Sorry for the lack of update on whatever you are following me on.

Basically I am occupied with having a real life and deal with real problems. And what’s more important?

I am busy learning new skills.

Latest achievement is this:

BEFORE (for the past 20 years or so)

I mean, who on earth cares about folding bedsheets?! How do you fold that damn thing anyway?

It’s sounds more plausible that I could probably learn how to knit a fluffy alpaca with one toe given enough time, than to think that one day in my life, I would be bothered to actually learn how to fold a freshly-laundered piece of sheet (no pun intended). Properly.

AFTER (after many, many minutes spent on Youtube)

using my newly unlocked superhero Origami skill.

For someone like me, that’s quite an accomplishment, honestly.

Moral of the story: There’s nothing a #pokemom cannot do. Including folding bedsheets. And yes, it’s more important than posting edited selfies on IG.