Today I am introducing something for those who want beautiful hair – to be more exact – hair that remains beautiful all the time.

We are all familiar with the confident high the moment you step out of a good hair salon, but only to see your hair wither slowly in sadness after a couple of months of absence from salon care.

Salon care is super important, because it is able to transform life (at least of your hair!), but to keep your hair looking just the way it does after a salon visit, try the Milbon 5-week maintenance regimen.


Milbon Signature Line

Quick introduction. Most of you probably have not heard of Milbon, even though it is Japan’s No.1 Professional Hair Care Brand since 1965. Every hair professional in Japan knows its presence. That is because Milbon has always been in the background as they worked exclusively with hair salons.

Salon Care

Trying out the brand new Global Milbon Smooth treatment at Number76!

The key feature for this treatment is the Perfecting Primer that is applied to your hair prior to treatment to help absorption and to keep the effect for a longer period!

Quick and fuss-free, this intense treatment is especially suitable for people who are looking for a quick hair pampering!

With Sakura.

Amazing result!! My frizzy hair is much smoother and softer to the touch. <3

The Global Milbon salon treatment is available at all Number76 branches! <3


At-Home Booster

You can also purchase a homecare kit, with four weekly boosters that ensure salon results continue until your next salon visit 5 weeks later. They even write down the dates on when you should use each booster.

That is Milbon’s 5-week maintenance regimen.

And in between? Daily care at the comfort of your home, with professional salon-grade products.

Last year, Milbon’s research lab in Japan discovered how to analyze hair from a 3D perspective, bringing X-ray and CT scan technology to haircare for the first time.

And their analyses revealed astounding, never-before seen symptoms about damage hair.

And these symptoms are called “Stick-Shaped Voids”, SSV in short.

Our hair has protein and fats within, and when the hair loses them due to chemical treatments, stick-shaped cavities can form. It’s like your hair is made of macaroni. This is the major cause to loss of shine, split ends and breakage.

This discovery leads to Milbon’s solution to rescue damaged hair with their SSVR-Silk, a powerful complex that supersedes these SSV voids, making hair healthy and beautiful again.

This year, Milbon is reaching out to every one who wants beautiful hair that extend long after their salon visit. The all-new Milbon Signature Line comes in 3 ranges: SMOOTH, MOISTURE and REPAIR. I picked SMOOTH as is a universal formula for all hair types.

This is my hair after a long absence from the salon and non-stop weekly traveling. The pictures were taken before my recent hair cut!

Other than external damages, my hair actually suffers from texture change after my pregnancy (the second time it got even worse). It’s like growing a baby suddenly gave me a bad perm lol. While the natural waves give me crazy hair volume, it actually looks very unruly.

The 3 home-care products:


Milbon Smoothing Shampoo to detangle for a silkier feel.

Milbon Soothing Treatment to smooth cuticles and enhance texture and shine.

And the leave-in Luminous Softening Oil to soften unruly hair like mine.


Indeed my hair feels softer, lighter and much smoother.

Bleached hair ends remain soft and smooth too.

Before and after:

After blow-drying, it looks much more manageable, and much less frizzy!

Milbon Signature Line is officially launching in Malaysia on the 18th August, you can get it at all Number76 salon branches in Malaysia!

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