Baby Sakura has been home with me for more than a week now.

It feels like nothing has changed, but everything has changed. There’s one more tiny human in our house!!!

Yes I promise. 🙂


Here are some of the things I felt after I gave birth:

1. I didn’t expect the second surgery to cause so much pain.

The first one I had really minimal pain, and was walking about as usual the moment I was discharged from the hospital! But this time around, I had to be wheelchaired to the car because it was simply impossible to walk T___T. They discharged me because everything looked good. Once I could go to the toilet and passed gas I was allowed home. I really never thought that things like pee and fart can be soooo important in my life until the day I had my stomach cut out.

The first night was simply a nightmare. Pain killers didn’t seem like they are doing their job and I was in so much pain I could not even move. My uterus must have been so goddamn torn and worn out with all the cutting and stitching back together and now is painstakingly shrinking back to its normal size -___-. I couldn’t even find a position to sleep which did not make me want to just pass out T____T. I cried in pain at the edge of the bed and then realize I couldn’t even stand up and walk to get tissue to wipe my face so I cried more and was in a mess with tears and mucus all over my face -_- and I really felt very, very very pathetic like a 废人 (useless person) especially when TWO of your kids are crying at the same time and there was absolutely nothing you could do. T___T. It was really one of the worst feelings ever. I also had to take minutes to get into the least awkward nursing position for both me and Sakura.

And the first night as a family of four together was quite a havoc lol. #onecryallcry

But things got much better day by day!

2. I forgot how it felt like to be pregnant immediately.

I thought I was gonna miss having the baby in the belly, but I can’t even recall how it felt now!!! It’s soooo weird. I was having phantom baby movements though, with all the gas and whatever that’s going on inside.

One of the biggest difference I felt was, “OMG THIS IS HOW BREATHING FEELS LIKE?!”. Seriously, I thought I found a new ability to breathe. It felt sooooo good, and I realized how I had’t been breathing normally for months with the baby stuck on my ribcage!

3. Losing pregnancy weight.

Huh, what pregnancy weight.

LOLOL. Qiu said I really 欠扁, that if I say this out loud publicly I would probably get punched on the street lolol. But really one. This time around my weight loss was fast and furious. By the time I managed to walk to the weighing scale and whipped out the phone for a selfie, there was almost none of the pregnancy evidence left except for my wound scar.

If this is what pregnancy is like (minus all the pain) all the time I will happily make babies as often as I can.



Sorry I don’t mean my body (although I’d like it to be.). I not so buay paiseh. Eh sorry again I really mean my body. As in hot like, sweating non-stop sitting in full blast aircon room?!? Does any newly delivered mommy feel the same?? I know during pregnancy you will feel extra warm but now I am like, JUST ICE ME!!!!

I really really don’t understand how can any new mommy do confinement with NO aircon and NO fan on AND have to wear long sleeve and long pants and wear socks??!?? How did anyone survive Malaysian weather like that? Please tell me.


Anyway some family picture update!!

Papa sunbathing Sakura.

Actually they really have same sleeping face hahaha.

Sakura’s naming book.

Mama and baby girl <3

Although with just 160 grams difference, she feels sooooo much smaller than when Junya was first born.

Qiu came all the way from SG just to visit!!! Really 委屈 her because shortly after she touched down KL she already met a crazy taxi driver who alternated every few minutes between saying he knows exactly where my place is AND asking her where exactly is my place. (?!?) I then told her to just download Waze and show the driver and it took foreverrrrrrrr to download the app (I forgot Singaporeans don’t need Waze!!).

So apologize to her multiple times on behalf of the taxi driver and internet speed in this country. And then never mind. Her accommodation in KL turned out to be freaking haunted what the shit. I don’t think she will ever come visit me anymore given all these experiences lolol.

Out the house for the first time!! Sending big brother to school and bringing Sakura for her jaundice review.

This is what my freedom would be like from now on. Sandwiched between two kids with very limited space to move about lol.

And also the same nursing wear every day for the rest of the year.


And then… the moment you realize that if you are alone, your life is over when this happens:

Two sleeping babies.

Can any mother enlighten me on how you handle this situation alone if there isn’t a stroller and a baby carrier in the car???






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Can’t wait till baby Sakura’s full moon!!