese had to wear sox to warm their feet lolol) because… i mean, how else can you make boring sandals look pretty?

Coordinate 8

Dress: rosebullet by rosebullet Edit Tokyo

Sox: Tabio by rosebullet Edit Tokyo

Coordinate 9

Sox: Tabio by rosebullet Edit Tokyo

Pineapple sheer sox for the summer feel and matching the whole Hawaiian Surf theme.


Paring More Than One

Who says you can only wear one pair at a time???

Coordinate 10

Knit Top: rosebullet by rosebullet Edit Tokyo

Leggings & Sox: Tabio by rosebullet Edit Tokyo

Fluffy leg warmer sox with cherry-printed sheer leggings.



Another alternative to sox is leggings, stockings, etc. Great for mini skirts and shorts! And of course a must if you travel to winter countries.

Coordinate 11

Outer: rosebullet by rosebullet Edit Tokyo

Leggings: Tabio by rosebullet Edit Tokyo


Sox is Life

In the sense that, you can have the most boring outfit in the world, given the right pair of sox it can spice up the whole outfit and breathe new life into your coordinates.

Coordinate 12

I mean, come on. Cap, Boyfriend shirt (in this case, stolen-from-danna sweater), baggy jeans, and a pair of cheap sneakers. And overused canvas bag lolol. But my sox screams life!!!!!

Sox: Tabio by rosebullet Edit Tokyo


I mean, i really, really love my sox. Soxes? Hahahha.


All my sox are from Tabio!

All made in Japan.

How comforting it is just to see that line.

And now you can purchase it right in Singapore!!!!!


rosebullet Edit Tokyo, Singapore

orchardgateway B1-02/03 (Somerset MRT)
Wheelock Place B2-06
Follow them on Instagram: @rosebulletSG!!

What do you think? Which style was your favorite and let me know if you have more sox ideas! ^^